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The Slow, Sad Decline Of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’


Unrecognized Talent
Oct 3, 2018
So, IMO I think this article is not very good. so for starters, it attacks an issue that everyone already knows about, and basically beating a dead horse. I'm talking about the "Gore" like in the splinter and house fancy. While yeah, the splinter os a god awful episode, house fancy is underrated, because of that one scene. But enough of that.This may be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly liked most of seasons 4-8. I got so, so many laughs out of them. Although I know Hillenburg probably wanted to end it after the movie, he saw that it was making in so much money, and the show was a complete hit. So when Tibbit came on the scene, of course it was gonna be different.However, I liked some of the changes such as the more in depth story lines and character introductions. Also, spongebob is still doing great with numbers, so it definently is not declining, and I've enjoed the season 12 episodes so far. so yeah, I think the article is wrong.

Yoh Manta

Giant Clam
Jan 25, 2019
I honestly thought the article was well-written despite the trite, tired topic it was tackling...until it got up to using those trite, tired examples from The Splinter and House Fancy, examples that haven't even been relevant in years, to criticize the show's use of "gore" for humor.

It's called grotesque humor, or shock humor. Exaggerated cartoon violence on kids shows isn't gore. :rolleyes:


Squidward Tortellini
Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta
I would personally say the decline is based on three things:
  1. Paul Tibbitt. While he is not the front runner for the show anymore, he did make a lot of fans hate seasons 5-7 (8). However, the show has picked up since season 9 more than it did between 4-8 so it's not on as much of a decline anymore.
  2. It's one of two shows airing on Nickelodeon right now. Too much is a bad thing.
  3. Not enough new episodes airing, so fans forget or move on.