Show News Spongebob Squarepants 20th Anniversary Episode "SpongeBob's Birthday Blowout" on July 12th


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Here's some more info about this.
In the special, Patrick Star (Bill Fagerbakke) takes the characters to the surface world to distract them while birthday party plans are being made in Bikini Bottom. There, the voice actors portray slightly different versions of their characters, not with sponge or starfish costumes, but by wearing clothing and acting as human versions of their underwater doppelgangers.
They end up at a restaurant called the Trusty Slab, which sounds much like their watery hangout, the Krusty Krab. A brief clip showed Tom Kenny flipping burgers at a frenetic pace, much like his character, SpongeBob.
I hope this isn't another one of those episodes where there's no ongoing conflict. We've had a lot of those lately, and the description for this episode makes it sound like it's going to be another one.


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Even though there was a reschedule, it's closer to the official SB premiere, and we'll have some summer episode before it! This special is still looking great to me :D


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I just saw a small promo for the special. It shows Gary meowing "Happy Birthday" to SpongeBob and then SpongeBob celebrating.


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Well him being here is a plus I guess, but the whole live action characters angle confirmed my skepticism. I mean no disrespect to the VAs, but they’re far too old to look like the characters now.