Why is every modern cartoon network show rated TV-PG

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Anyone notice that every cartoon network show since adventure time gets slabbed on with a TV-PG rating. Even Teen Titans Go, and it's mostly tame comapred to others on the network. Same with uncle grandpa, and it barley has any violence or innuendo like Steven Universe or Regular Show. Adventure Time is a grey area, yeah the early seasons had a lot of inappropriate jokes, but the subsequent seasons should be rated TV-Y7 FV, as they're very tame. Same with later seasons of regular show. If anything I think old shows like Dexter's or Johnny Bravo should have the TV-PG rating, since they have many things that wouldn't slip past today's censors.


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I’m not a TV censor, so I can’t be sure how safe these shows are for kids. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t have the American rating system, Y7 and PG always struck me as the same kind of rating. Just that Y7 shows are geared more towards children. I think in the 2010s, CN knows it has a strong adult following, and whoever’s in charge of the ratings seems to be catering to them a bit more, by making them feel older and stronger.

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Cartoon Network has always wanted to "up the TV-Y7 stuff" since the late 00s, but they also have to watch for the content not to get too adult to avoid parental complaints. It's hard for young adults like me to look at the kind of stuff in their modern shows as anything too crazy, but to kids and parents who aren't used to seeing that kind of stuff on a kids network, it's totally wack.

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I'm pretty sure it's so that if the show wants to do something that's not allowed on a TV-Y7 show, they can. I'm sure they don't want to have to change the rating for certain episodes, because that would be hard to keep track of.