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Hey my name is Finn Dinner. I've been on the website for about a month, and I realized I haven't even introduced myself. So I am Finn, I like posting about reviews on episodes, I like ranking episodes, I like giving certain rating to episodes (I may do a YouTube series, I just don't want PieGuy to get ripped off), and I am usually pretty good. I know about post-movie but Seasons 1-3 are all I have an experience actually re watching for review. Also I am just going to flat out admit it, on The Games section, I give rating to episodes I haven't seen sometimes (especially 8 and onward).

Here's some of my SB Season 1-3 opinions, if you want to debate about it, be my guest that's pretty much the reason I joined this website:

Best Season: Season 3 by actually quite a bit.
Worst Season: Season 1
Best Episode: The Smoking Peanut (very unpopular lol)
Worst Episode: Ether I Was A Teenage Gary or Party Pooper Pants

Season 1 has 5 Mediocre Episodes: Jellyfishing, Nature Pants, The Chaperone, Fools in April, and Neptune's Spatula.
2 Bad Episodes: Squeaky Boots, I Was A Teenage Gary

Season 2 has 4 Mediocre Episodes: Bubble Buddy, Wormy, Grandma's Kisses, and Squid on Strike
2 Bad Episodes: Dumped, I'm With Stupid

Season 3 has 5 Mediocre Episodes: Club SpongeBob, The Bully, New Student Starfish, Born Again Krabs, and The Sponge Who Could Fly
3 Bad Episodes: Party Pooper Pants, The Great Snail Race, and Krabby Land