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Nov 2, 2020
The Penguins of Madagascar is a spin-off show of the Madagascar film series that follows the four penguins - Skipper the captain, Kowalski the gasgeeter, Rico the weapons specialist and Private - the emotionally sensitive at the Central Park Zou and their commando-like missions(thanks to Wiki for helping me to write the summary).
This show has 80 paired episodes(or 149 episodes that most of them are 11 minutes).

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This show is one of my favorite cartoons(to be accurate my fifth favorite cartoon show). I watched this show for the first time as a kid around the age of 8 I think and I have always loved this show. I still watch an episode once in a while, it always entertains me. I think that each and every episode is at least decent and there are no BAD episodes here.
My favorite characte is Skipper, he is very cool and he has plenty of good and funny statements. King Julien is also great and a very enjoyable character.
The secondseason is the best for me but the first and third season are amazing too.
There are numerous wonderful episodes that it is very hard for me to choose a favorite one so I will mention my favorite ones.
Shakehead - the plot is extremely interesting and the vibe is really good.
April Fools - this is also on of my favorite episodes in Spongebob. I just like this day and that it shows how it can hurt sone people when it is too much and it is quite moving seeing it.
Skipper Makes Perfect - another great plot-episode. We learn a bit more of Skipper's flashback and it has a lot of action.

I wonder if I overestimate this show or there are more that like it that much like me here:sbdisappointed: