Completed You don't know pat (story)


Happy Yellow Sponge
Aug 28, 2022
a place, where you, never, get harmed

You don’t know pat

‘’good morning world’’ SpongeBob says as he wakes up

He walks out of his house and makes his way to Patrick’s house

‘’Patrick! Pat you there’’ he says as he knocks on the door

‘’huh, I guess he went to the market’’ SpongeBob says

Before he goes to the market he thinks to himself ‘’if I go look for pat I’ll miss work hmm, am sure Patrick’s fine’’

He goes to the Krusty krab

‘’good morning Krusty crew’’ SpongeBob shouts as he enters the Krusty krab

Squidward looks at SpongeBob then back at his magazine

A customer orders a big pat meal

‘’SpongeBob one big pat meal to go’’ Squidward says

‘’Patrick where!’’ SpongeBob says

‘’just take the order’’ squidward says

‘’that sounded an awful lot like Patrick haha’’ SpongeBob says as he giggles

‘’I don’t care, just make the food’’ squidward says

A laughing sound is heard in the distance

‘’who was that!’’ SpongeBob says

‘’hey SpongeBob’’ a voice says behind SpongeBob

‘’Patri-‘’ SpongeBob looks around and no one’s there

‘’that’s it! Am going to find Patrick’’ SpongeBob says ask he makes his way to Mr. Krabs’ office

‘’HEY MR KRABS!’’ SpongeBob shouts, Mr. Krabs jumps up in fear

‘’SpongeBoy me bob, you nearly gave me a heart attack’’ Mr. Krabs says

‘’Mr. Krabs can I get the day off’’ SpongeBob says

‘’those words, is it possible to use them in a sentence together like that’’ Mr. Krabs says as he pulls out his dictionary

SpongeBob pushes away the dictionary and says ‘’Mr. Krabs!’’

‘’fine you get the day off’’ Mr. Krabs says

‘’YES!’’ SpongeBob shouts

‘’BUT, it’s coming out of your paycheck, why do you want a day off anyway, I thought fry cooking was your passion’’ Mr. Krabs asks

‘’it’s Patrick, I haven’t seen him all day, and am trying to find him’’ SpongeBob says

‘’trying to find him ey?’’ Mr. Krabs says as he thinks

‘’am thinking of a song, to broadcast around bikini bottom’’ SpongeBob says

Mr. Krabs’ eyes turn into dollar signs

‘’Mr. Krabs, you ok?’’ SpongeBob asks

‘’don’t worry SpongeBob me boy, I’ll provide the stage’’ Mr. Krabs says

‘’thanks Mr. Krabs’’ SpongeBob says

A few days later

SpongeBob and all his friends arrive on the stage with millions people watching

‘’SpongeBob, why are we doing this again’’ sandy asks

‘’so Patrick can hear it and come back’’ SpongeBob says

They start singing

‘’I miss his face, I miss his smell!’’ SpongeBob sings

‘’now my life is just an empty shell’’ SpongeBob continues

‘’every night I ask his little rock, was it something that I said’’ SpongeBob sings

‘’where’s Patrick!’’ they all sing

‘’every day I ask his empty rock, was it something that I said’’ SpongeBob sings

A voice in the distance calls for SpongeBob

‘’Patrick?’’ SpongeBob asks

‘’was that you?’’ SpongeBob asks

‘’Patrick if you’re out there, clap once for yes and twice for no’’ SpongeBob says

‘’SPONGEBOB!’’ Patrick says

SpongeBob sees Patrick

‘’PATRICK!’’ SpongeBob says

They both rush towards each other and hug