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I'm sorry if anyone already knew this, but for people who didn't, like me, it really is quite an interesting fact. Vincent Waller did some story-boards for the cartoon s... Updated 01 Oct · 0 comments

About Me

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I hope that what I've written here interests you, at least a little, ha-ha!
I have been on this site for a little while, and I mostly check a specific topic called 'Squidiam', which is definitely silly, because Squidward and Squilliam are never going to 'hook up', if you like. But, in the meantime, I like seeing other people's thoughts on these two. If you think it should never happen, you're normal, don't worry!
Like probably quite a few fans of the series, my favo(u)rite character is Squidward. I know. It's a popular, and perhaps even boring, choice, but I can justify why he's my favo(u)rite. He can crack a lot of very unexpectedly funny jokes, sometimes all at once, and there are so many different sides to his personality that you never know how he might feel in an episode. Like any other character, he can be mean, but overall quite interesting. And, rather obviously, it's nice to see him happy.
As for episodes...I don't have a single favo(u)rite, because the vast majority are just excellent. One more recent one I did quite enjoy was 'Squid Noir', because it was unique in tone and featured Squidward as a detective, which was really cool!
So, there's something I must say - I'm not biased towards any character or season, so pick one of either, and I'll have something good to say about them! In case you're wondering, however, my favo(u)rite seasons go as follows: 2, 1, 3, (The common, universal choices, I know, ugh) 4 and then 9B.


Some avatars for you - have given up actually uploading them so I'm sorry about that


January 23 - January 25 '17




January 26 - February 05 '17




February 05 - February 19 '17




February 19 - March 03 '17




March 03 - March 26 '17




March 26 - April 16 '17 Gotta catch 'em all




April 16 - May 12 '17




May 12 - June 02 '17




June 02 - June 12 '17




June 12 - June 18 '17




June 18 - Sometime at the middle/end of July '17




The middle/end of July - August 15 '17 (this is as close to the image as I can get as the exact one seems to have gone)




Other programmes I enjoy include these:
-We Bare Bears (Endearing, brilliantly animated and always funny!)
-Phineas & Ferb (The vast majority of the time, I love what they can do with the plots. The characters, particularly Dr. Doofenshmirtz, are always really good. Episodes have been written, directed or storyboarded by Kaz, Jay Lender and Sherm Cohen!)
-Milo Murphy's Law (In my honest opinion, an AMAZING replacement for Phineas & Ferb!)
-Sonic Boom (In simple language, it's just so funny. I've come back to several moments because of that and I can still never stop laughing!)
-My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (But as of now, it's my least favourite of my list.)
-The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (Something related to Disney that I have enjoyed watching since...I'm not even sure. A very long time ago. It's absolutely perfect.)


-Frasier (Clever humo(u)r makes this one always such a pleasure to watch.)
-Friends (My first favo(u)rite sitcom, which still seems to be one of the most popular of all time!)


Squilliam approving of my profile (just because I am one of his adoring fans):




Some of my favourite quotes ever:
'My [clears throat] partner and I decided to check out my next suspect, the owner of a local greasy spoon. I figured a little "good cop, bad cop" would get his jaw flapping.' -Squidward (who else?!), Squid Noir
'I made it to Shell City, and I beat the Cyclops, and I rode the Hasselhoff, and I brought the crown back!' -SpongeBob, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
'Hi, SpongeBoob!' -Patrick, Missing Identity
'I like you, SpongeBob. We could be tighter than bark on a tree!' -Sandy, Tea at the Treedome
'I'll remember you all in therapy.' -Plankton, The Algae's Always Greener
'I don't care if Santy Claus and Jack Frost are having ice-cream cones! Don't! Touch! THE THERMOSTAT!' -Mr. Krabs, Krabs a la Mode
'Good luck next Tuesday! I hope the audience brings lots of...ibuprofen!' -Squilliam, Band Geeks



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