Top 20 best Spongebob Sqaurepants episodes


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Sep 20, 2019
Greetings fellow comrades, I recently joined Spongebuddy Mania and although I may be a bit late to the party I just had to make a top 20 list, so here I am I will be doing one episode a day for 20 so get comfy and listen to me talk some waffle

*20 BEST Imitation Krabs (Image wont paste if someone can help with this please tell me)

Imitation Krabs is an episode from season 2, Mr Krabs wants to keep his formula safe after another failed secret formula theft attempt by Plankton, after Squidward is sent to do some counting we are introduced to Imitation Krabs, Squidward is then sent home by "IK", he then meets Spongebob, after Krabs disturbs them too many times Plankton uses an ordinary penny to distract him and what follows are some truly hilarious moments that involve cannons, chocolate milk and meatballs. At the end Krabs discovers IK and then Spongebob asks a few questions to see who is the real Mr. Krabs. The real Mr Krabs loses and then is sent away and it seems Plankton has the formula however that ordinary penny comes back to bite him and then Mr Krabs is saved and the episode ends. This episode has hilarious moments like the "I will not let you down" and the whole krabby patty formula routine aswell as the Idea that fits veru well for the show and the crew must have liked it as they used it many more times in some sub-par season 7 episodes. This is a really amazing episode with great comedy, a great premise and also holds some nostalgic value as I have fond memories watching this on the Halloween DVD.

The highlight of the episode for me is "Plankton" "Krabs" "Plankton" "Krabs" "Spongebob"

Hint for number 19 Home Sweet Pineapple DVD