The Halloween Topic: 2017 Edition


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Surprised nobody has made a topic like this earlier in the month.

Anyways, this is the place to talk about anything and everything Halloween-related. Who or what are you going as, do you still like to go trick-or-treating, favorite Halloween candies, etc.

I am going as Belle from Beauty and the Beast this year. (in her blue peasant dress) Even though I am almost 19, I still like to go trick-or-treating since I am never too old to get free candy from strangers neighbors. :sbface: I usually get a pretty decent haul of candy each year, so I give some of it to my friends since I sometimes don't finish up all the candy before Thanksgving rolls around.


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Nah, I don't do trick-or-treating anymore.
That won't stop me from donning my Professor Chaos cape and parading around the house in it whilst dealing with trick-or-treaters though. I really wanna do that.


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I really haven't gone trick-or-treating since I was 12, and I never really cared to get back into it TBH. Why get a bunch of hit-or-miss mini-sized candy when you can get things done with a fast food job and a local Wal-Mart?


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I guess I'll go with the Trick-or-treating this year, but I'm not doing it next year. I'm just gonna reuse a costume I wore some previous Halloween.

Really, most candy I get will be leftovers from my house! :sorcerer:

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I don't go rick or treating any more. And either way I'm not the type of person who feels comfortable with cosplay type stuff.


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Honest Canadian Cartoon said:
I don't go rick or treating any more. And either way I'm not the type of person who feels comfortable with cosplay type stuff.
This is totally me.


hello! :)
I have not gone trick-or-treating since 8th grade! tbh dressing up for Halloween makes me very uncomfortable last year I skipped a halloween party just so I did not have to wear a costume because when you wear a costume or anything weird like pajamas or something idk if this is just me and my anxiety but you can feel every single person judging you and it is very intimidating to me but i respect those who do dress up and go out that rakes some courage man!!!!
anyways I live on a dead end street so no trick-or-treaters come around like last year there was only one or maybe two which is good coz I was the one handing out candy :laughsquid:
I still like Halloween though because of the spooky vibe and the fall vibe like I <3 spooky ghosts are my PASSION I would definitely go to college for ghost studies if it was a real thing! as for other spooky things such as vampires werewolves I do not care about them they are not any type of realistic like the whole reason for halloween is to sp00k away demons and stuff do you think they will believe that stuff they are not dumb! :yell: I do not believe in dressing up in silly costumes for Halloween again will that sp00k the spooky? no it will not! jk man i was mario for halloween two years ago you do not have to be spooky but you should be because that is more fun and more legit! :sbthumbs:


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Haven't gone trick-or-treating since high school, but I wouldn't mind at least dressing up. Too bad I don't have time or money right now to get one.
I'll probably just watch a bunch of Halloween specials like I do every year.

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Eh, I haven't trick or treated in years. Even when I have class on Tuesday, I can't do it this year, sadly.


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My mum already brought our Trick-or-Treat candy days ago, but haven't been feeling Halloweeny enough to raid it. Don't get me wrong, it's the right time for tricks, but not exactly treats yet.

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I won't trick-or-treat but I will get a costume for a Halloween contest at my school.