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May 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
IAmAGoofyGoober2004 said:

EDIT: Spoilers are strange.
yeah image works.
Feb 1, 2017
At the Jellyfishing Convention
  1. t's where you'll always find me
  2. If you're walking right behind me
  3. Where is it? Please remind me
  4. Oh yeah, under my rock
  5. Under my rock
  6. Here's the bed that I lie in
  7. Laugh and sigh and cry in
  8. Or eat a piece of pie in
  9. Under my rock
  10. Under my rock
  11. It's cold and hard and kind of gray
  12. (Under my rock)
  13. It's the only place I'll ever stay
  14. (Under my rock)
  15. Got snacks in a free telephone
  16. (Under my rock)
  17. In this stone that I call home
  18. Let's rock
  19. I got a welcome mat and dirty socks
  20. A sink, a table and a secret box
  21. Myself and me can be alone
  22. In my stone that I call home
  23. That's the chair, I sometimes doze on
  24. The hanky I blow my nose on
  25. Hey, my favorite show's on
  26. Under my rock
  27. Under my rock
  28. I guess that completes our tour
  29. So let me show you to the door
  30. That's all, there ain't no more
  31. Under my rock
  32. Under my rock
  33. Boys, take it home
  34. Oh, I already am home
  35. (Under my rock)
  36. Yeah, it's where we are
  37. (Under my rock)
  38. Still here
  39. (Under my rock)
  40. This is prime real estate, baby
  41. (Under my rock)
  42. Everything I need, I got right here
  43. (Under my rock)
  44. I don't need to go anywhere else
  45. (Under my rock)
  46. It ain't much but it's a place to hang my hat
  47. (Under my rock)
  48. I don't wear a hat, I wear shorts
  49. I can hang my shorts there
  50. (Under my rock)
  51. Stand back, I'm taking 'em off
  52. Hey, where's everybody going?
Testing complete.