The Extra Spongy SpongeBob Quiz!


Goodbye Krabby Patty's #1 Fan
Nov 4, 2020
A pineapple under the sea
This is a new quiz idea series! I hope this will become popular. Well, at least popular enough to have at least 3 responses. I will choose a question from every season of SBSP, and you can try to answer them. Depending on how popular this is, at some point I will reveal the answers. And, with Sandy staring at you :sandy:, I think you will not cheat.

Season 1: In Hooky, when Patrick asks SpongeBob if playing with hooks is dangerous, how many hooks does Patrick have in his mouth?
Season 2: In Big Pink Loser, when SpongeBob asks Patrick to get a jar, what is the third item he incorrectly presents to SpongeBob?
Season 3: On the title card of Pranks a Lot, which one of these prank items is not shown? Life-size Ghost, Phony Cast, Fin Trap, Secret Spy Scope
Season 4: In Born to be Wild, how many people are in The Mild Ones?
Season 5: Which character's western ancestor is not shown in Pest of the West?
Squidward, Sandy, Mrs. Puff, Mr. Krabs

Season 6: How many times does the "House Fancy" show animation (with the bird and house) appear in House Fancy?
Season 7: In Perfect Chemistry, list the parts of SpongeBob (during the experiments) that appear in the Krusty Krab from first to last:
Lower Body, Eyes, Mouth
Season 8: How many snail treats, full or broken, are on the title card of Treats? (The answer's not 42.)
Season 9: What was Company Picnic's original title?
Season 10: In Plankton Retires, what is the name of the town Plankton goes to?
Boringville, Stupidtown, Quittersville, or Dullsville?
Season 11: Who is the first to get turned into a Krabby Patty zombie in Krabby Patty Creature Feature?
Season 12: When Patrick gives the robber the stink eye in Insecurity Guards, what does Patrick's pupils turn into?
Season 13 (because yes): In A Place for Pets, what pet costume is Fred dressed in?

Let's see how this goes!


Flying Dutchman's Sock
Nov 2, 2020
1. I think 4 hooks. Or 3. I go with 4.
2. If I am not mistaken, Patrick presented book, sptula, pickle and old man. I do not remember the order except to the old man being the last one. I think it is the sptula? But I am not sure at all.
3. I have no idea what those pranks are:( I go with Fin Trap, maybe I have a luck.
4. I think around 6 people.
5. Sandy.
6. Twice.
7. Mouth, Eyes, Lower Body.
8. I do not remember to much. I go with 10 like Patrick in The Lost Mattres!
9. I have no idea.
10. Stupidtown?
11. Patrick. I am pretty sure.
12. I have no idea
13. I have no watched it yet.

I really like it!