Who do you want in Super Smash Bros?


Characters owned by Nintendo: Toad, Sukapon, Meowth, Waluigi (If Sakurai would stop neglecting Waluigi), Paper Mario, Captain N, Excitebiker, Birdo, Spring Man, Stanley

Third-Party Characters: Geno (Nintendo USED to have this character, but now i think he's with Square-Enix), Eggman, Bomberman, Tails, Black Mage, Scorpion, Earthworm Jim, Rayman, Sora, Shantae, Crash Bandicoot, Steve, Sub-Zero, Frisk, Red (From Angry Birds), Cuphead, Master Higgins, Sans, Master Chief

Fourth-Party Characters (Cuz why not?): Mouse Fitzgerald (From 12 oz. Mouse), SpongeBob, Goku, Shrek, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny

And those were the characters i want in Super Smash Bros, now what is YOUR SSB Wishlist?


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Jiren, Peridot, Wile Coyote, Cloudy Guy from Trolls, Yoshimitsu, Gumball, Benson from Regular Show, Squidward, Knuckles, Rain (Mortal Kombat), and Mace Windu