Who Framed Stevie?/A Suffering Artist/Puff Mama

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Don't Judge a Waitress By Their First Day! (part 2)

Mrs. Puff knocked on the huge slab of wood Squidward had put on his sheild. Squidward peeked out. Mrs. Puff handed him a yellow note paper.

Mrs. Puff: Here's the orders.
Squidward: (hands yellow note card to SpongeBob) One Triple Krabby Supreme with no mayonaise, two Krusty Kid Silly Meals with a lemon milkshake, a large box of Kurly Fries, and a Krusty King Kombo!
SpongeBob: (putting the pickles and tomato onto half a dozen patties) Wow, we've never had that many orders before.
Squidward: (::dolphin noise:: back under the sheild) Actually, we have, but people used to walk up to the register one at a time. But now, Mrs. Puff walks table to table and collects all the orders.
SpongeBob: (hands Squidward two bags) Here's those two Krusty Kid Silly Meals, Squidward. I'm still working on the milkshake.
Squidward: (hands bags to Mrs. Puff) Two Krusty Kid Silly Meals.
Mrs. Puff: (takes the Silly Meals) Thanks. Here's an order from two guys who just came in.
Squidward: (reads note) A King-Sized Ultra Krabby Supreme with the works, double-battered and fried...on a stick*. (sigh) Not again.
SpongeBob: (hands it to him) Here ya go, Squidward.
Squidward: (hands it to Mrs. Puff) Here ya go, Puffy.

Mrs. Puff carried the Mushy Patty to Kevin from I'm Your Biggest Fanatic and Richard A. Bottomfeeder from Krabs vs. Plankton, who were sitting at a table together.

Kevin: Finally! I'm starvin' here!
Richard: (poitns to Kevin) Me and my client here have been waiting for what seems like hours.
Mrs. Puff: (hands Kevin the Mushy patty) You guys just got here.
Richard: Does it really matter?

Suddenly, the Mushy Patty began to jiggle and shake.

Kevin: What the?! (turns to Mrs. Puff) What'd ya do ta this thing?!
Mrs. Puff: I...I...

Plankton jumped out, covered in mush.

Plankton: Aha! Gimme that lawyer suit!

He ripped off Richard's suit and jumped off the table.

Richard: Ah, my clothes! I am exposed!
Kevin: Is that Goofy Goober Peanut Party underwear you're wearing?
Richard: (turns his underwear backwords) No.

Plankton put the suit into a washing machine and set the dial to "Maximum Rinse". The washer started shaking and washing. Water and foam leaked out, cleaning the mush off of Plankton. Mr. Krabs walked over.

Mr. Krabs: Hey, wait a minute there! (pause) When did we get a washing machine?

Plankton stopped the washer and took out the suit. It had shrunken to his size.

Plankton: (puts on suit) Ah, it shrunk in the wash.
Mr. Krabs: What da heck do ya want with a lawyer suit, Plankton? Usually, you come here for me formular!
Plankton: (hops off washing machine) Not today, Krabs. Not today. I've got a big new plan just waiting to happen! All I can say is this: you will lose...everything. (long pasue) Yeah, I'll leave you to your despair.

He walked out of the Krusty Krab, still wearing the suit. Richard and Kevin slipped out, Richard covering his underpants with his briefcase.

Mrs. Puff: (walks over to Mr. Krabs) What was all that about, Eugene?
Mr. Krabs: Aw, don't ye worry about him, Poppy. That's just Plankton, he always comes here to try to steal me Krabby Patty Secret Formular. Or at least he used to. Who knows what he could be up to now?

There was a long pause as dramatic music pulled in. Then it all stopped.

Mr. Krabs: By the way, here's your next order from Table 8. (as Mrs. Puff is writing it down) A Krabby Patty without cheese, medium Kurly Fries, and two Kelp Shakes, one with bendy straw. Ye got all that?

Mrs. Puff nodded and walked over to the register. Then, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy came in.

Barnacleboy: For the last time Mermaidman, no! You know what those Coral Bits do to your large intestine!
Mermaidman: Come on, Barnalceboy. Just one small box and a, uh...what were we talking about again?
SpongeBob: HOLY KRABBY PATTIES!!! Squidward, it's, it's...Mermaidman and B-Barnacleboy! AUTOGRAPGH!!! (starts spinning a patty left and right on the wall) Autograph! Autograph! Autograph! Autograph!

That's when Mrs. Puff's mind started palying tricks on her. She hallucinated SpongeBob driving. The spinning patty turned into a steering wheel. SpongeBob was ramming over practically everything in existence. We cut to the outside of Bikini Bottom. Several buildings are being knocked and the entire town is on fire.

This hallucination caused Mrs. Puff to start running around in circles, panicking.


Then suddenly, the entire Krusty Krab tilted upward. Everyone screamed as the lights went out and they wodnered what was going on. A strange black veil started to cover the windows, causing everything to become pitch black.

Mr. Krabs: (shaking the washing machine) WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!? REALITY IS FALLING APART!!! MY LIFE IS FLASHING BEFORE ME VERY EYES!!! (pause) Ew, I looked ugly when I was a wee tyke.
Mrs. Puff: (throws her KK hat and nametag onto the ground) That's it! I quit!
Mr. Krabs: WHAT?!!?

We cut outside. Patrick was swallowing the Krusty Krab whole. The black veil was his mouth, sucking in the establishment. Mrs. Puff popped out of his mouth, covered in slobber.

Mrs. Puff: I will no longer have anything to do with this...chaotic restaurant!!!

Mr. Krabs popped out, also covered in slobber.

Mr. Krabs: Poppy!

SpongeBob, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, and all the customers popped out, also covered in slobber, and started to walk away.

Mermaidman: I told you we shouldn't have eaten there, Barnacleboy!
Barnalceoby: No, you didn't! Eating there was your idea, you old coot!

Patrick finally swallowed the Krusty Krab and it went into his stomach. He smacked his lips.

Squidward's voice: (from inside of Patrick) Hello? Anyone? GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! SOMEBODY!!!

A bubble transition brought us to the next scene.

End of Don't Judge a Waitress By Their First Day! (part 2)

Next scene: Of Krabs and Blowfish...

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Mar 14, 2006
Uh... any particular reason Patrick just ate the Krusty Krab? :P

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Notice I've had to split some scenes into half because now reality is catching up with me, and I don't have enough time to do the whole scene. Once summer comes, I'll probably (key word: probably) be able to update more frequently.

Of Krabs and Blowfish... (part 1)

It was late night. We cut to Mrs. Puff's house. She was inside, showering. (we only see her head throughout the scene)

Mrs. Puff: (rubbing a loofah across her head) It'll take weeks to get all this slobber off my hair!

A silhouette started to near the shower curtain. Mrs. Puff didn't notice until the shower curtain was pulled and everything turned black and white. The psycho strings started to play.

Mrs. Puff: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! Aaaahhh!!! Aaaah!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!! Blah.

We see what looks like blood disappear down the drain. Everything went back to color to show it was Mr. Krabs.

Mrs. Puff: Eugene! (cut to a can on the floor) You made all my chocolate syrup spill into the drain! How many times have I told you not to do this?!
Mr. Krabs: Sorry, but...you can't serious.
Mrs. Puff: Don't look at me!

Mr. Krabs turned around as Mrs. Puff stepped out and started to get dressed.

Mr. Krabs: You can't just quit! (starts crying) Without you, my dried-up heart...is broken. I'm 62, for pete's sake! Can't an old man have one more shot at love?!
Mrs. Puff: (closeup on face) I don't know, Eugene. The more panic attacks I have, the more chance of a heart attack, my doctor says. He says my health is at an unstable stage. These panic attacks are eating away at my heart, Eugene!

She finally finished getting dressed. Mr. Krabs turned.

Mr. Krabs: I wanna make it up to you, Poppy. How about a little date? Like old times?
Mrs. Puff: You promise no more panic attacks?
Mr. Krabs: Cross my heart and hope to, uh, um...faint!
Mrs. Puff: Mm, alrighty. Tomorrow night at 8:00?
Mr. Krabs: Oh, no. PokDouglas won't be able to add the scene. He's going to see Shrek the Third with his dad tomorrow.
Mrs. Puff: How about Tuesday then?
Mr. Krabs: Sounds fine.

A bubble transition brought us to the next scene.

End of Of Krabs and Blowfish... (part 1)

Next scene: Of Krabs and Blowfish... (part 2)

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Of Krabs and Blowfish... (part 2)

We cut to the Fancy! restaurant from Chocolate with Nuts and Krusty Love. Mr. Krabs walked up to the front desk in a tuxedo.

Mr. Krabs: Table for two, please.
Waiter: Right this way, sir.

He led Mr. Krabs to a small table.

Waiter: I'll be right back to take your order, sir.

Mrs. Puff came in, dressed in her sun hat and dress from Krusty Love.

Mrs. Puff: Hello, Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Arr. What would you like for dinner?
Mrs. Puff: Oh, I think I'll just have a small salad.
Mr. Krabs: Giant smoked ham it is!

The waiter brought a giant smoked ham to them. Mr. Krabs started eating it up....with his hands, whilst Mrs. Puff took very tiny bites with a fork. SpongeBob appeared.

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs?
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob?!
Mrs. Puff: (sweaty and nervous) Spo-spo-spo-SpongeB-B-Bob...
SpongeBob: I finished cleaning those waiter and fry cook books, Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Eh, heh heh. Very good, me boy. Now run along before Mrs. Puff gets a panic attack.

Mrs. Puff got a hallucination of SpongeBob jumping into a boat.

SpongeBob: (fire builds up in the background) I'm gonna get my driver's license. (breaks a carrot and starts laughing evilly) MUH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Oh yeah, baby.


Suddenly, her heart stopped and she passed out.

Mr. Krabs: (taps Mrs. Puff) Poppy?

End of Of Krabs and Blowfish... (part 2)

Final chapter: Heart Attack!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Heart Attack!

We cut to the Bikini Bottom Hospital. Mrs. Puff was in a hospital bed. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and the Fish Doctor were there.

Mr. Krabs: Well, doc, is she gonna be okay?
Fish Doctor: Hm, no easy way to tell. We'll do all we can, but this is one of the most serious heart attacks we've ever seen.
Mr. Krabs: (turns to SpongeBob) Boy, now you really done it! If Mrs. Puff doesn't pull through, then YOU'RE FIRED!!!
SpongeBob: F-f-fired?
Fish Doctor: Um, gentlemen, there's uh...no easy way for me to say this. I, um, uh...I'm afraid Mrs. Puff is...is...
Mr. Krabs: (gasp) You mean she's...
Fish Doctor: (nods) I'm afraid so. Mrs. Puff is......gonna be fine! In fact, that heat attack practically cured her mind. She's not gonna any more panic attacks or hallucinations for a long time!
Krabs and SpongeBob: Hurray!!!
Mr. Krabs: Mrs. Puff is alright!
SpongeBob: And I'm not gonna be fired!
Mr. Krabs: Oh, blah blah your needs! (turns to Fish Doctor) Quick, I need to see Mrs. Puff!

Mrs. Puff started to wake up.

Mrs. Puff: (weakly) ...Eugene?
Mr. Krabs: Oh, Poppy. I'm so sorry for all the stuff that's happened to you this past week!
Mrs. Puff: It's...okay...Eugene...It's not...your fault at all...
Mr. Krabs: Oh, but is, Poppy, and I wanna make it up to you!
Mrs. Puff: No...I'll make it up...to you...Once I'm better...I'll go back...to work as...a waitress...at the...Krusty...Krab...*falls asleep*
Mr. Krabs: Thank you, Poppy. Thank you.
SpongeBob: Although, I can't shake the feeling that we forgot something.

We cut to Patrick walking to his bathroom.

Squidward's voice: (from inside his stomach) Hello? Hello? Uh, oh! Oh, no! No! NOOOOO!!!!!

End of Who Framed Stevie?/A Suffering Artist/Puff Mama!

Next story: Dandy Sandy/Web Surfer/Quack!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Mr. Krabs: (shaking the washing machine) WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!? REALITY IS FALLING APART!!!
(sounding like Homestar) HOWAY!!!
I'm gonna tell you right now that posting in a topic that's been dead for a month or so (unless by the fanfic authors themselves) is considered "bumping" and not really allowed. :)