Completed vemsa's favorite and least favorite episodes from each season xd


Baby Clam
Jan 19, 2020
howdy folks, it's fellow spongebob enthusiast vemsa, and here i'd like to share my opinions with the rest of this wonderful forum. to start, here's a list of my favorite and least favorite episode from each season in funnie sponge show. please note that i have only recently began to start rewatching the show, and have barely even finished. because of this, some of these opinions are based on past memory and they may become outdated once i finish my rewatch.


  • season 1: mermaid man and barnacle boy
  • season 2: wormy
  • season 3: krusty krab training video
  • season 4: wishing you well
  • season 5: the donut of shame
  • season 6: not normal
  • season 7: a pal for gary
  • season 8: a friendly game
  • season 9a: can't determine
  • season 9b: tutor sauce
  • season 10: snooze you lose
  • season 11: can't determine
  • season 12: swamp mates
  • season 13 (so far): under the small top

least favorites​

  • season 1: sandy's rocket
  • season 2: dumped
  • season 3: the camping episode
  • season 4: best day ever
  • season 5: waiting
  • season 6: shuffleboarding
  • season 7: rodeo daze
  • season 8: house sittin for sandy
  • season 9a: spongebob you're fired
  • season 9b: can't determine
  • season 10: can't determine
  • season 11: squirrel jelly
  • season 12: patrick's tantrum
  • season 13 (so far): squidward's sick daze


Moby Dollar
Nov 2, 2020
APFG is your favorite of season 7? and The Camping Episode your least favorite? It is surely something rare XD
Really interesting lists since they have episodes which are mostly chosen.