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SpongeRob RectangleShorts said:
Not sure if this is unpopular, but I don't really like Life Insurance. Although there are a few bright spots, like Squidward's hair, it's definitely one of my least favorite Season 10 episodes.
I've seen a lot of people with this opinion, liking it is kind of unpopular.

Btw I like this episode, it's not the best in season 10, but It's gets the job done.


jack_of_all_traids said:
Are You Happy Now? is the only episode in the series that has nothing in it that I liked.
I laughed at the suicide jokes, though i'm used to that kind of humor in Looney Tunes, so that's probably why, and I liked the ending with Squidward finally getting "happy".
mythix super saiyan 4 said:
I don't get the hate for Sportz at all I though Squidward's behavior was better than in Krab Borg and Spongebob and Patrick were idiots but I think it's redeemable at the end sportz is clearly top 3 even with that horrible structure and being bland and repetive
Yeah, I never got it either. Then again I don't think it's good by any means either.