Why does Viacom keep deleting and blocking SpongeBob videos?


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Oct 25, 2017
Every SpongeBob videos that I love the most have been deleted by this greedy company called Viacom.

Luckily, I'm not a YouTuber. I just simply watch YouTube videos to learn my studies, hobbies and passions; listen to music, and my personal favorite, SpongeBob SquarePants.

In YouTube, most SB videos in my opinion are imperfect, unlike from the previous video sites like livevideo.com. My favorite kind of SB videos are the portrayed by SB. Lego-made SB episodes based from the TV, and SB music videos. I started watching Lego-made SB videos in 2013, especially the Lego-made videos. My most favorite is the Lego-made Krusty Krab Training Video created by Grayson Crockett in 2012. I've been watching this everytime, but until then, Viacom deleted it, leaving only the other Lego-made KKTV videos. Most of them are poorly made. Also, I watched 2 full versions of the Best Day Ever music videos (one MV with the scenes of the episodes of the same name and one with the scenes of the 1st 3 seasons), but Viacom deleted it. And now, few of my favorite portrayed by SB videos (especially the title shown above) has been deleted by Viacom! Even were just using scenes or just music alone, Viacom just delete it automatically. Why the HELL does Viacom won't leave us all SB fans alone?!

When I was a kid, the main nick.com (esp the 2010 version) and spongebob.com were my favorite websites. Everytime I go to the video section just to watch the new SB episodes, Viacom blocks these videos in my home country, just because the videos only works in the U.S. and not in my home country. That's bullshit. It's worse than the new nick.com. My home country used to have an Asian nick website called nick-asia.com (but there are no new SB episodes). Now it no longer exists and instead redirects me to Nick Australia (nick.com.au). And this sucks. All Viacom cares is money.

Yes I know we don't own the show. I know that most fans are not affiliated nor endorsed with this show. If SB videos are not allowed, then why the hell do you even use Happy Tree Friends as the endorser for the YT Copyright School?

So in conclusion, Viacom sucks.
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Sep 22, 2008
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Viacom has been like this forever. Long before all the copyright claim nonsense on Youtube, they struck down everything they could left and right. They've always been this way and are never going to change.
Even before ViacomCBS, other companies, such as Nintendo , Comcast, TimeWarner (now WarnerMedia) and the Walt Disney Company were accused of abusing copyright laws on YouTube. Still, nothing has changed, none of these companies has been accepting of "fair use." #WHERESTHEFAIRUSE