The Condiment Debate: Ketchup vs. Mustard vs. Mayo

Which one will it be, sir?

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Facing the BSOD
I prefer mayo because it gives sandwiches (or basically anything) that yummy-delicious-super-terrific flavor. Ketchup is also pretty good, but I don't really like mustard all that much, but I'll still eat foods with mustard if I have to.

Now it's your turn.


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mayo is my fave of the 3. but i also love ketchup. dont like mustard at all.


totally coral
I like ketchup and dislike both mustard and mayo, so there's your answer :p Though ranch is my favorite condiment overall.


Dear SBM...
Oh, Ketchup, most definitely.
I like Mayo as well, but only on burgers. Especially Whoppers!
EWW to Mustard. Can't stand the stuff.
I love ketchup with my fries and not much else, Mustard is ick, and Mayo makes me want to fall off the face of the planet because it's so nasty