Nickelodeon What do you want for the 2020 Upfront this year?

What choices?

  • I Carly reboot

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  • Doug and Patti

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  • Dawn spinoff

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  • Thundermans reboot

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  • As Told By Ginger reboot

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  • Doug reboot

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  • Pelswick reboot

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Jul 31, 2018
I'd rather list what i want for the 2020 upfront and reasons for why i want them:

What i want:
Nick at Nite dead
Netflix shows make their linear debuts on TV
Nickelodeon to stop being hip and cool
The success of the Rocko TV Movie prompts an full reboot of the show
SpongeBob Spin-Offs based off episodes of the show (For example, The Quickster: Based off of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V)
The Nick App should be similar to the [adult swim] website, where it has all of their shows, every episode on select shows, and a stream

Nick at Nite is just an dumping ground for old sitcoms, and i think it's time to pull the plug on the block
For those who don't have Netflix, Nickelodeon should air their Netflix shows on TV
We all had enough of this, Nickelodeon just please stop
Sorry for the caps lock on what i want, but Jojo Siwa, Ryan and Young Dylan have been annoying me with their commercials. Jojo Siwa and Ryan are over-advertised on Nick Pluto TV, and Young Dylan is probably the worst example. They kept playing his commercial at EVERY commercial break
Static Cling is an great TV Movie, they should really bring back Rocko again, but this time with an full reboot
A lot of people on the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki make spin-offs based off of already-existing episodes, one of my favorites is RandomLand: A Town Where Everything is Wrong. Nickelodeon should be like them (Probably unlikely)
I love the [adult swim] website, for it has every episode of 12 oz. Mouse, Aqua Teen, Squidbillies and Space Ghost: C2C. Nickelodeon should follow in their footsteps