What if the main character was someone diffrent?


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What if the main character was someone like Squidward or Patrick? How do you think the show would have been different to you and your life?


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I wonder if Spongebob would become more of the favorite side character.....hah.

Who I wouldn't want as the main character.....probably Plankton. I love him, but his antics can get a little repetitive.



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Pat or Squid would have been the best results for main character replacement.

Hello Its Patrick!

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It wouldn't be as funny I love spongebob! I don't want it to be who lives in a rock under the sea Patrick star! I love Patrick but it just wouldn't be the same!!


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I could see it with Squidward, Sandy, or Fred. Anybody else? Nah.

If it was someone else as the main character, the show wouldn't be called SpongeBob SquarePants... o.o

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I wouldn't be anywhere near as interested. SpongeBob himself is the reason I love the show. The other characters are almost incidental.



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I could see Squidward being a good main character, but I can't really say the same for anyone else.

Squidward has the potential for character development and interesting episode plots. A series about Patrick would focus too much on humour and silly plots, and a series about Mr. Krabs would probably have too many episodes taking place inside The Krusty Krab.



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What if Squidly and Mr. Krabs were the main stars in buddy comedy? "Now hug me monarch"!


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how can people say they hate Sandy when she barely appears?!
Fred, Squidward, and Plankton would work. I would have never liked the show or joined SBM if anyon else was the main.