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Vuvuzela Smasher said:
Patrick Notstar. He used to get the appreciation he deserved but now he's been forgotten.
Patrick Notstar needs to return, better yet, just give him his own episode in season 12 titled "Patrick Notstar Returns". :p

Seriously though, I really like the Ice Cream King guy from "Patrick's Coupon" aka Patrick's counterpart. I was so glad to see him return in "The Nitwitting".


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I was down with whatever Squidina from that moon trip episode was about. A neat counter to preppy teen Pearl and nasty nerd Bubblebass.
She's also just really cute!

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Reg, he was a pretty cool character, that could pyull off being tough, and funny at the same time. He's what made no "weenies allowed" a good episode in my opinion. But he definently needs to make a return.