What's The First Post You Ever Made?


May 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
McSponge said:
"Hello all, I am McSponge! I have been reading this forum as a guest for a very long time (At least since the fall of 2014). It wasn't until recently when I decided I wanted to created my own account on this website (Considering I'm a big SpongeBob fan, after all), so I already know a good thing or two about how this website works. Anyway, I'm excited to share my thoughts and opinions on various subjects regarding SpongeBob, and other things with you!

Here's a few things about myself.

I'm currently working on Top 10 lists for every episode in SpongeBob's first 9 seasons. My most recent one was for the Top 10 Best Season 5 Episodes.

I like animatronics (Yes, I'm not afraid of them, or creeped out by them, but rather fascinated with the unique form of entertainment they can produce).

I actually still watch new FOP episodes. While most of them are terrible, I still believe in watching new episodes, rather than judging an entire Season by an episode or 2.

I personally think Season 9 is SpongeBob's best season.

It was a nightmare trying to create an account on this site, because a lot of glitches, and errors kept occurring.

I think this site needs a Billy Mays emoticon. :cosby: (This'll have to do)"

(That Billy Mays quote was my way of trying to fit in)
Can't say I've seen someone talk about Billy Mays in their introduction before xD.