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jack_of_all_traids said:
For me, Christmas time doesn't start until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)
Reasonable, but the earliest of preparations for Christmas start around November first :coolio:


This monster business isn't my thing.
I need good opinions on this, nobody on DeviantArt answered this so I feel like I have to bring it here.
Please try to ignore that it's a Scooby-Doo thing.
I've been thinking about my final Scooby-Doo idea and wondering rather or not to work more on it to where I could post it.
It's inspired by that creepy Twitter story, The Sun Vanished. Hopefully you know about it. Or listened to the story. I plan to listen to more.
Anyways, what I'm doing is making a Scooby-Doo version however, eventhough it's inspired I don't want to continue this without having the reassurance that I'm not stealing someone's elses story. Even if it's inspired by the story. What do you think? Are you ever inspired by someone's story and wanted to make something similar?
You all just going to leave me hanging?

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We are in that awkward time between Christmas and New Years, and I'm not sure how my existence is supposed to be right now.

Do I sleep?

Do I watch TV?

Am I supposed to be with friends and family?

Who knows? :sbdisappointed:


This monster business isn't my thing.
Up to having your heart melted?

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how do I human? :loser:

But for real, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing these past couple of days.

Maybe I'll get together with some friends and do something.


This monster business isn't my thing.
It's been years but, I finally know what happened to Steel at the end of Balto!