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Which Halloween episode was the best?:
Scaredy Pants
Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

Upcoming Episodes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Allergy Attack! - Oct 30 @5pm EST

Big Top Flop - Oct 31 @5pm EST

Sandy, Help Us! - Nov 1 @5pm EST

Single Celled Defense - Nov 2 @5pm EST

Buff for Puff - Nov 20 @5pm EST

We Heart Hoops - Nov 21 @5pm EST

SpongeChovy - Nov 22 @5pm EST

BassWard - Nov 23 @5pm EST

The Patrick Star Show

Super Stars - Nov 6 @5pm EST

Now You Museum, Now You Don't - Nov 7 @5pm EST

10 and 1 Toilets - Nov 8 @5pm EST

Family Plotz - Nov 9 @5pm EST

The Wrath of Shmandor - Nov 13 @5pm EST

There Goes the Neighborhood - Nov 14 @5pm EST

Movie Stars - Nov 15 @5pm EST

Dr. Smart Science - Nov 16 @5pm EST

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