SpongeBob Jeopardy v3!

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

Developer of Awesomeness
Jun 14, 2006
It's that time of the year again! We're all bored out of our minds at home, being stuck in the snow, so it's time to bring out...


Here are a few changes that will take place in this version:
  • The 5 minute rule will now be a 25 second rule.
  • Every round will take place in the chat room.
  • There will be a minimum of four (4) people to play.
  • If you miss a round, you will automatically receive 250 points, and if you show up, you receive 500 points.

Rule #1: 25 second limit
In the real Jeopardy game, Alex would read the question and then after the question is read, the contestants could answer. Well, to make up for that, we have the 25 second limit! Here's how it works:
  1. I type in a question
  2. After 25 seconds, I will say "Answer?".
  3. First person to send the answer wins the question and picks the next question.
Obviously, if you say the answer before the limit has been made, then you will lose points.

Rule #2: If someone posts the wrong answer.
This is an obvious rule... if it's wrong, the amount will go against your score. Let's say that the question was a $200 question. Well, what if MechaWave gets the answer wrong and then Spongefifi gets the answer right. Well, MechaWave would get -$200 points and Spongefifi would get +$200 points. Any answers after Spongefifi's post won't be counted, as the correct answer was already said.

Another example: if MechaWave posts the right answer and then Spongefifi posts the wrong answer, MechaWave would get +$200 points, but Spongefifi wouldn't get any points taken/given to her -- this is because MechaWave answered the correct answer before she did, so the answer isn't legit.

Rule #3: The 1 minute rule!
Not to confuse this rule with the 25 second limit, but if nobody gets the right answer in a minute, then the question is voided and we move on. This is to avoid the question going on for hours and hours.

Rule #4: ::dolphin noise:: is wrong!
If the answer is wrong and I said that it was right, then you message me (in the chat room) the correct answer (DO NOT POST IT) and also PROVIDE A SOURCE FOR YOUR ANSWER and I'll deal with it immediately. ;)

Rule #5: One Guess
In each question, you will only have ONE try to guess the answer. I will not accept your answer if someone blurts the answer outloud.

Post here if you want to join the game!
10 people is the limit!​

Negative Nancy

Floating Shopping List
May 13, 2009
Hmm, I haven't been watching a lot of SpongeBob lately. Maybe it is indeed time to bring out SpongeBob Jeopardy. I'll participate in your cheezy little game


Vacant Tomb
Jan 11, 2008
I wanna join! That will be fun. But i can only participate every other weekend if that's alright.

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

Developer of Awesomeness
Jun 14, 2006
My kind of game... when are you playing?
Once we have a good list, then we can start playing. It'll probably be over the weekends, btw.
Warning: ::dolphin noise:: will frequently forget and give a bad excuse of "homework." Beware!
That was back then when I had Honors English II... if you saw my list of homework, you would know why. ;)

I usually don't have homework now, so this won't happen. :P


Alien hunter
Sep 16, 2009


Sussudio Enthusiast
Apr 3, 2005
Wow, it's one of the most famous gameshows on earth??!?!?

Shocker then, isn't it, when you realise that I've never seen it on British television.
Closer inspection reveals that whenever this show has been made in the UK, it's usually lasted one series.

UKGameshows.com said:
Thames for Channel 4, 12 January 1983 to 6 July 1984

Reg Grundy for TVS (1990-2) and Meridian (1993)

Action Time for Sky One, 21 August 1995 to 1996

The only national ones are Sky One and Channel 4, and even in 1995/96 not many people had satellite/cable, so I'm going to talk about the 1983/1984 series on C4, which as you can see, lasted a little more than one year.

The longest running version, Reg Grundy for TVS 1990-92, is two years, and was only shown on TVS, so, only in the south. (In case you didn't know, TVS stands for Television South. Imagine the confusion when they started calling it TVS Television). Meridian is the successor to TVS, which means all together we have a three year version. Not long, and only in one area.

But none of this matters because I wasn't even alive until 1996 and we didn't have cable/satellite so we could watch Sky1 in 1996, nor would I be able to remember it at that age anyway.

Now are you so surprised that I don't know what Jeopardy! is? Also, doesn't seem to my like it was that good anyway:

UKGameshows.com said:
"The quiz where you get the answers first."
"What is Hitman?"

Ah, Jeopardy. It means risk, you know. This quiz's main attraction is that you get the answers and the correct answer is actually a question, such as:

"A gameshow which has been presented by Derek Hobson, Chris Donat, Steve Jones and Paul Ross."
"What is Jeopardy?"

In reality, this is a rubbish idea. Why not just ask "Which gameshow has been hosted by Derek Hobson, Chris Donat, Steve Jones and Paul Ross?" They might think they're being different and clever. Instead it's just weak, really. If you're going to change the concept of a quiz surely you should do it radically and not just word the questions (answers) a little bit differently? Still, the Americans go overboard for this kind of thing. Ah well.


Still, one nice talking point was the way the lights on the contestants' buzzers would gradually turn off indicating how much time they had to give a response. That's about as exciting as it got, really.

BTW Wheel of Fortune lasted much longer and was quite good as well. It ended in 2002 in the UK.