Verizon buys Yahoo! for $4.83B, marking end of an era


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I have only met one person in my lifetime who has used Yahoo and that was in like 2008 :haylp: I am sure they have changed their ways long since then :sbthumbs:

my point is no one uses yahoo and this will change nothing

Delta Stream

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I don't use Yahoo at all, and I don't hear a lot of people using it, so it won't change much.


he can fix it...probably
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I rarely use Yahoo,and that's only because most of my emails are Yahoo. Ive never used their search engine.


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I've hardly ever used Yahoo except when I was desperate to find good articles for a research paper or something. I've even used more than Yahoo, and even that wasn't a lot.


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I've never used Yahoo that much except for making an account on Flickr (where you need a Yahoo mail account).

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NOOOO! I USE YAHOO! now my grandpa will need a new account on something else and I have to RE- subscribe to the spongebob fanclub


"The Joy and the Laughter"

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I wonder how it'll affect Flickr and my Flickr account. Flickr was purchased by Yahoo a few years ago.


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LOL Yahoo declined Microsoft in 2008 and accepts Verizon?? WTH...I think Yahoo has also declined Google...back in 2000? ...This site is full of stupids.


"The Joy and the Laughter"

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Just be thankful that Verizon did not merge with ExxonMobil and Chipotle to form Veroxxotle.