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I don't get why people have to say horrible things behind my back. Are they that scared to say stuff to my face? Updated 17 Jul · 9 comments

About Me

Hello there!
Call me CC, Cake, Cakey, Cups, whatever you want. Real name is Dee, if you wanna know.


About the Cake:
You have found the right person to talk to on this site, congrats. Honestly though, I wasn't like this before. I joined SBMania back during June 2015 but I actually didn't post until July of that year. So yeah, I lurked for a while before I made posts. Truth be told, my July posts were terrible and I regret making them. Oh well.


Months later, I have matured quite a bit and made better posts than before. Guess I have learned for my mistakes, right? Well, most of the time. I have nothing else to talk about, so I will just tell you folks about my secrets.


*12 seconds later...* Ok, I'll tell y'all some "secrets". I love my job at work right now, I sleep with my socks on, I like Nutella on both sides on my toast, I have some old plushies from my childhood, I've never been late for school (ok, I may have...once :hehe:), I've said the word "fancy" in conversation, I like to sing to Disney songs, I still don't have my life together, I'm a little on the short side, and I'M WEARING THREE PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR RIGHT NOW! forget the last part, ok?


But seriously, I can be a little bit on the quirky side. Let's just say that I am perfectly imperfect and leave it at that.


Since the Interest section is gone as of now, I will just put down a few of them here: cartoons, cartoons, and more cartoons, Disney, "old" NickToons, SpongeBob (of course), yearbooks, video games, photography, computer programming, animals, music, and food. Gotta have that tasty, tasty food. Except bananas, however. Bananas are nasty.


About my love for SpongeBob:
I have grown up with this show for almost all of my life (since I was 6 months old!). Watching many of the episodes bring happiness to me, because many of the episodes are creative, funny, interesting, etc., and I have never forgotten some of the quotes this show has. My favorite seasons are seasons 2, 3, 1, 9b, and 4. But I don't hate seasons 5, 8, 10, 9a, 6, and 7, even if 6 and 7 are just mediocre to me. I have a lot of merchandise, including a couple T-shirts, a poster, toys from Burger King, plushies, books, vidya games, and more. You can tell that I am a "SpongeBuddy". There's a reason that I have joined this site, is there not?


Okay, okay. I barely watch SpongeBob as of now. I'm not losing interest in it, it's just that I have a life and I don't always have time to watch all of the episodes, thanks to my job as a cashier, taking 3 AP classes, and applying for different colleges. I'm just a stressed out young adult that needs to focus on the future. SpongeBob will always be in my heart, even if I am much more of a casual viewer nowadays.
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Thank you for reading my profile stuff, PM me if you have any questions.
P.S.: Wanna sig? Just visit my sig shop: http://www.sbmania.n...by-cake/page-1.

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