SpongeBob Fan Art Contest! For Hot Topic

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I really want to try doing this. Perhaps I can try to work on something big within the next week. Or maybe not. I'm not the greatest artist out there's but perhaps if I take the time I could make a cool Squidward shirt.


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IAmAGoofyGoober2004 said:
Only one problem... U.S. ONLY.
Ugh... I hate when contests are U.S. only.
Same here. I want to join this freakin contest so bad. I hate it when it's for US only. It's the same that when I was a kid, nick.com restricts me from watching freshly new SpongeBob episodes just because I live in the Philippines. The only videos in my local nick-asia.com are the random SB shorts.

Although, it's a good thing there's kimcrtoon.me and kisscartoon.ru.



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I was going to submit, but not only am I late, but I found out it was US only around the same time. >:3



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Modern culture SpongeBob is usually terrible, but this is actually pretty good!
I only did modern culture bc that’s usually what big store brands due to target mils/gen so it would be more likely to be picked lolz (unless they go for a more organic and fresh take for once) but glad u caught that.