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I enjoy the Plankton episodes where he teams up with Krabs or someone else to take back the KP recipe because it's really only for Plankton to steal. I think that's why I enjoyed the second movie's plot (not the movie itself).


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Why the tourist from one episode where Patrick act as his tour guide was in Spongebob's Birthday Blowout? he was a imaginary fish you know

his name was Rube


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I don't like the "lolrandom" direction the show is going in

That's NOT SpongeBob SquarePants...that's Teen Titans GO!

I wonder if this is a result of Ben Gruber working on the later seasons?
My eras of the show are different than others.

Season 1: Beginning
Seasons 2-5: Golden Age
Season 6 and some of early season 7: Silver Age
Seasons 7-9A: Forgettable Age (except for some of the later S8 episodes)
Seasons 9B-season 11 in 2017: Renaissance
Season 11 in 2018-present: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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The show didn't decline until well after the first movie (after season 5). It has been inconsistent to some degree since. That's probably not that unpopular but it's just an observation that I had as I rewatch the whole show for the 20th anniversary. :)