Weird things you did as a kid?


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I know that there are topics like these that already exist but I don't want to bump those ancient threads.
Anyway, when I was little, I used to crawl really close to the fan and talk like a robot.
Another thing I did as a kid was whenever a live-action explosion scene appeared in SpongeBob (The one from Dying for Pie), I used to yell "OH MY GOD! IT'S A GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE!". :rofl:

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There was one time when I was like 5 when I put on all my underpants at once.

The rest is history.


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-I ate my dog's food
-I mixed rice and mayo, ate it and thought it was delicious
-When I was 3, everytime I looked at SpongeBob I said "Look! It's a talking cheese!" and I laughed
-I cut my own hair


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-I accidentally fed my favourite bird to the dog when i was little. :( i thought they could be friends. instead of alerting my mother, i bandaged it up with toilet paper and gently tucked him into bed next to her. i thought he would get better.
-I had an "imaginary" friend until i was 4. i carried around a plastic telephone to talk to him. i knew everything about him--his birthday his age, and that he died because his dad threw him out a window. my mom burned the phone.
- I ate dog food when I was 3 and said it tastes like Cocoa Puffs
- I would hide behind the tv if something from a show or commercial came close to the screen

can't think of other ones atm

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-I tried eating paper
-I tried tasting coins
-I tried... yeah, not mentioning that.
-I would cover my face with saliva

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i would try to eat dog food and it was disgusting every time
i used to hide behind the tv and spy on my family and one time i hid in my brothers closet and spied on him
when i would go to the store i would put heavy things in the scales that were in the fruit/vegetables section but i had to stop because a worker got upset with me and i almost got kicked out of kroger for that


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-i remember in like 2nd grade i used to like sip on those ketchup packets and i got my friends to join in too, just chillin and eatin ketchup yep

-later on in like 5th grade i would do the same thing except w/salt packets mmmmmmm salt

-i remember in 2nd grade my friends and i used to get those rings like u put around keys and we'd b like the ring cru or something idk, like we'd all wear the key ring things together wh

-eating paper of course

-i remember in like 5th grade i wanted to miss school fsr, like there was just no reason to at all i just wanted to and also i'm allergic to peanuts, so i took like a pea sized thing of peanut butter from the fridge and ate it so i was kinda sick for a few days why

edit: key ring things like this


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I did the fan thing too, lol.

I used to feed our VCRs gummy worms, what was I thinking :rofl:

inb4 Prez