Spandy, Kruff, Mindrik, or Squidia

Which couple do you favor the most?

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So, I was wondering, which couple do you prefer, and which would you want to see on the show? :)

This is hard, but I would say Squidia.



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Karen and Plankton, the couple that started from the beginning.



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Sandy died said:
In terms of actual couple on the show, Plankaren for the win.

In terms of the lulz, Squidiam.
I came here to say the exact same thing.



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HarryPotterLives said:
Plankaren for the win! <3 I love those two.

Like Omair, I pick Squidiam for the lulz. :p
I would think you hated it because you were jelly of Karen.

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I choose every couple. Plankaren is by default the best couple. Kruff and Squidia happened for an episode. Mindtrik would be hilarious, and Spandy is reasonable for SpongeBob's sake. I dunno I guess I just want Bikini Bottom to be a happy place. :D



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For me, it would have to be Squidvia. They're just perfect and would be nice to see Squidward REALLY happy for a change.

Kruff comes in a close second though.



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Ghostandghoul said:
Squidiam. I could actually see it happening if the show was rated TV-PG like some Cartoon Network shows.
lol Nick wouldn't let a gay Squid couple happen no matter what it could raise them

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Kruff is old and odd, Mindrick is weird, Spandy is biologically impossible, Squidvia is a one-off designed ship and Plaren is a custom built ship made by the writers. To me, none of them are 'cute' or 'sweet' and definitely not funny (my mind can not grab the supposedly-existent humour behind gay Squids). Although sometimes, I do ship characters in one of my fan fics (for the joy of readers) I just don't see it's appeal unless it really is designed by the writers.