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About Me

Hey there, everyone! I'm TheLocalAquatic! Otherwise known as K. Sal and formerly known around here as SpongeFan257. Still use SpongeFan257 around the internet though, so I'm still known by TLA and SF257. I'm also not against anyone referring to me by name (Kieran) - I've started to be more upfront about this with Instagram and Discord, so...any of the four boldened proper nouns are appropriate for use!  :thumb1:


Introduction aside, my darling, fellow SBM-ers, It would appear you've stumbled upon my profile! Welcome! And hey, if you wanna talk, just send me a PM!  :thumbsup:


Anyways, about me...well, I'm just an autistic gay guy obsessed with SpongeBob, in addition to Kingdom Hearts, LittleBigPlanet, Disney, South Park, POP Figures, etc. Basically, I'm a guy who loves being part of a fanbase. I'm also quite the hobbyist artist and fanfic writer, although I'm known to procrastinate when it comes to the latter...


I'm all around, so there's a chance that you probably know me from another site...Archive Of Our Own? DeviantArt? FanFiction.net? Or PSN, perhaps (on a huge whim... :xP:)? Links are around the bottom of this About Me profile, so be sure to go follow the links to see me in action! Whether that be my writing skills or my artwork!


I've been into SpongeBob for a LONG time! Ever since I was 6/7, if I recall correctly. Since then, I've been collecting a ton of merch, mostly comprising of toys and magazines (the UK print, obviously). It's a shame the UK magazine is no longer in publication. And to top that, only nine issues of SpongeBob Comics were released in the UK!!! (At least, of what I know of and have...) I am happy, at least, that I have been getting SpongeBob Comics via a subscription on a site that does overseas shipping, so I've started to collect these again from issue 68, as well as a few of the special issues I've been fortunate enough to find.


2015 is technically the year I joined this wonderful place. However...DeviantArt took up a lot of my time, and I was really into drawing back then, so I didn't really come around here back then. At all. But hey! In January of 2017, I finally got reacquainted with the fact that I had this account, and have gotten into using it since February that same year! Trust me, I absolutely love it here! I'm here practically all the time, if you've noticed based on my statistics graph...I almost never sleep!  :P


Perhaps a summary factfile is in order:


Name: Kieran (K. Sal)

Birthday: August 7th, 2000

Sexuality: Gay

Disability?: Yes - Autistic Spectrum Disorder (basically covers the whole spectrum)

Celebrity Crush: Hmm...too many to list  :P - right now, Ryan Reynolds and David Ames are two of my favs right now.

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, Black, Yellow

Least Favorite Color: GREEN!!! (Especially light green!)

Favorite Animal: Stallions, Fish, Rabbits/Bunnies

Least Favorite Animal: Dogs, Cats (But I hate animals in general, so...)

Favorite Animated Shows: SpongeBob SquarePants, South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, Drawn Together

Least Favorite Animated Shows: Uncle Grampa, Clarence, Loud House

Favorite Live Action Shows: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Miranda, Modern Family

Least Favorite Live Action Shows: N/A  :confused:

Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts Series, LittleBigPlanet Series, Just Dance Series, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, The Simpsons Hit And Run, Battle For Bikini Bottom, Choices - Stories You Play

Least Favorite Video Games: Plankton's Robotic Revenge

Favorite Movies: Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The South Park Movie (not the official name for obvious reasons), Big Hero 6, Ratatouille, Sponge Out Of Water

Least Favorite Movies: Too many to list.

Favorite Characters: Deadpool, Eric Cartman, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Squidward, Butters Stotch, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Sackboy, Ariel, KH1/COM/DDD Sora, Ursula, Plankton, Rachel Green, Mitchell Prichett, Gloria Delgado-Prichett, Cameron Tucker...

Least Favorite Characters: Hans, Kairi, Ross Geller, Phil Dunphy (among others...?)

Favorite Collectibles: Funko POP Figures; Little Mermaid Merch; Soft Toys

Favorite Place: Any Disney Theme Park, Alton Towers, My Bedroom

Least Favorite Place: School; My Garden


Some Links For Y'All - Where Else To Find Me!

Archive Of Our Own (SpongeFan257/TheLocalAquatic/TheNaughtyWaters - all under the SpongeFan257 pseud) - Very much into yaoi fanfics, though I'm currently writing a general crossover fic involving the Nicktoons and some OCs.


FanFiction.net (TheLocalAquatic) - Not very active in publishing new fics in favor of A03, but there are fics on here that aren't over on AO3.


DeviantArt (spongefan257) - Not as active as I was in 2015, but I do upload art still! (Mostly evident through the fact that the vast majority of uploads also get uploaded here for my Drawings topic...but it's worth coming by anyway cuz not all my art is on SBM.)


Facebook - TBH this is personal. But...you can ask though in a PM or something.


Instagram (@keybladesaquatic) - Very active in liking stuff, and also showcase stuff I buy and what have you.


Twitter - (@LocalAquatic_K) Mostly use Twitter for retweeting stuff and laughing at posts with the odd occasional post. You should follow if you wanna look at fun stuff!


Tumblr - (thelocalaquatic, of TheLocalAquatic's Realm blog) - Mostly just Choices-related reblogs, especially if it's Endless Summer, or...SEAN GAYLE!!! Ahem. Anyway, I also fav a lot of Nicktoons stuff on the side.


SBM Awards


Best Artist (April 2017)

Best Positive Attitude (October 2017)

Favorite International Person (October 2017)



Best Signature (October 2017)



SpideyPool (Spiderman/Deadpool) - Marvel Comics

Dofty (Dom/Lofty) - Holby City

SoRiku (Sora/Riku) - Kingdom Hearts

AkuRoku (Axel/Roxas) - Kingdom Hearts

Verra(?) (Terra/Ventus) - Kingdom Hearts

Style (Kyle/Stan) - South Park

Bunny (Kenny/Butters) - South Park

Creek (Craig/Tweek) - South Park

Candy (Cartman/Wendy) - South Park

Shelnard (Sheldon/Leonard) - Big Bang Theory

Male MC/Sean Gayle - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)

Male MC/Jake McKenzie - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)

Male MC/Diego Soto - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)

Sean Gayle/Jake McKenzie - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)

Diego Soto/Varyyn - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)



ADD ME! (...plz?)

PlayStation Network - SpongeFan257

Simpsons Tapped Out - SpongeFan257

Disney Magical Dice Player Code - 9122731299 (LocalAquatic)

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