Why SpongeBob can never get his Boating License


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The reasoning behind Stephen Hillenburg having a rule stating that SpongeBob NEVER gets his license, is due to the fact that the moment he does, he automatically stops being a kid and becomes a real actual 100% adult

That's the only possible explanation

It's also the reason he can't have a love interest

You've noticed in the series all the ship teases right?

Sandy and Mr. Krabs
Sandy and Patrick
Sandy and Squidward

What do these shippings have in common (besides involving Sandy)?

ANSWER: They don't involve SpongeBob

Ask yourself...why is SpongeBob SquarePants being left out of these "ship teases"?

It is because he is NOT a real adult unlike Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and even Patrick

The first movie addressed this

SpongeBob won't become a real adult until he gets his boating license

In other words, SpongeBob SquarePants will always stay as a kid who happens to be an adult

He will never truly grow up thanks to Hillenburg's rule


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SpongeBob will never get his boating license for the same reason Charlie Brown will never kick that football.

And I think that’s all I need to say. 😌

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I had it figured out that Spongebob would never get his boating license since I was watching the show when I was little. I wasn't really into any plot-driven shows with arcs back then, so I kind of just accepted the trope of the status quo being immutable in simple comedy shows like SB. I do enjoy being able to appreciate some potential deeper meaning to him never getting his license now though. :)


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Wait a second, since when have there been ship teases involving Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick? Have I just not picked up on these? These are all very questionable ships lmao


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These "ship teases" are very much real

Here's where I've noticed them:

Sandy & Mr. Krabs: Pull up a Barrel and various other episodes
Sandy & Squidward: Sponge out of Water, Squidtastic Voyage, and various other episodes
Sandy & Patrick: SpongeBob's House Party (although that may be a bit of a stretch since they were just dancing together)
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I'm not really into shipping but I think SpongeBob and Sandy are better off as friends IMHO

If SpongeBob absolutely MUST have a girlfriend it should be Pearl, based on their interactions in "The Chaperone" "Bossy Boots" & "Tunnel of Glove"

But I think he's too immature for love


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If anyone on the show needs a partner it is Squidward because maybe then he'll stop being so miserable

IDK if it would be Sandy, Mrs. Puff, or even one of the Bikini Bottomites but he needs SOME kind of fulfillment in his life

That's how SBSP should end someday