SpongeBob Movie 2 - confirmed! *SPOILERS*


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That article Spongey 34 posted a little back (the one about re-invigorating Spongebob and boosting the network's ratings or something) seems to imply that the show will run after this new movie. I... don't know how I feel about that. Really, I can imagine:

"Anyone see Season 11? First Season after the Second movie?"

"Yeah, it was okay. Not as good as Season 10, though."

It's a never ending cycle lol


I think that a direct sequal would be great .they need to get dennis in this movie.​


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I think that a direct sequal would be great .they need to get dennis in this movie.
Nah, we've had enough Alec Baldwin for one movie. And, as already stated, a direct sequel wouldn't work out well.

Spongebob: This is the greatest day of my life!

*jumps into air, falls back down*

Squidward: Was there any point to that jump?

Spongebob: I guess not. I thought the movie was over.

Patrick: It can't be! Gary just stole the secret formula! After him!

The plot couldn't continue directly after, or even a few days later. I assure you, the plot would be as stupid as Gary stealing the secret formula if the movie wasn't standalone. I, for one, really love the fact that the movie ends the series, and I don't want that messed with.

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A prequel would be much better. Perhaps explaining how Spongebob and Patrick became friends would be a good idea. Or anything that isn't a direct sequel.


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Or SequelBob SpongePants
Or PantsSequel BobSquare
Or SquareBob SpongeSequel
Or BobSequel SpongeSquare

There should be a random name generator for this :p


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Okay I was fed up of seeing that phrase and not knowing what it meant, here it is for everyone...

Since the release of the film, the subtitle "Electric Boogaloo", a reference to a funk-oriented dance style of the same name, has been used to refer to sequels pejoratively.[sup][1][/sup] The usual connotation suggests a sequel that is ridiculous, absurd, unwanted, unnecessary, formulaic, or obscure