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I don't think YouTube understands the concept of a "fan video." R.I.P. my favorite Jim/Pam vid ever...darnit, Internet... Updated 11 Sep · 2 comments

About Me

PinkPearl, formerly known as pop_princess, is a currently active member of SBM. She signed up in 2007, when she was at the end of seventh grade. When she reached high school, she took a veerry long hiatus and did not return to SBM until 2014, where she changed her username. Now, she plans on staying for a long time to come. So what if she’s 50 years old?

PinkPearl is a writer and this can often be shown in her SBM posts. She doesn’t like to cheese on post count by spamming with one-word posts; instead, she often explains her choices in varying degrees of detail. PinkPearl is also the writer of the highly popular (hopefully) blog PinkPearl’s Thought Lists, here on SBM. This blog runs opinions on everything from holidays to politics to Spongebob episodes, all in the unique form of lists. Meanwhile, PinkPearl also holds a FanFiction account (keep a lookout for her ongoing Calvin and Hobbes story) and runs a party planning Pinterest account with a blog to match. You can check them out below.


Although PinkPearl doesn’t watch Spongebob on a regular basis anymore, she still very much enjoys discussing it and catching the occasional episode. It’s still her favorite cartoon (PinkPearl has never liked cartoons much). So what does PinkPearl like to do? She can be found cheering on the Red Sox, watching a field hockey match, writing in her journal or for the public, working on her novel, bowling, smashbooking, playing with her three affectionate puppies and fluffy cat, decorating (for fun or for a holiday), and various other things. On SBM, she can most often be found in Nautical Nonsense, completing a survey topic, or anywhere really. Depends on where the hot topics are.

PinkPearl is rather reclusive when it comes to the chat because she feels oddly awkward about IMing strangers and has an irrational fear that nobody will want to talk to her. Maybe she will appear there one day, but in the meantime, you are always welcome to PM her or reply to one of her posts. PinkPearl also moderates all comments on her blog. Meanwhile, she encourages all friend requests that come her way. PinkPearl likes to think she is friendly, and you can also expect a birthday surprise come that special day…



Please visit moi on the web!


FanFiction- haven't updated in a while (maybe not ever again) but its here just because. Might still update my Calvin and Hobbes project on occasion.
Writing portfolio- my finished (mostly) works of writing
My blog- Finally, I found a blog that I want to continue. Basically just funny (or otherwise) stories from my life and some blog entries.
YouTube- yeah, I've been experimenting with this. I create Word tutorials basically, especially for writing projects you can do (i.e. I just made one on bullet journal pages). You can also see the playlists I've created, from Great Wheel of Fortune Moments to songs featured in The Office to classic party mixes. I think I also have a cat video in there somewhere. If you don't like non-spoken tutorials (I do some typing- don't worry; a lot of the instructions are pre-typed to make the videos shorter- and demonstration), these may not be for you.
Instagram- I'm gonna be posting a lot about my creative stuff but there will be lots of things here eventually. Come for the fun, stay for the cats. Yes, there WILL be cat pictures!



SBM Stats

Best Arcade Scores:

Bowling: 203 *current champion, yahootie!*

Pacman: 42550

Skeeball: 980


Ye Olde Fanfics Est. 2007:

They must have been terrible because they never got any replies. Here are the links anyway:

The Other Bikini Bottom- a brief snippet where Patrick loses an award and some other stuff is supposed to happen.

Angry Spongebob Characters- Spongebob characters aren't happy with the way they are being portrayed in the show. Anger ensues. I probably could continue with this one. Someday.


SBM History

Golden Era Member from May 2007-July 2009

On hiatus from August 2009-January 2015

New Era Member from February 2015-present. Hopefully will be around for a long time to come.



I hope I never get tired of the night sky, of thunderstorms, of watching cream make galaxies in my coffee. This world is ugly. I hope I never grow to be someone who can no longer see the small beautiful things- Tumblr user inkskinned

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