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  1. Bullitin board 97
  2. Sancuary 96
  3. Foodcon castaways 96
  4. Seance schmeance 96
  5. Dont look now 95
  6. Snail mail 95
  7. Mall girl pearl 94
  8. Married to Money 94
  9. Goodbye krabby patty? 94
  10. Larrys gym 94
  11. Two thumbs down 93
  12. Evil spatula 92
  13. Lost in bikini bottom 92
  14. License to milkshake 92
  15. Pull Up a Barrel 91
  16. It came from goo lagoon 91
  17. Garys new toy 90
  18. Spongebob longpants 91
  19. Jailbreak 89
  20. The sewers of bikini bottom 89
  21. Pineapple invasion 89
  22. The executive treatment 89
  23. Extreme spots 88
  24. Lame and fourtune 87
  25. Planktons pet 87
  26. Salsa imbecilicus 87
  27. Sold! 87
  28. Sharks VS Pods 87
  29. Company picnic 87
  30. Yeti krabs 87
  31. Sandys nutmare 87
  32. Eek an urchin 87
  33. Safe deposit krabs 87
  34. The Fish Bowl 86
  35. Patrick the game 86
  36. Squid plus one 86
  37. Bumper to bumper 86
  38. Whats eating patrick 86
  39. Tutor sauce 85
  40. Copybob dittopants 85
  41. Patrick man 85
  42. The whole tooth 84
  43. Squirrel record 84
  44. Mutiny on the krusty 84
  45. Kenny the Cat 83
  46. Squid defense 79
  47. Spongebob your fired 77
  48. Little yellow book 74
  49. Squid baby 67

This was kinda of a hit or bore season the B segments are definitely stronger but A does have some gems. I also like the new art direction in this season its a cool change of pace. This season was really long but I still enjoyed it

Average: 88

did not expect this music for the titlecard. This episode starts with a birthday cake entering the krusty krab Squidward find it suspicious and its actually plankton and hes made balloon bombs. Plankton grabs the secret formula and Spongebobgrabs the secret formula again and his plan fails again. Spongebob wonders why Plankton does this. Mr.krabs talks about how they were friends at birth and they seemed like the best friends in flashbacks at the nursery. In school Mr.Krabs saved plankton from bullying but others bully him back for his ragged clothing. Mr.Krabs was already a cheapskate since a young age an dwhen he buys a ballon for plankton he flies off. Everyone is listening to his story. In another resturant some guy named stinky burger is giving burgers and young Mr.Krabs wants some burgers but he doesn't let them buy burgers. Stinky burger really dislikes Mr.Krabs and plankton watch how Stink burger is actually rich and Plankton has an idea to make a burger better then that and Mr.Krabs wants to do that. They tried many things with making the perfect burger and they made a good burger so they showed off and the resturant was closed and thus they made their own restaurant but it sucks. Plankton is happy that no one likes the food and Mr.Krab feels bad and Plankton talks about ruling the word. Plankton lest Mr.Krabs outta a eject door but Plankton tells him his story. Its changed that instead of Plankton being evil its just Mr.Krabs being greedy and Mr.Krab ejects him instead. Plankton finds out it was made with chum abd thats why he uses chum. Karen tells the truth instead and no one wanted to eat that burger Mr.Krabs offer him the burger to old man jenkins and it kills old man jenkins. Plankton is angry that it offed him and wants to fix it but Mr.Krab wants to keep it instead and some things falls into the vat and Mr.Krabs finds it to be tasty. Plankton wants to sell his and Mr.Krab also wants to sell his krabby patties. Planktons krabby apttues suck and N.Ktrab eats it and everyone likes him. Plankton gets jealous and now steals it. Mr.Krabs and plankton cry about being enemies and Plankton wants to be friends but he really wanted the formula and leaves with it in a goose chase.

That animation was really different from the more modern seasons and I really like this episode the flashbacks were cool and i always like episodes with a scene in different point of views.

Rating: 94/100

This episode starts with Squidward being normal as usal but Spongebob is taking his time with the meal and some rich limo comes along and its jim. He is the original fry cook and he looks pretty normal compared to his van. Squidward misses him too. In a flashback it shows the krusty rkab more beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time there. Jim even won the best employee award. Jim talks to Mr.Krabs and Mr.Krabs offers him to work at the grill and he really likes jim. Spongebob is getting jelaous and after jim makes the first krabby patty it turns out to be amazing when Spongebob talks to jim he wants him to teach Spongebob and Jim throws it into the trash on his first try and second try and many other tries. Spongebob is pretty sad that hes a bad fry cook and thinks jim will replace him. Spongebob decides to resign and is pretty sad about everyone. Mr.Krabs talks to jim about that misconception and when Spongebob is about to leave Jim tells Spongebob that can work there because he doesnt want to. in a flashback Jim gives good advice to Squidward who had his hair fall out and asks Mr.Krabs for a raise.Mr.Krabs says no so Jim quits leaving Squidward without his hair. Mr.Krabs tells Spongebob taht he likes him because hes cheap. Jim leaves and give sadvice to Spongebob about leaving the krusty krab.

Jim totally put drugs in that krabby patty. Im kinda sad how this episode doesnt change anything and just leaves Spongebob being a mindless worker at the end. I like jim he gives great advice put hes so selfish jeez.

Rating: 88/100

this episode starts with Spongebob reading a book and its pretty scary even gary got scared and Spongebob keeps getting scared in the dark seeing imaginary scary things.In the morning Mr.Krabs asks Squidward about Spongebob and Spongebob had a pretty rough night and is going kinda crazy and when he has to get krabby patties from the dark freezer he gets terrified and Mr.Krabs tells him to buy a night light. With the night light Spongebob gets scared of an open door and gets a night light for that room and more and more rooms and more rooms everything isnt dark. Patrick is woken by the lightness and thinks that Spongebob has a party. Spongebob tells patrick to stay outta the dark and s he moves his house inside of Spongebobs house. It's a sleepover time. Ptarick moving his house left a dark hole and they get pretty scared and Squidwrad burns his eyes from some frwak accident. Squidward gets angry and asks Spongebob to turn off the lights. Squidwward tells SPongebob its in his imagination and Spongebob thinks its in his imagination so they decide to get more lights and more they even fit a lighhouse in there. Its actaully a signal for Mermaid man and barnacke boy and they think its a distress signal. Spongebob tells Mermaid man about this error and Mermaid man gets kinda angry about that but Mothman comes along and Mermaidman tries to beat him but hes really small and kinda easy to beat but due to mermaid mans age he cant really beat him so Spongebob helps him and locks him up but he took the house with him.At the end Patrick decides to get rhe sun as a light but e kidna failed at that.

I did not expect many things in this episode the mermaid man part was great and I think this episode is pretty funny.

Rating: 90/100

Quote I really like: If I anwser yes will you leave the store sooner?

This episode starts with Spongebob being woken up and hes saying good morning to gary. Spongebob imagines what it would be like to wake up as patrick and theres a scene that has that. Patrick is getting scared of the clock and its going pretty crazy . Patrick asks fake pillow Spongebob for advice and then starts to eat coral cans. for breakfast but he forgot to open it and he thinks it has to get out alone. Patrick is pretty angry at that and throws teh can at the still ringing clock and it breaks and the food spills over the clock is still ringing and Patrick realizes he's late and he meets Spongebob and states that his morning was the usual.

Cool episode I like the shortness of it and it showing Patricks day to day life

Rating: 88/100
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This episode starts with Spongebob being woken up and hes saying good morning to gary. Spongebob imagines what it would be like to wake up as patrick and theres a scene that has that. Patrick is getting scared of the clock and its going pretty crazy . Patrick asks fake pillow Spongebob for advice and then starts to eat coral cans. for breakfast but he forgot to open it and he thinks it has to get out alone. Patrick is pretty angry at that and throws teh can at the still ringing clock and it breaks and the food spills over the clock is still ringing and Patrick realizes he's late and he meets Spongebob and states that his morning was the usual.

Cool episode I like the shortness of it and it showing Patricks day to day life

Rating: 88/100
Man are you doing this by memory?
Man are you doing this by memory?
no i just suck at these


This episode starts with Spongebob at the store and hes getting a free prize from a ceral box and it turns out to be a offer for a free prize. Spongebob buys a ton of ceral and gets only one offer from it he puts it in the mailbox and after waiting the mailman gives them no prize. They get hungry and decide to wait at the krusty krab but SPongebob doesn't want to wait at the mailbox Spongebob has to stay focused. When Sandy invites Spongebob to karate she gets angry that SPongebob declines even gary comes along but SpongeBob
gets angry. When patrick comes along Spongebob gets angry and Patrick brought Spongebob his present and cake for his birthday party and he accidently eats the cake Spongebob cries and now knows how big of a jerk he is but the mailman comes along and Spongebob is happy that he got his toy he even does a funny dance for it. Spongebob and Patrick love the toy but it breaks after the first second and Spongebob is angry that Patrick destroyed it Squidward is apathic to the whole mess and when he starts to play the clarinet and goes to explain the whole thing and he fixes the toy, fin.

I kinda enjoyed the waiting part until Spongebob turned really rude and that was kinda bad. Squidward fixing that toy was great but thinking that SPongebob waited 20 days for that gift was pretty sad

Rating: 85/100

This episode starts with SPongebob and gary asks for soemthing to eat and he wakes Spongebob up. Spongebob goes to give food to gary and he doesn't liek the goof and eats some weird green thing. Spongebob tries cleaning that thing and it doesnt get off. When Patrick opens the door he has that weird green thing on his head Spongebob tries to scratch it off and it goes bigger. When SPongebob puts soe cream on the green stuff gets bigger and bigger. Later the green thing keeps getting bigger and bigger. At work SPongebobtries to hide it from teh krusty krab and a plop of it gets in the wall SPongebobs arms are filled with the green stuff and he puts on gloves. When Squidward comes to him Squidwrad asks whats wrong with Squidwards skin and is in fear when he looks at Spongebob and calls the swat team. The hazmat division put Spongebob in jailand the green goop lands on Squidward meanwhile Spongebob is in a bubble and they also put gary in that bubble. Patrick is amazed by this and is angry that he can't enters Spongebobs bubble and he accidently pops it when playing some slashing game. Patrick pust SPongebob in that bubble again. At the krusty krab Squidward lets that green goop all over the place and hes green all over. Some britsh guy critizies the place and Mr.Kbas reliazes how terrible it is when green Spongebob enters. Mr.Krabs blames Squidward and he blames Spongebob. Gary is hungry and when everyone fighting caused more goo Gary eats everything. Mr.Krabs pays for everyoen to be clean, end.

Its kinda weird how Mr.Krabs made SPongebob pay to be cleaned and the grossout was very gross in this episode.


This episode starts with Plankton trying to steal the formula but its actually Mr.Krabs and he thinks that plankton is planning for something big. Mr.Krabs wants Spongebob to spy on Mr.Krabs and Patrick joins in because why not. Mr.Krabs gives instructions in the form of a krabby patty that will explode to get spy stuff. Spongebob visits Sandy to get gadgets and they use on of those gadgets on Sandy to get those gadgets. Plankton is shopping at the store and Spongebob is observing him. Next Plankton buys a stamp and when Spongebob investigates with a magnifying glass on Plankton he gets lasered from it. Thye lose plankton and go into the spymobile but it breaks. Mr.Krabs calls Spongebob and theytell him that they lost him. Spongebob spies on the chum bucket and they find a complicated way to get into it, but laser. Spongebob and Patrick fall on each other and Plankton thinks that they want to eat at the chumbucket. Patrick lets out his laser pants and the chumbucket is ruined but a huge blimp emerges from it and Plankton tires to steal the formula. Squidward points out the blimp and hides. Mr.Krabs tries to fight plankton but he puts some cool tunes but Mr.kRabs cannonballs those customers onto planktons blimp and Patricks but is acting like a rocket and he destroyed the blimp and also the krusty krab. It turns out that Mr.Krabs was plankton and they made a bet that Mr.Krabs turns into plankton and grabs the formula and they bet a dollar for it and Patrick was was Patrick all along.

interesting episode I thought the heist was pretty funny and Patrikc being Patrick was a nice surprise. I liked the magnifying glass meme it was funny.

Rating: 89/100

This episode starts with Ms.Puff giving a VHS video and its made for Spongebob? Ms.Puff shows what a good driver does and Squidward is airing his tires. Spongebob blows his trie so big it destroys Squidwards car. Squidward uses his seatbelt. While Spongebob crashes into Squidwards car and he gets sent into some torture car thingy. Squidward adjusts his mirros to fit himself and Spongebob adjusts his mirror while driving and distracts Squidward to crash into a wall. He acts kinda rash dummy. Ms.Puff advises to watch the road. Spongebob does activities while driving the car and rides on the wrong side of the road leading everyone to crash. Spongebob also crashes Squidward and Ms.Puff into that car crash earlier.

Funny short with great gags. I like when Spongebob is really chaotic when driving so I really like this episode.

Rating: 96/100

This episode starts with Mr.Krabs laughing at something Spongebob and Squidward are there and hes laughing about something fancy and he makes sure that everyone remembers the names of all customers. Mr.krabs makes a contest for whoever knows the names of the most contestants earns a vacation. Squidward actually cares for this contest but he finds out that Spongebob knows all the customers names and Squidward fits Spongebob into a cash register and launches him off but he gets a book to rmember all the names. When Squidward gives the results to Mr.Krabs he gives one more customer to remember and Squidward tries getting his name but hes pretty angry and won't give it. Squidward even tries stealing his wallet. A police man even stops Squidward for stealinga wallet and not stopping at a stoplight. Squidward goes to jail and he didn't even get the name. Squidward still wins though and he gets a vacation and it's just a brochure and Squidward gets to go to jail for the next ten years next to Patrick.

Crazy episode I don't like how Squidward Stole a wallet so he earns that 10 years.

Rating: 82/100

This episode starts with Spongebob going to sleep and he really wants to go to sleep to work at the krusty krab. When Spongebob goes to sleep he can't go to sleep. Spongebob decides to run around to tire himself but it still doesn't work. Spongebob tries drinking warm milk and goes to sleep immediatly. Spongebob forgot to turn off the fridge and is somewhat late to the krsuty krab. Spongebob is a minute late. Spongebob is sad over this and works really hard. When Mr.Krab goes to talk to Spongebob he tells him not to do it again. The krusty krab closes and Squidward gives a sarcastic comment to just live in the krusty krab. When Mr.Krabs goes to the krusty krab Spongebob brought his bed gary and a ton of other things. Spongebob decides to pay Mr.Krabs and he's got everything preparedhe just has to take a bath. Squidward is surprised that Spongebob lives in the krusty krab. Squidward is pretty happy at that. Mr.Krabs thinks hes going crazy. Squidward and Mr.Krabs are off to their home. Squidward tells some customer the gossip about him and Spongebob. But the cash register is filled underwear and other normal stuff is filled with weird stuff. Spongebob even cleans his underwear and socks they don't care. Spongebob even moves his bed in the private quarters.Even Spongebob invited his parents at the krusty krab Gary is not faring well it's full of gary slime. Whe MrKarbs pulls some curtains its Spongebobs mom taking a bath and Spongebob shaved patricks back. The customers all leave and Mr.Krabs is really angry. When Squidward takes a tan spongebob tells squidward hes back and Squidward starts crying. In the krusty krab Squidwrad decides to live in it.

This is kinda crazy but the house thing got kinda bored after a while.

Rating: 86/100

This episode starts in a cold day in the krusty krab and Squidward is freezing. Spongebob is pretty war do tue exercising. The tempature is 62 and when Squidwrad wants to notch it up by one notch an alarn is ringed. Mr.Krabs shows the rule of no one playing with the thermostate and kids playing in Mr.Krabs yard. Plankton seems to havd found Mr.Krabs weakness just change the tempature. Squidward and everyone leave and old man jenkins got locked plankton is finally happle to make evrything cold. Mr.Krab seems to have a terruble dream about his thermo. When everyone enters the krusty krab it's freezing and the whole floor is covered in ice. Mr.Krabs still doesnt want to touch the thermostat. Squidward slips and ruins everyones orders with their slipping. Spongebob found a graet solution icing skates with krabby patties. Everyone else wants patty skates. Mr.Krab is pretty happy at all the money he got and plankton decides to steal teh formula In the krusty krab everyone is skating and Plankton tries to steal a frokzen krbaby patty some iceskaters get to plankton first and he gets thrashed around pretty bad. Plankton takes control of some vechicle and tries to run everyone over. Even squidward destroyed. The thinsg run outta gas and plankton loses again. Plankton shwos that he changed teh thermostat and plankton keeps moving it and niving it but he galls and is caught. The krusy krab turns into a pool and hes pretty rich.

Nice episode I like how the Krusty rab is in its winter state and plankton was pretty funny

Rating: 87/100

This is my most happiest and cost effective day of my life.

This episode starts in Spongebobs hosue and hes a reading a book Patrick breaks the house to show soemthing on television. The new rollercoaster. Patrick wants Spongebob to get frist in line. When SPongebob goes sleeping Spongebob has a dream that everything turns evil in glove world and when they ride the rollarcoaster they die or get buried. Spongebob doesn't want to ride the pits of pain but Patrick wants to ride it. At a bus 2 kids are hyped for the fists of pain and patrick is actually terrified of it but doesn't show. AT glove world everyone wants to ride the coaster but Spongebob and Patrick dont have tickets but they were in their pockets that they got the tickets. Patrick and Spongebob decide to ride some kiddy rides and when they meet the glove mascot Patrick gets terrified but Spongebob forces him to take a picture with it. They take a roller coaster for babies and they get really emotinal about it. Even children don't get as terrified. Spongebob and patrick go to the ride and tehy go to the bathroom instead. Spongebob and patrick meet larry and hes showing off that he did the ride. He knows they havnt gone to the ride yet and they eat. Patrick and Spongebob fight with their alter egos about going to the ride. The park closes in 5 minutes and when they go into the ride they get in and after the countdown the ride actually breaks Spongebob confesses about his fear and Patrick consses his fear too and they dont have to face their fears till the guy starts the ride. When the ride is at its peak Spongebob is terrified. They survided the ride and got their spines back.

Rating: 92/100

I liek glove world si this is already a great episode I like how SPongebob and Patrick are bot terrified and that confrontation was pretty wholesome.

Quote I realy like: Maybe I should stop making people smell.

This episode starts with plankton all along in the chum bucket and its all broken and he wants customers. Karen wants PLankton to renovate the chum bucket. Plankton agrees. Plankton hard a hard time doing his task painting the outside and the things he finds hard are getting the paint bucket to the location. Plankton can't even paint it right. Plankton decides not to do that and wants to make Spongebob and Patrick do the renovating instead. Plankton gives a sob story to them and Spongebob and Patrick will help paint the bucket. Sponegbob and Patrick are pretty hyped to exercise and when Squidwrad goes on his hike he sees SPongebob and Patrick painting the chum bucket. Squidward thinks they suck at that and he wants to do it instead with artistic vision. Plankton is happy that Squidwrad is working for him. Plankton tries to urge Spongebob to losses up the pipes for some reason and Spongebo does so and he flood the krusty krba. This was a ploy to steal the formula and he fails due to the water. Squidward drew his cool art but Plankton changes it to a cabin instead. Spongebob gives a window and he makes it too tall but Patrick makes a window his size but he didn't leave it open. Plankton is sad about that. Spongebob and Patrick get happy and make the chum bucket better by taking away stuff from the krusty krab and giving it to the chim bucket. Plankton searches for Mr.Krabs and he finds the safe with the formula in it. The formula turned out to be a to do list and Plankton is now furious andteh chum bucket is pretty much the krusty krab. Mr.Krabs comes back and moves the krusty krab to its rightful spot. Plankton throws himself to the chum bucket fin. The krusty krab gets renovated really good though and it gives money.

I like how most of the main cast is in this episode I like how it got small with the Chum bucket being replaced by the krusty krba but it was funny.

Rating: 87/100

Quote I really like:Its ok little green creature.

This episode starts with the chum bucket and Sponegbob is singing a cool song to the krabby patties nd he does an advanced mauver to create krabby patties with them. Spongebob takes a liking to one and whn Squidward serves the orders Songebob is keeping one behind his back and Spongebob won't let him have it. Squidward takes it from him and its going to be served to some crazy people and Spongebob saves that patty abd he talks to the patty Squidward sarcastily gives advice to live with it and Spongebob actually does. Spongebob gives the patty to that one customer and goes to live with it. Spongebob starts a fire but gary saves him. Patrick wants to play with Spongebob and Sandy too Spongebob has to go on a date. Sandy thinks hes crazy patrick decides to get a sandwhich of his own. Spongebob sings a song for patty and he goes to do many things wit her. He even saves the patty from getting eaten by shellfish. Sponegbob really likes that sandwhich for some reason and patty is a ugly mess at the end of the song. After the song Spongebob celebrates the 7 hour anirversary with patty. Spongebob goes on a date with patty and Mr.Krabs is happy at first because he thinks shes rich but its, the patty. Some poeple decide to leave because of the smell of patty. Mr.Krabs serves her anyways. Squidward really dislikes patty and shows the ugly mess. Spongebob thinks that she's pretty still. Spongebob smells patty and shes terrible and reliazes what happened. Mr.Krabs tell a story about a great patty and how he ate it. Spongebob has to eat the patty and so he does.

I liked the start and how crazy spongebob is over the patty is pretty halarious to see that and his friends thinking how crazy he is. That song was a banger but then Spongebobs craziness for the patty got kinda boring and at the end in the krusty krab really puts the disgusting factor at the most. I don't feel too weirded about about it but that eneding was weird.

Rating: 86/100

Quote I really like:Howd you know I love grilled shoes.

This episode starts with Squidward taking a nap and he wakes up because he hears Spongebob and Patrick in his room. They are waiting for the sunrise with him. Squidward finds it creepy but Spongebob has a memory book all about it. Squidward tells Spongebob to talk about his happy gland when Squidward sees them. Its pretty much about how Squidward gets sad whenever he sees Spongebob and Patrick. Squidward makes a huge rant about how much he hates them and makes them get out after that he builds a fence to protect from Spongebob and Patrick. Spongebob and Patrick are already inside but Squidward gets them out Via catapult. When Squidward gets zapped by the fence he turns happy. Squidwrad goes with Spongebob and Patrick and he has fun. Spongebob thinks Squidward is more happier but Patrick thinks its just cause of hsi new "glasses". Squidward wakes with Spongebob in the sunrise and hes creeplily watching them. Spongebob is creeped out and Squidward even helps him to some weird tasks. At work Spongebob is happy with his krabby patties but Squidward wants to help. Squidward is very kind and everyone is surprusied at the non verbal abuse. Squidward helps make krabby patties. Mr.Krabs is about repremand Spongebob for something but he was actually going to complement him and Sponegbob blames Squidward for it so he tunrs ino the employee of the month. patrick is rubbing Spongebobs loss accidently. Spongebob starts crying since he had to change the name from Spongebob to Squidward. They go to a party an Spongebob is really sad since Squidward seems kinda better at anything. Squidward gets really angry at Squidward and he shouts to him since he pogo danced with Patrick. Squidward leaves and he starts crying but when he opens teh door to his house he gets shocked and Spongebob visits him and they all get shocked and Squidward goes back to normal and everyone is a squidward now.

I like how squidward is the Spongebob here and I kinda wish this more went into the route where Spongebob truns into Squidward but good episode.

Rating: 87/100

This episode starts i. The krusty krab and SpongeBob is severing some guy but he wants a table and two old people are on it so they can't use that table. The guy offers money and Mr.Krabs kicks the old people off. SpongeBob hypothetically states what if money could talk and Mr.Krabs sings a cool song about it. Patrick asks what he missed and Mr.Krabs sings the song again. At night Mr.Krab really wants to know how the money talks and the flying dutchman comes along to sign a contract so that money can talk. It was a dream all along or was it. The money starts talking and a nickle starts talking and dollar starts talking too the moneys are kinda rude. The cashiers are kinda holding the money like on hostage. Mr.krabs gets rhe money from his safe and brings it to his home and asks how he can make it happy and the only way to be happy is to be spent. Mr.krabs aint spending that money byt he actually does and Patrick and SpongeBob are dressed up too. The money really wants to be spent and SpongeBob knocks to make sure he isnt insane Mr.Krab hands him the money but takes it again. Mr.Krabs doesn't like the deal and asks for a deal to remove it. Mr.Krabs already sold his soul to other people even SpongeBob.

That ending was funny I liked the dytchman part it definitely made this episode way better. I kinda like how the money are british????

Rating: 85/100

Quote I really like: Did it tell you to kick those old people off?

This episode almost acts like a poem it tells the tale of SpongeBob verses Squidwards patty maker SpongeBob wins and Squidwards gadget loses. I like the ending and how it was told by patchy lol

Rating: 94/100

This episode starts with Squidward looking at a glass case and hes working for a dancing trophy. Squidward really wants to win that competition but he runs over Squidward and Patrick practicing their audition. At the auditions Sb and Patrick go first and they make it. It's squidwards turn next and he does a funny and silly dance he doesn't going for the finals Squidward gets kicked off and is crying over it. Spongebob and Patrick ask about it and Squidward tells the truth. Spongebob asks for them to be a coach. Spongebob does a goofy dance Squidward shows him how its done and he gets in Spongebob and uses his feet and arms as his own it's very cursed. At the finals Spongebob/Squidward see a guy fail hard and another one do pretty good and many more a guy is only .5 points away from being full. Squidward does a goofy dance that is boring at first and then he gets a cramp and is in pain but he wins but Spongebob shows that Squidward won and he loses because only 1 contestant can dance Patrick is the only one who preformed alone and he wins Patrick is in spain though. In the epilouge tommy has his leg broken but he was only doing the cramp (a new dance) Sb and the gang do and cramp end.

This episode was kinda boring its like I heart dancing and I know that came first but I think that one was better.

Rating: 80/100

Quote I like: and ART IS SUFFERING