Who Framed Stevie?/A Suffering Artist/Puff Mama

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Sep 22, 2005
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I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Officer Tyke is the name I gave to the blue police officer who works with Nancy.

Who Framed Stevie?
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Anything Else I Forgot

Plankton's Setup!

We cut to the outside of the Bikini Bottom Police Station. Plankton came over to the front window where Officers Nancy and Tyke were talking inside and placed a giant magnifying glass in front. He was dressed as a pigtail girl.

Plankton: This has gotta be my best plan yet.

He walked in front of the window. The magnifying glass made him look life-size from the officers' point of views.

Plankton: (girly voice) Oh, I am the little Goldilocks G. Goldfish! I am just an innocent little goldfish girl. I hope someone doesn't come to kidnap me.
Officer Nancy: What's this, a puppet show or something?

Plankton just stood there, waiting.

Plankton: Uh...I said "I hope someone doesn't come to kidnap me!" I HOPE SOMEONE DOESN'T COME TO KIDNAP MEEEEEEEEE!!!! (muttering) Clem, that's your cue! Clem!

He walked over to a tiny dressing tent near the window.

Plankton: Clem, that's your cue! Come on out!
Clem's voice: I feel ridiculous, Cousin Plankton!
Plankton: Come on! I spent all night making that costume!

Clem from Plankton's Army reuluctantly stepped out. He was wearing a SpongeBob-like outfit and had a cutout of the shape of Stevie's head around his face.

Clem: Sheldon, why did ah ever agree to do this for yas?
Plankton: Because I promised you a whole two-liter bottle of root beer. Now stick to the plan.

They walked back into the magnifying glass. Clem covered his face with a cutout sign of SpongeBob's face.

Clem: (squeaky voice) I am Stevie the...purple...thingy. And who are ya?
Plankton: (girly voice) I am the little Goldilocks G. Goldfish! I am just an innocent little goldfish girl.
Clem: Well, gawsh! In that case...

He turned around and drew somehting with a Sharpie marker. He turned around with angry eyebrows, a moustache, and a goatee drawn onto SB's face.

Clem: I should kidnap yas!
Plankton: (muttering) What's with the moustache and goatee?
Clem: Well, she-oot! I thought it would make him look more...sinister.
Plankton: (muttering) Well, wipe off! He doesn't have facial hair!

Clem wiped th moustache and goatee, but alas, a smudgy moustache and goatee still remained.

Clem: I should kidnap yas!

He picked up Plankton and ran into the Chum Bucket. Nancy and Tyke turned to each other.

Officer Nancy: Is kidnapping against the law?
Officer Tyke: (scratching his head) Um...I think so. Last time I checked. (holds a pair of handcuffs) Let's book him!

End of Plankton's Setup!

Next WFS scene: Under Arrest!

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Sep 22, 2005
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Under Arrest!

Plankton and Clem walked into the Chum Bucket.

Plankton: O-hoo-hoo-hoo! That was some very good acting back there, Clem!
Clem: Aw, shucks, cousin Plankton. Can I take this thing off now? It's giving meh a rash.

Plankton took off his pigtails wig as Clem took off the cutout head. We cut to the real Goldilocks G. Goldfish tied to the wall. She was a tween goldfish girl with blonde pigtails, braces, and a blue dress.

Goldilocks: Hey, please! Let me down from here! My little brother's big soccer game is today!
Plankton: I'll let you down after the steal the formula! (turns to Clem) You see, the officers will put Steve in jail, and then SpongeBob will be too distratced from his little friend being arrested to guard the Krabby Patty Secret Formula! (laughs maniacally)
Clem: Hey, Cousin Plankton? You scare me when you laugh like that.

We cut to Officers Tyke and Nancy marching up Stevie's door. They knocked. Stevie opened the door, holding a Barbie doll in one hand and a pair of sizzcors in the other hand.

Stevie: Yes?

The offciers grabbed him.

Officer Tyke: Stevie the Jellyfish, you're under arrest!
Stevie: Is because of the tag I ripped off of my mattress?

He held up a tag reading "Do Not Rip This Tag Off Or Police Officers Will March Up To Your Door to Arrest You".

Officer Nancy: You're under arrest due to the kidnapping of little Goldilocks G. Goldfish!
Stevie: Goldi-who huh?
Officer Tyke: (dragging him over to the police car) Dont play dumb with us, kid! We saw you kidnap her just outside our window!

They threw him into the car and drove off. SpongeBob and Patrick were playing marbles in SpongeBob's front yard.

SpongeBob: Did those police officers just arrest Stevie?
Patrick: I don't know, SpongeBob! Now are you gonna roll the die or am I gonna have to do it for you?

He rolled the dice.

Patrick: Ha! Seven! That means I get three of your purple marbles and you get one of my yellow marbles!

SpongeBob sighed.

Patrick: SpongeBob, you gotta pay attention! Otherwise, you get two of my green marbles! On the other hand, for taking some of my green marbles, that means I get all of your red marbles, but for taking all of one color of your marbles, you get half of my blue marbles...*

A bubble transition brought us to the next scene.

End of Under Arrest!

Next scene: Jail Time!

*See "Once Bitten 2" for even more of SpongeBob and Patrick's abstratc version of marbles.

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Mar 14, 2006
HillBilly Band Geek: Hey, Cousin Pokeh-Duglas? You scare me when you write all gewd like that. 2:30.

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Jail Time!

We cut to the Bikini Bottom Jailhouse from No Free Rides and Put on Trial. Stevie is now in an orange jailer's costume in front of the pay phone. Officer Tyke is standing by him.

Officer Tyke: You got one phone call, kid.
Stevie: But, I'm telling you! I'm inocent!
Officer Tyke: That's what they all say! (pause) No really, that's what they all say. (points to cells)

We cut to the jail cells to see all the jailed people blurting out stuff like, "I swear, I was framed!", "Why would I want to kidnap a little girl?", or "Please, I'll never do it again!"

Officer Tyke: Wow, deja vu.* Well, anyways, one phone call.
Stevie: (putting quarters in) Thank you, officer. I think I know just who to call. (starts dialing) Hello, Pizza Castle? I'd like a double large pepperoni with seahorse wings on the side, and...
Officer Tyke: (grabs phone) No, you idiot! You don't use your one phone call to order a pizza! Just go to your cell!
Stevie: (walks away) Awwwww...
Officer Tyke: (on the phone) Uh, hey about that order? Could you replace that pepperoni with mushrooms? Yeah, and some Barnacle Ranch dip for those wings? Uh-huh. Okay, thank you. (hangs up)

*bubble transition*

Later that night, we cut to Stevie playing the harmonica on his cot.

Stevie: (stops playing) Wait a minute! Where'd this harmonica come from? I don't have a harmonica! In fact, I don't remember knowing how to play it! As a matter in fact, I don't even know what a harmonica is! (throws harmonica aside) I don't get it. I would never kidnap anybody! Especially not a little girl named Goldi-whosen-doofer-locks or whatever! What kind of monster could've done this?

We cut to Plankton listening to Goldilocks whine and cry.

Goldilocks: (crying) ...and my mom even said she'd get me ice cream tonight! PLEASE!!!
Plankton: Hm, touching, yes, but not enough to convince me to let you go. What is taking so long for my plan to set into gear?!

Clem was next to him, eating some nachoes with dip.

Clem: Whatcha waitin' for, cousin Plankton?
Plankton: I'm waiting for SpongeBob to get depressed! He hasn't shown up for work in days!
Karen: Plankton, you can be such a moron at times.
Plankton: Elbaorate, Karen! How can I distract SpongeBob from guarding the formula when he's not even there to guard it?!
Karen: That's the point! There's no one guarding the formula, leaving it open for you to steal it, and yet you're standing here, waiting for it to get guarded again!
Plankton: (gasp) You're right, but why didn't you tell me that sooner?
Karen: I did. About twenty-seven times, as a matter of fact.
Plankton: The Krusty Krab's closed! I won't be able to raid it until tomorrow!
Clem: (holds out dip) Want some nachoes? They taste even bettar in Aunt Bertha's famous chilli-liver dip!
Plankton: I'll pass.
Karen: Yet another idiotic move. If it's closed, there's no one there, so you can go and raid it!
Plankton: That's what you think! I remember the last time I tried to raid it when it was closed.

As soon as Plankton snook into the Krusty Krab, a buket of water fell on him.

Plankton: Hey, this isn't water, this is gas!

Suddenly, the entire dining room lit on fire.


Plankton: I still have that scar on the back.

A bubble transition brought us to the next scene.

End of Jail Time!

Next scene: Plankton's on the Move and Sponge and Pat Are on the Case!

*You'd have to read Put on Trial to get that joke.

EDIT: The next scene has a big musical number in it! :yahoo:
Feb 28, 2006
I wonder what song it will be! First "The Very First Chirstmas", than "Crazy Car", and then "Lets get ready to Build and Dig!"

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Plankton's on the Move and Sponge and Pat Are on the Case!

SpongeBob and Patrick were sitting in the living room.

SpongeBob: This doesn't make sense, Patrick.
Patrick: (holding a sandwhich) I know! What kind of ham sandwhich doesn't have lettuce in it?!
SpongeBob: I was more referring to Stevie, Patrick.
Patrick: Oh. (eats sandwhich)
SpongeBob: Why would they arrest him? Stevie's a nice and caring person.

Similar to Grandma's Kisses, we see little pictures of Stevie wilting his flowers with a flashlight, dumping poisonous snakes into Squidward's bathtub, and running off with a scythe while the Grim Reaper from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is chasing after him.

Patrick: (pulls out nespaper) I don't know. Check the Fugitive Minors section in the paper.

SpongeBob found Stevie's picture and read the article.

SpongeBob: "Stevie the Jellyfish of 118 Conch Street was arrested recently by Officers Nancy Pillawig and Thompson "Tyke" Geralds for the witnessed kidnapping of 14-year-old Goldilocks G. Goldfish of 556 Coral Avenue." Who's Goldilocks G. Goldfish?
Patrick: Oh, I know her! I visit her dad everyday for some of her homemade cookies.
SpongeBob: Something smells fishy here. I've known Stevie to be a bit hostile at times, but he would never go so exreme as to kidnap someone, which only means one thing...he's been framed!
Patrick: (gasps) Framed?! You mean they stuffed into a photo frame and hung him on the wall?!
SpongeBob: No, Patrick! It means someone else kidnapped Goldi-what's-her-face and blamed him!
Patrick: Wow. Who would do that?
SpongeBob: I don't know, Patrick. (puts on a Sherlock Holmes outfit) But we're gonna find out.
Patrick: Um, SpongeBob? You know, if you asked me, I could've lent you some stupid-looking clothes.
SpongeBob: Patrick, this is the signature look of Sherlock Holmes! Mater of crime and deduction!
Patrick: (points to hat) Yeah, how come he could never deduct how stupid his hat looked?
SpongeBob: (puts a Watson hat on Patrick) Patrick, it is up to us to find this aleged kidnapper-framer-type-person-thingy and clear Stevie's name!

They marched out of the house as music started to build.

♪We're on the case,
Gonna spread some freedom now,
Gotta clear Stevie's name now,

They started doing freestyle dancing. We cut to Plankton walking out of the Chum Bucket.

Plankton: (sniffs the air) Ah, today's the day my plan comes to gear!
♪I'm on the move,
Gonna steal a formula now,
Gotta make some Krabby Patties,

He started doing disco dancing. We cut to Stevie chalking up another day on the jail walls.

Stevie: (sigh)
♪I'm in the pound,
Got arrested for no reason now,
Wish I could clear my name now♪
And on top of that, I don't even know who Goldilocks G. Goldifsh is!

We cut to Goldilocks tied to the Chum Bucket wall.

Goldilocks: (sniffles)
♪I'm all tied up,
By an sinister man now,
Hope someone'll save me now,

Clem: (jumps on her pigtail) Quiet, you!

Now we all cut to them dancing on a big limbo stage.

Sponge, Pat, Plankton, Stevie, and Goldilocks: (all wearing tuxedos/dresses)
♪Yes, sirrie, it's all coming together...♪
Sponge and Pat: ♪We're on the case!♪
Plankton: ♪I'm on the move!♪
Stevie: (wearing jail outfit) ♪I'm in the pound!♪
Goldilocks: (tied up) ♪I'm all tied up!♪
♪It's obvious to everyone,
This story is just beginning,
So stay tuned and keep reading,
'Cause this! Is! Just! Getting! More...

End of Plankton's on the Move and Sponge and Pat Are on the Case!

Next scene: Goldilocks's House!
Feb 28, 2006
Similar to Grandma's Kisses, we see little pictures of Stevie wilting his flowers with a flashlight, dumping poisonous snakes into Squidward's bathtub, and running off with a scythe while the Grim Reaper from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is chasing after him.

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Goldilocks's House

SpongeBob and Patrick walked down the road.

Patrick: Where should we go first, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Elementary, my dear Patrick. Our first step to finding the real kidnapper is investigating the scene of the crime!
Patrick: Those officers said they saw Stevie kidnap Goldilocks in front of the police window.

A bubble transition brought us to the two invesitgating the front of the police station.

Patrick: SpongeBob, look! Footprints!
SpongeBob: We know Stevie didn't really kidnap Goldilocks, so that means someone must've dressed up like him and kidnapped Goldilocks in front of this police window to fool the officers!
Patrick: Clever! But who could've done it?

SpongeBob examined the footprints.

SpongeBob: Hm, these footprints lead directly into the Chum Bucket. Which can only mean...
Patrick: Plankton!
SpongeBob: Actually, I was thinking about Goldilock's little brother.
Patrick: Larry?
SpongeBob: Yeah. These footprints are small enough to be his, and he's the only one who's ever eaten at the Chum Bucket...without getting food poisoning. To the Goldfish Residence!

A bubble transition brought us to Plankton sneaking into the Krusty Krab. He peeked through the door.

Plankton: Just as I thought. With SpongeBob's absense, Krabs shut the place down for the day.

As soon as he entered the establishment, a bucket of gasoline splashed on him.

Plankton: Aw, crud.

We cut to the outside of the Krusty Krab. From inside the windows, the entire place lit on fire.


*bubble transition*

Sponge and Pat walked up the driveway to Goldilocks's house, which looks like this. They rang the doorbell. Goldilock's father, a tall goldfish man in an office suit answered.

Mr. Goldfish: Oh, hello, Patrick. Would you like some of Goldilocks's cookies?
Patrick: Oh, would I!
SpongeBob: (covers Patrick's mouth) Mr. Goldfish, we have some questions we'd like to ask you.
Mr. Goldfish: Uh...okay.
SpongeBob: When did you last see your daughter?
Mr. Goldifsh: Goldilocks, you mean? I tihnk I last saw her walking to school yesterday. She doesn't like taking the bus. She says it's too humid. She's been awful quiet since her mom died two months ago. I heard she was kidnapped by some ugly purple guy with a big head.
Stevie's voice: (calling from offscreen) I heard that!
Patrick: Mommy?
SpongeBob: One final question, where is your son?
Mr. Goldifsh: Larry? Oh, he's in his room. (opens door for them) Don't be too rash on him, though. He's been sulking lately, since Goldilocks missed his team's big soccer game yesterday.

They walked into Larry's room. Larry was thinner then Goldilocks and had a black shirt with a red star on it, and yellow spiky hair, similar to Lisa Simpson.

SpongeBob: Larry M. Goldfish, I presume?
Larry: Who are you?
Patrick: Please leave the questions to my partner.
SpongeBob: First question, how old are you?
Larry: Uh, ten. Are you some kind of reporter or something?
SpongeBob: How would you rate Goldilocks as a sister?
Larry: I used to rate her as pretty much an eight out of ten, until she got kidnapped, and...missed my team's big soccer game. It was the first game we actually won.

SpongeBob pulled out a lie detector and strapped the helmet to Larry's head.

SpongeBob: This last question will require you to wear this lie detector. Do you know the current location of your sister?
Larry: (shaking his head) No, I don't.
Lie Detector: TRUE!
SpongeBob: Hmmm. Solving this case is harder then it looks. (starting to walk away) Okay, no further questions. Come on, Patrick.
Patrick: Wait! I got one more question, since he's still wearing that thing. Do you ever wash that shirt?
Larry: Um...yes?
Lie Dtector: LIE!
Patrick: (walking away) Darn, I was hoping he could tell me how to wash my underwear.
SpongeBob: (walking away) A little too much information there, Patrick...

A bubble transition brought us back to the police station.

End of Goldilocks's House

Next scene: The Kidnapper's Identity Revealed!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill

Sponge and Pat were back at the police station.

SpongeBob: I don't get it, Patrick! I analyzed the evidence, came up with cunning questions, (pulls out the lie detector) and I even used a lie detector! How can I not have a suspect yet?! (throws Sherlock hat onto the ground) I'M A BAD SHERLOCK HOLMES!!! (starts crying)
Patrick: (takes off Watson hat) Well, you did the best you could, it just wouldn't good enough, that's all.
SpongeBob: Oh, yeah? you were supposed to be taking notes as my Watson, Patrick! Do you even have a notepad?!
Patrick: (pulls out a roll of toiletpaper) I never leave home without one.
SpongeBob: (scratching head) Uh, Patrick?
Patrick: (sticks toiletpaper roll back in pants) Yeah?
SpongeBob: Uh...never mind. I don't think I want to know.

Patrick checked the footprints leading to the Chum Bucket.*

Patrick: Um, SpongeBob? Are you sure you don't think it's Plankton?
SpongeBob: (eyes widen) Plankton...Of course, Patrick! That's it!
Patrick: What's it? Do I win a prize?
SpongeBob: No, Patrick! Plankton is our culprit! These footprints are his! They lead to the Chum Bucket! Plankton must've kidnapped Goldilocks and dressed up as Stevie to do it in front of the police window so Stevie would be thrown into jail so I'd be too distracted to stop Plankton from taking the Krabby Patty Secret Formula! It's the perfect crime!
Patrick: Um, can you repeat that first part? And the middle part? (pause) And, uh...that last part too?
SpongeBob: (grabs Patrick's hand) No time, Patrick! We've got some bustin' to do!

*bubble transition*

We cut to Plankton in the Chum Bucket, holding the formula and giggling evilly. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Stevie burst in.

SpongeBob: Busted!
Plankton: (turns around) Gasp!
Stevie: Thanks for busting me out of jail, guys!
SpongeBob: No problem!

Then they spotted Goldilocks tied to the wall.

Goldilocks: Help, help, help!

Stevie's eyebrows formed into little black hearts. Pink heart bubbles surrounded him.

Stevie: Where have you been all my life, beautiful?
SpongeBob: Let's rescue her! (notices Stevie's blank look; waves his hand in Stevie's face) Stevie? Stevie? Hello? (snaps fingers) Stevie! Snap out of it!
Plankton: Luckilly, I made some preparations just in case someone found out my plan! Karen, bring out the PlankBot suit!
Sponge and Pat: PlankBot suit?
Stevie: Goldilocks...

Karen activated a hidden door in the wall that opened up. A robot body that looked similar to XL, minus the head, from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Plankton stepped into the glass helmet at the top of the headless body. It was a control room that allowed Plankton to operate the robot.

Patrick: That's a big robot.
Clem: Don't forget about me, y'all! (pulls out spiky metal gloves exactly like SpongeBob's in I'm Your Biggest Fanatic) Come get some o' mama's cookin', homie!
Patrick: Who are you calling homely?!
SpongeBob: Patrick, you deal with Plankton's ugly cousin! Stevie, you go untie Goldilocks!
Stevie: (floats towards Goldilocks) Right away, chief...
SpongeBob: I'll take care of PlankBot!

Plankton started to move the PlankBot towards SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: This calls for some kay-rah-tae action! (puts on karate gear) Do your worst!!!
Plankton: Oh, I most certainly will!

SpongeBob jumped up and chopped the glass helmet, thus shattering it.

Plankton: Oh, yeah? Well, I got a trick or three up my sleeve!

A grappling hook shot out of one of the PlankBot's fingers. It grabbed SpongeBob. He squeezed out of the hook and tied it into a lasso.

SpongeBob: This is a move Sandy taught me.

He lassed the PlankBot, causing the control room, with Plankton in it, to pop off. Plankton landed on the floor.

Plankton: Come on, you stupid robot suit! Finish him!

We cut to Patrick getting ready to face Clem.

Patrick: Nobody calls Patrick Star homely!

Clem punched Patrick in the "nose". Patrick started running around.

Patrick: Ow! He hit me! Mommy!

He ran around, stepping on Clem in the process, which caused the gloves to pop off of Clem's hands and onto Patrick's.

Patrick: (turns to Clem) A-ha!
Clem: Aw, shoot.

We cut to Clem's POV. Patrick socked him.

*bubble transition*

We cut to Stevie attempting to undo the knot that was keeping Goldilocks tied.

Goldilocks: Ya know, you're kinda cute for a jellyfish...person...thing.
Stevie: Wanna go out sometime?
Goldilocks: (giggles) Sure.

Stevie ended up accidentally getting himself tied up.

Stevie: Aw, geez.

SpongeBob did one final chop to slice the PlankBot. The PlankBot split in half. The front half shattered to bits while the back half fell onto Plankton.

Plankton: (from underneath) Curses...you win...

SpongeBob walked over to the tied-up Stevie and Goldilocks and pulled out a Swiss Army Knife.

Stevie and Goldilocks: What's that thing?
SpongeBob: I was a Bass Scout when I was a kid, and Bass Scouts always carry an all-purpose Swiss Army Knife.

SpongeBob used the Swiss Army Knife as a small knife to cut the rope and untie Stevie and Goldilocks.

Stevie: We're free!
Goldilocks: Thank goodness. That tight rope was starting to chafe my skin a little.

A bubble transition brought us to the next scene.

End of Busted!

Next scene: The Big Wrap-Up!

Yay, Stevie's got a girlfriend. <_<

*I like to imagine that the layout of Bikini Bottom is similar to the layout in Battle for Bikini Bottom (PS2/GC/X). That would make the police station on the same block as the Chum Bucket, in case anyone's wondering about the footprints thing.

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
The Big Wrap-Up!

We cut to the outside of SpongeBob's pineapple.

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick, look at today's paper!

We cut to the living room. Patrick walked over to SpongeBob, sipping a cup of coffee. SpongeBob was on the couch reading the newspaper.

"Stevie the Jellyfish's Name Cleared" (shows him cheering)
Patrick: Stevie's a free man...

"Kidnapper Planning His Next Plan" (shows Plankton laughing evilly)
SpongeBob: Plankton's back to his old tricks...

"Stevie and Goldilocks To Start Dating" (shows Stevie and Goldilocks hugging)
SpongeBob: ...and Stevie and Goldilocks are totally grossing me out.

Patrick: Yup! I guess you can say everything's right with the world!
SpongeBob: (pulls out bubble pipe and Sherlock hat) True it is, old chum. True it is.

A bubble transition brought us to black.




Or not. We cut back to the Chum Bucket. Plankton was reading a big dusty book.

Karen: What are you doing now, honey?
Plankton: (sigh) Reading my "Big Book of Supernatural Objects in the Pacific Ocean". It often helps me think when I'm trying to come up with new plans. What's this?

He read an interesting little chapter in the book.

"The Pirate's Hook. A supernatural onject from the Gods that will make your worst nightmares come true. Anyone who can overcome their worst fear at the hand of the Pirate's Hook will be able to use the hand for their own purposes, good or evil. The Pirate's Hook is rumored to rest in the Diamond of Pearl at the dge of the Goo Lagoon."

Plankton put on a pirate hat that looked exactly like Boogeyman's hat from Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure (the movie!). Voltaire's Land of the Dead started to play.

Plankton: Karen, I'm gonna need a pirate ship, a full crew, a lawyer suit, and $15,000 in legal fees. (starts laughing evilly)
Clem: Uh, cousin Plankton?

Plankton turned around to see Clem.

Clem: Seriously, y'all are scarin' me with that there creepy laugh. (shudders)

End of Who Framed Stevie?

Ooh, foreshadowing...

Next segment: A Suffering Artist!
Feb 28, 2006
Once again, awesome story. I hope A Suffering Artist is good. The chances of it being good are 100 to one, so it's a huge chance.