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President Squidward


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talk about the character that is better than spongebob squarepants

he's good for rivalries

squidward is my favorite character and all but no one writes his character correct anymore


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I actually started watching the show only because of Squidward at first. He's very relatable, that's probably one of the main reasons why he was, and still is,my favourite character. Also, probably, because he has a lot of different personality traits, and his character isn't flat, like it often happens in cartoons (though, i wouldn't call most of the main SpongeBob characters flat).
It's a shame that no one writes his character correct anymore, but I think they managed to keep some of his original charm..



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Squidward's best season is Season 3. The play off between him towards SpongeBob and Patrick is just awesome. Episodes like Idiot Box, Just One Bite, Snowball Effect, and The Camping Episode, all show his character almost beautifully. He doesn't want to like their games, but he can get carried into it. The best Squidward episode, however, comes from Season 2. Squidville shows his character to the tee. He needs SpongeBob to fulfill an otherwise boring life. Squidward and SpongeBob is the best duo on the show, with episodes like Pizza Delivery, Employee of the Month, Dying For Pie, Graveyard Shift, and Just One Bite. I love the dynamic between Squidward's more pessimist attitude with SpongeBob. He can be a great straight-man and can be very relatable in these moments. Then there is the episode Can You Spare a Dime? where it shows Squidward is completely capable of taking advantage of SpongeBob. He had a certain edge to him that didn't make him all the way in one direction, which I really like, he deserved his treatment in that episode.

Squidward on his own is a great character as well. His motivations make sense, he doesn't want to harm SpongeBob he just wants for him to leave him alone. He wants everyone to shut up and to relax by himself. That is why he always has a bad mood when he's at work. An episode the captivated his interests is Band Geeks and Squilliam Returns. They show that he really does have something to live up to towards his rival, and Band Geeks really does get down exactly his personality. Squilliam Returns serves as a great sequel showing that Squidward can lose in the feud.

Nowadays, he's ether a punching bag or way too out of mood. He doesn't really feel like Squidward anymore. Episodes like Squid Noir are cool and all, but it feels like a different Squidward doing it. It doesn't really feel like the same person, it's kind of hard to put my hand on it, but it is odd. He's probably, excluding Plankton, the least effected by flanderization, since being a punching bag doesn't make you unlikable. An episode that kills his personality the most is Little Yellow Book, showing him being unlikable with no real follow through, making the whole experience suck.


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Squidward was truly at his worst in Season 10. Season 11 Squidward is pretty rough, but there are a few golden exceptions in this case (Squid Noir, Bottle Burglars). He was definitely at his best in Seasons 2/3. I can't really judge which season he was his best in, though I would say personally I find his Season 2 self to edge out Season 3 just a little. I'll go into deeper discussion of his character someday if I feel like it.

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squidward is a very good boy and i love him

i haven't really watched everything past season 4 so i probably can't say too much about his flanderization but one of the reasons i just haven't watched very much of the later seasons is because the way him and other characters have changed honestly just saddens me. the dynamic between him and spongebob in the first seasons is the biggest part of his character and i think the later seasons just destroyed it. it's abundantly clear from episodes like christmas who and fools in april that he really does like spongebob a lot deep down and his jerkiness is partially a result of the fact that he doesn't want to admit it to himself. just one bite is a PERFECT metaphor for squidward's relationship with spongebob. i could honestly write a full essay on it, man. like seriously though, just watch that episode and replace every instance of 'krabby patty' with 'spongebob' and it's really clear.

later seasons changed a lot. squidward, when he's a jerk in earlier seasons, gets what he deserves and it's fair. but recently it seems the entire town just hates him and the world is built to torture him, which is so out of the spirit of the show that it's kinda upsetting. his dynamic with spongebob gets ruined so bad that i just don't want to watch the show anymore at all. originally, when squidward got upset at something spongebob was doing, he was usually just being bothered by something that didn't matter and was just being a jerk about it. now spongebob is sometimes being actively horrible to him and yet the show still treats it like it's his fault for being bothered by it. it seems the writers just completely forgot that him and spongebob are actually friends.

obviously not every new episode is bad to him, but generally speaking he's just not like he used to be. his jerkiness is still present and everything but i dunno, it just doesn't feel the same.

because spongebob is the type of cartoon that reverts back to status quo after the end of each episode it obviously couldn't have character arcs or anything, but i was actually thinking, what if it did have character arcs? i would love to see squidward's because he has a lot of potential for character development. i was kinda planning writing a fanfic that explores the progression of his relationship with spongebob and has him realizing and accepting the fact that he actually likes him, would anyone read that??

i am a salty squidbob shipper


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Squidward was one of my least favourite character when I was really young due to being “the grumpy one”, but I’ve grown to respect his part to play in the show, and the sense of humour he brings to the table. It helps that his audience becomes more like him with age.


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Squidward is my favorite. i never forget one episode where he freaked out as Spongebob and Patrick drops by at his house as they are are looking for Gary the Snail lol my other favorite eps that focus on him- Just One Bite, Squid's Day Off and The Campfire Song. seems he don't say "Everone's a Critic" anymore or he did?