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#1322865 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 19 January 2019 - 10:17 AM

Nautical Nonsense/Sponge Buddies DVD:
Club SpongeBob: very clean
Dying for Pie: very clean
F.U.N.: very clean
Graveyard Shift: very clean
Jellyfishing: very clean
Ripped Pants: very clean
SB-129: very clean
Something Smells: very clean
Texas: very clean
Wormy: very clean
Halloween DVD:
Band Geeks: composite artifacts and overcontrast
Frankendoodle: composite artifacts
Idiot Box: very clean
Imitation Krabs: composite artifacts
I Was a Teenage Gary: composite artifacts
My Pretty Seahorse: very clean
Scaredy Pants: composite artifacts
The Secret Box: composite artifacts and overcontrast
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: composite artifacts
Welcome to the Chum Bucket: composite artifacts
Sea Stories DVD:
The Algae’s Always Greener: composite artifacts
Gary Takes a Bath: extremely bad composite artifacts
Hooky: composite artifacts
Jellyfish Jam: composite artifacts
Life of Crime: extremely bad composite artifacts
No Free Rides: composite artifacts
No Weenies Allowed: very clean
Pickles: bad composite artifacts
Sailor Mouth: composite artifacts
Shanghaied: composite artifacts
Tales from the Deep DVD:
Born Again Krabs: very clean (but with antialiasing)
Hall Monitor: extremely bad composite artifacts
I Had an Accident: very clean (but with antialiasing)
Just One Bite: very clean
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: composite artifacts
Party Pooper Pants: very clean (there's some pixel glitches at some points)
The Paper: composite artifacts
Tea at the Treedome: composite artifacts
Valentine's Day: extremely bad composite artifacts
Lost at Sea DVD:
Boating School: composite artifacts
Bubble Buddy: composite artifacts
The Chaperone: composite artifacts
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II: composite artifacts
Plankton!: composite artifacts
Prehibernation Week: extremely bad composite artifacts
The Sponge Who Could Fly: extremely clean
Suds: composite artifacts
Your Shoe’s Untied: composite artifacts
Tide and Seek DVD:
Big Pink Loser: composite artifacts
Bossy Boots: clean but with pixelization
The Bully:
Dumped: extremely bad composite artifacts
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III: composite artifacts
Opposite Day: composite artifacts
Rock-a-Bye Bivalve: clean
Sleepy Time:
Squidville: clean but with pixelization
Squirrel Jokes: composite artifacts
Christmas DVD:
As Seen on TV:
Chocolate with Nuts: very clean
Christmas Who?: very clean
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV:
Pizza Delivery: haloing and composite artifacts
Procrastination: very clean
Snowball Effect: composite artifacts
Squeaky Boots: composite artifacts
Survival of the Idiots:
The Seascape Capers DVD:
Artist Unknown:
Bubblestand: composite artifacts
The Fry Cook Games: composite artifacts
Grandma's Kisses: clean but with pixelization
Krab Borg: very clean
Krusty Love: composite artifacts
Pranks a Lot:
The Smoking Peanut: composite artifacts
SpongeBob Meets the Strangler:
Squid's Day Off:
SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric DVD:
Fools in April:
The Great Snail Race:
I'm With Stupid: composite artifacts plus dim colors
Nature Pants:
Patty Hype: very bad composite artifacts
Plankton's Army: very clean
Squid on Strike: very clean
Squilliam Returns: very clean
Ugh: very clean
SpongeGuard on Duty DVD:
Clams: Season 2 DVD-tier color destruction (PaleBob) plus composite artifacts
Doing Time:
Jellyfish Hunter: composite artifacts
Nasty Patty: Season 2 DVD-tier color destruction (PaleBob) plus composite artifacts
Naughty Nautical Neighbors: composite artifacts
SpongeGuard on Duty: composite artifacts and Season 2 DVD-tier color destruction (PaleBob)
Walking Small: composite artifacts
Sponge for Hire DVD:
The Camping Episode:
Can You Spare a Dime?:
Krabby Land: composite artifacts
Krusty Krab Training Video: composite artifacts
Mid-Life Crustacean: composite artifacts
Missing Identity: composite artifacts
New Student Starfish: composite artifacts
Wet Painters: composite artifacts
Home Sweet Pineapple DVD:
Band Geeks:
Culture Shock:
Employee of the Month:
Home Sweet Pineapple:
MuscleBob BuffPants:
Ripped Pants: very clean
Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm: composite artifacts
Sandy's Rocket: composite artifacts

Fear of a Krabby Patty DVD:
Arrgh!: composite artifacts
Fear of a Krabby Patty: clean but with bad haloing
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: composite artifacts:
Karate Choppers: very clean
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V: very clean
Neptune's Spatula: extremely bad composite artifacts and oversaturation
One Krabs Trash: very clean
Shell of a Man: clean but with bad haloing


I need help with how every episode looks like on the DVDs after Lost at Sea  (Tide and Seek-Fear of a Krabby Patty) and the Halloween DVD (not sure if Idiot Box and My Pretty Seahorse actually look clean)

#1322769 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 13 January 2019 - 08:17 PM

The Snowball Effect with the VHS effect on the Christmas DVD

#1322739 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 12 January 2019 - 08:22 PM



I don't think they could knowing that when it zooms into this from a frame, the background doesn't even have CRT effects, meaning they must've screwed up and sent the video with extremely bad composite artifacts to the studio during production

They could just use AviSynth/VirtualDub or just get the animation file and redo that.


Ever seen episodes with distracting antialiasing? 

License to Milkshake/Squid Baby with palebob on Nickelodeon Latin America/Brazil


#1322690 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 09 January 2019 - 05:24 PM

Bummer Vacation and Wigstruck look so bad on DVD releases that the illumination actually washes out some details (like the sand dots)

#1322649 Production dates?

Posted by spongebranch on 06 January 2019 - 12:52 PM

the SpongeBob episodes "Friend or Foe" and "The Original Fry Cook/Night Light" are copyrighted 2007 despite being between 2006 copyrighted episodes

#1322465 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 30 December 2018 - 10:38 AM

plus even early Season 4 has the aqua green sky contrast (like Have You Seen This Snail?)

#1322264 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 22 December 2018 - 09:56 AM

I noticed that for Season 3 too, for example, here's how the title card for 'Wet Painters' looks on Amazon Instant Video (On the ESB Wikia).


And this is how it looks on televsion/The Complete Season Third Season set.



speaking of which, I heard there is at least one episode on Amazon Instant Video that has the end credits cut out. It was in Season 5. What exactly was that again?

#1321934 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 09 December 2018 - 05:17 PM

I went on Nick.com and compared some screenshots of 'Life of Crime' from a video clip, with the Season 2 DVD (Many streaming sites rip these from the DVDs). There's a big difference for sure.


Here's the Nick.com clip:


>the ones on the Season 2 with the awful calibration have no distracting analog artifacts

>the ones on Nick.com have the normal colors but awfully distracting analog artifacts that make it look like a bootleg transfer.

I'll honestly take the Season 2 DVD ones sadly.

I find it funny how literally every non-USA cartoon from the mid-90's to the present (that's not Clone High or Undergrads) has absolutely no VHS effect (not even Stickin' Around, Monster By Mistake, Mona the Vampire, or Braceface), even in their native countries.

Just look how fresh Braceface looks here (aside from the JPG artifacts around the outlines)



plus Nickelodeon is advertising the SpongeBob episode "Christmas Who?" part of it's 25 Ways To Holiday and they're using a print without CRT effects in the promo.

#1321905 Iris out as the episode's ending

Posted by spongebranch on 08 December 2018 - 01:36 PM

Trenchbillies has an iris out at the end (a heart shaped one)


plus SpongeBob You're Fired has a fade out and fade in added to the end of part 1 and the start of part 2 respectively on Nickelodeon USA airings and nearly every Season 10 episode and the first 2 Season 11 episodes have very cheesy fade in/fade outs added at the beginning/end of the intro and episode segments, even killing the light switch gag at the end of "Cave Dwelling Sponge". Same for It's a SpongeBob Christmas (not at the title card though)

#1321887 Iris out as the episode's ending

Posted by spongebranch on 07 December 2018 - 05:49 AM

The fades to black (and to the title card, actually) stopped after everything went digital since "Whatever Happened to SpongeBob".
Nowadays, I don't find any animated shows that went into commercials/ended their episodes with fading to black. Perhaps it has to do something with the fact that before 2008, the shows were edited on VHS.

They can’t be edited on vhs because vhs is made from cheaper magnetic materials that wear out quickly. You’re obviously mixing it up with Betacam which uses much more expensive magnetic materials. Plus Digital Betacam/HDCAM can store digital data and work with computers.

#1321881 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 06 December 2018 - 09:55 PM

What episode is it, the pictures are in text mode

First is from the end of “A Pal For Gary”
Second is from “Back to the Past” while SpongeBob is wondering why Mermaid Man has the collar around him
Third is from “Big Sister Sam” after Sam hugs Patrick.
Fourth is from “SpongeBob You’re Fired” When SpongeBob comes into the Taco Sombreo
How do you properly format images here?

#1321612 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 30 November 2018 - 07:18 PM

Adam Paloian made a post a few days ago on Twitter responding to someone about having the original film and such for each episode, so that could be another sign that they have preserved their raw original studio prints, camera negs, and animation files for older episodes.



they definitely still have the raw international prints.

#1321605 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 30 November 2018 - 05:52 PM

The overscan is a problem with the actual episode and not the US transfer. I remember watching the Greek version of this in 2013, and it still had the overscan problem

Even though this isn't a visual artifact, anyone notice that in some post-movie episodes Tom Kenny sounds like he has a cold,which happens VERY seldom, especially in the season 7 episode Yours, Mine, and Mine. In Jailbreak, Spongebob also sounds like he has a cold. Watch this Sponge Out of Water clip, Spongebob sounds like he has strep throat:



at least in Greece KTC didn't have the grayish whites issue.

with the voice thing, it really irks me. Doesn't even sound like SpongeBob at all.

#1321574 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 29 November 2018 - 08:48 AM

I think the images on this site are from the Season 9 DVD, but I'm not too sure.

it was stated in the SBMania updates thread that the pics from SpongeBob You're Fired and some other Season 9a episodes were from iTunes.

#1321402 Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

Posted by spongebranch on 27 November 2018 - 05:57 PM

Nickelodeon USA's airing of the SpongeBob episodes "Don't Look Now/Séance Schmeance" strangely had fixed color calibration from Amazon Instant Video/non-USA prints when they aired on Nick 2 today. (they didn't have the fixed color calibration on the regular Nick though)