Swayzak Appreciation

Shinobu Oshino

Most of you guys are teenagers and don't know who the halibut I'm referring to, but for all the twentysomethings here, anyone remember Swayzak?
And for the newbies, here ya go: http://www.toonami.wikia.com/wiki/Swayzak
TBH that page doesn't cover half the fun. Anyone who's involved in Lost Media like Purdy will know that I used to (and still technically) lead the search for the online game tie in for Trapped in Hyperspace, where we saw Swayzak's full body and let's just say he lives off air. And oh my god his voice in the game has a New Zealander accent. He is the reason I consider NZ home, not USA.

Swayzak: making kids worship New Zealand since 2002.

Swayzak should be the next "YER CLOTHES"

Mavaxis Starburner

Malcontent Maverick
Next time, on the Non-Adventures of SBM: bbbb comes back to life, proclaims himself the Swayzak Lord, and begins a never-ending search for the game.

Shinobu Oshino

I dont even care about him anymore. Sonic Boom has Nominatus which is basically him, BUT HE APPEARED IN TWO EPISODES! Proving that the writers DO like him.
EDIT: idc swayzak is cool
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