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Hi :D I'm SBRoxMan, the most awesome moderator and soon to be ruler and dictator on SpongeBuddy Mania! :D
As you can probably tell, I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with a certain sponge with square pantsl I have Asperger's Syndrome, and I'm also a fan of shows such as Phineas & Ferb.=


And if you don't like me, you can go home! :P




This is the story of how I came to become the SpongeBob know-it-all I am today!


I guess I should date this back to 2003, when I first saw SpongeBob at 9 years old. It was during a holiday in Florida, and the first episodes I saw were "Gary Takes a Bath" and "No Free Rides". I didn't really think much of it then, because at that time, I just gained an obsession with The Fairly OddParents. I read some comics and saw some episodes, but thought it was just a regular cartoon. However, in 2004, I got my first Gameboy Advance Video episodes of SpongeBob, which was then when I started to realise that it was quickly becoming one of my favourite cartoons, and at the right time, too! As the SpongeBob Movie came out the following year in the UK.



In 2004, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, one of the symptoms is an intense interest in a certain subject - in my case, SpongeBob! During the end of 2004, I had a few stuff for the Gameboy Advance, one DVD, and the first annual. But during that time, I was constantly talking about it and watching it on TV, I remember seeing the show in France and looking at SpongeBob merchandise in Spain during 2004.



2005 saw a change in my SpongeBob fandomness, it was also the year when I first saw the movie on the big screen! I was watching the show nearly every day, and everybody (literally) knew I watched it. It was slowly becoming my obsession, I was watching it more, getting more items, and I even got the first issue of the SpongeBob Magazine UK, which I still collect to this very day. At the end of the year, I got the first 3 DVD Box Sets, which meant I could watch the show whenever I wanted, and whatever episode I wanted too!



2006 was when I became really obsessed with the show, people were literally getting tired of me talking about SpongeBob so much. I could name each episode and know every single quote from all of them, too! I first joined YouTube as "spongebobrocksman" that year, and uploaded SpongeBob clips and episodes online. Unfortunately, I did not understand copyright at 12 years old, so that account got suspended, and I made my 2nd account, "sbrocksman", which I still use to this very day. I joined "SpongeBuddy Mania", a forum for SpongeBob fans. It was there that I discovered an old website, "SpongyMedia", had closed, which gave me the idea to create "SpongeVideos", which has just celebrated its 5th anniversary! I started hanging SpongeBob posters around my bedroom, and drawing loads of SpongeBob pictures. In school, I made a wooden SpongeBob clock. My room was featured slightly on TV when they were discussing my Asperger's on a TV show, but no mention on the SpongeBob collection was made. Thanks to the internet, I managed to watch many episodes before their UK release, and I still do that today, also by ordering American SpongeBob DVDs which are released months before their UK release.



During early 2007, in school I made a giant stuffed SpongeBob, which can actually be seen in one of my YouTube videos. I was truly a Sponge-aholic, all my classmates and teachers knew I watched it (they still do, some mock me, but I don't care!) It was hard for me NOT to do something with out relating the little sponge in it some way or another. It was in 2007 when I went to Florida and got a photo with "SpongeBob", which was great. Besides just 2 days, I literally watched full episodes of the show every day, in fact, to this day, there hasn't been one single day where I haven't watched an episode since June 2007! Nearly four years! I was learning more about the show, and my collection was getting more and more bigger. It was at the end of the year when SpongeBob's first TV Movie aired, Atlantis SquarePantis. Although this episode got bad reviews, I loved it! One of the best episodes there is in my opinion! Also, in October 2007, my SpongeBob collection was featured in the SpongeBob Magazine!



2008 was very similar to 2007, a very spongy year. Season 6 had started, so I was watching that on TurboNick. I was still watching it every day, and I knew the quotes of more episodes than ever before! By then, I could tell people with ease the history of SpongeBob, all the little details of the show, the episode names etc. I'd seen the movie at least 10 to 15 times by then, I even knew the entire movie quote-by-quote. I don't know why I loved the show, there was just something different about it. My family went to California, and I begged them to go to California's Great America theme park because they had 2 SpongeBob rides and a Nickelodeon area, so we went there. I was wearing a SpongeBob T-Shirt at the entrance. There was a person in a SpongeBob costume greeting people at the entrance, and obviously they saw my shirt, because the first thing I saw when I entered the park was a big sponge running towards me for a hug! I also went on a SpongeBob boating ride and the SpongeBob 4D ride, and got my first photo with Patrick too, as well as getting more SpongeBob merchandise.



Where can I start with 2009? It was a pretty SpongeBob-filled year, if you ask me! With the show's 10th anniversary, there was loads happening this year. Of course, I saw all the specials including SpongeBob vs The Big One and Truth or Square. I remember seeing "The Sponge Who Could Fly - The Musical" on stage, which was my favourite musical in the theatre. I always still caught up on the latest episodes to see on the TV, usually I recorded them as I'm not usually able to watch the TV so much during the daytime, but I still watched plenty of SpongeBob on DVD. In July, there came the "SpongeBob SuperFan" competition. To me, that competition had my name written all over it! I entered the competition which I was sure could be a winner. That video started a web series I now created, "SpongePuppets", and if you want to see the video I entered for the competition, go on YouTube and enter "Squidward Gives a Tour of My Room." (I chose Squidward to give the tour since he hated SpongeBob, so it'd be so ironic that he gave the SpongeBob tour!) Unfortunately, I did not win. But if there ever comes another SuperFan competition, I'll be sure to enter it. I did my own celebration to the 10th anniversary, watch as much SpongeBob on DVD that I possibly could! Which led up to watching 2 full 20 minute episodes from each season.



In 2010, I officially started my "SpongePuppets" web series, which involved my SpongeBob toys in random adventures. I was given the nickname "SpongeBob" by many people (sometimes I wonder if they know my real name!), and by then, I usually had something SpongeBob-ish in every room in the house, be it cups, magazines, toys or DVDs. I went to Florida again, where I got another photo with SpongeBob and rode the Nicktoons ride. At that time and still presently, I usually had something SpongeBob-related on me. Be it a SpongeBob shirt, comics in my backpack, episodes on my iPod, or even SpongeBob stationary which may have been used for school.


2011-2012 were rather silent years. I'm still as obsessed as ever, it's just rather uneventful. :P There was the announcement of the new SpongeBob Movie, and I now study animation in a university


In November 2013, I was surprisingly appointed as moderator of the forums. It took time to get used to, but I must say, being moderator is fun! :D
2014, the current year, I'm still obsessed with the sponge which I have been for the past 5-6 years. I've met many other SpongeBob SuperFans over the years too, mainly online. It's cool to see other huge SpongeBob fans out there, too, kinda like an online fanclub, if only there was an actual real-life SpongeBob fanclub to hang out in. I've made great friends with members here such as DiabolicalGenius, E.V.I.L and HPL :D

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