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i actually like seasons 4 & 6-8 (5 & 9 are bad in my opinion, and i didnt include 1-3 and 10-11 because theyre pretty popular) and are some of my favorite seasons. Its probably because of the crazy situations they get in and its always fun to watch it, plus the character changes didnt bother me too much. my only problems were the gross out moments, but in my opinion the worse only appeared in season 5.

in fact, smoothe jazz at bikini bottom, one of the most hated episodes, is actually one of my favorites.

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This is my favorite Guyton/Wakefield used on the show. Some prefer "Twelfth Street Rag", some like "Clownfish Capers", but for me this one's my favorite.


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The Night Patty don't scare me at all and it's second The Tidal Zone episode first one was with Rube the imaginary tourist


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jack_of_all_traids said:
I find Fungus Among Us very slightly overhated.
Also agreed with this. I never thought it was a bad episode, just kinda gross. But either way, it really doesn't have that many gross visuals, and it is still an entertaining episode.


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Here we go...
- I'm With Stupid is a horrible episode that would be bad even for Season 7.
- The Main Drain is an amazing episode.
- A Pal for Gary is a bad episode, but it's not one of the worst. That honor goes to One Coarse Meal.
- Truth or Square was decent.
- SpongeHenge was decent.
- Seasons 4 and 5 are part of the golden age.
- The toenail scene was hilarious.
- I dislike The Sewers of Bikini Bottom.
- Nature Pants, Rule of Dumb, Dumped, The Gift of Gum, The Thing, The Bully and Club SpongeBob were great episodes rather than the atrocities people make them out to be.
- SpongeBob was still a good character in newer episodes, even if I preferred Squidward, Plankton, Sandy and Gary over him.
- Toy Store of Doom was rather mediocre.


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Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I actually prefer the themed DVDs over the season DVDs.