SOF's Top 11 Best SBMania Users


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I wanna be on the list!!!!!!

Only when it comes to forum rules...



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The Cheese tried pulling something just like this once about three years ago.

My memory may be playing tricks with me, but I'm pretty certain that one was locked summarily.
#7 - ssj

let me make perfectly clear, ssj has done several things in SBManina for the past years, I have seen him posting in SBC sometimes (this is nothing to do with SEC-realated things). Although, he's one of respected admins in SBM making SBM popularly. Of course, he's fan of Darkwind Duck (Ler's get dangerous lol best line ever in theme song), WWE (even though i had seen him doing some wresting references) & SB (Of Course!).

#6 is next btw, stay tuned :)
#6 - PhillipB

Aren't you surprised that's he on the list? the answer is yes, yes he di, i think i have a very good reason of why's he in #6: he's awesome British Mod of SBM :p I think it's also because of him being took longest time for being active over the years.

But yeah, Phil is simply amazing user out there and that's about it to say.

#5 is next brw
#5 - Ugly Barnacle

i find this user is very friendly, kind & being a fan of SB a lot ;P i remember he once had me oh his friends list so again thx dude :)

#4 is next brw

#4 - DMAP

Well, i actually liked how DMAP shares some SB news in SBM for upcoming new ep/specials though. I do also find that she's best mod in SBM (beside Phil :p) and being knowledge of SB as in great intelligence of knowing the show :) so yeah keep it up great work, DMAP.

#3 is next, folks :)
#3 - NastyPatty2002

i think he was fairly awesome user who seems being a fan of this ep (Nasty Patty that his fave ep :p). i also think he's considered to be one of nicest user out there in SBM to me.

#2 is next, folks
#2 - a three way tie between Mothra, SpongeFifi & SpOnGeFaN818

yeah, i think it's pretty much tough decision tor 3 of tjhem but let me expain, i do think those user are mainly best users even though Mothra & SpongeFifi weren't active on this forum anymore which made the users pretty sad :( but allow me to expain why i chose 3 users in #2:


She has pretty good posts to talk about SB & stuff as i remembered her once as she posted in SBM during 2010 to 2012 where she makes pretty funny jokes, she's also one of best SBMer become part SBM Golden Days Era, Mothra is one of the users who she's a fan of SB, MST3K & o course enjoying watching reviews at .

i would be sad too to see her leave the forum and move on, i understand why wanted to leave in her decision. thx for making SBM the best forum, Mothra :)


Let me expain this one here, Spongefifi has been amazing job with her drawing SB in DA (as i seen some her drawing while ago, actually). Spongefifi is the user who i used to be on (though she actually joined SBM before SBC so that would technically does counts on my list). She conisdered to be one of Golden Era users in SBM to me :)


Although, i actually liked how she talked about SB ever since he returned to this site after 3 years ;P but there's not much to say about him, he's kind, & awesome user on SBM.

Now all you're wondering what can possibly top on this? believe it or not, there's one more, stay tuned for #1 folks :)
the moment you've been waiting for....

#1 - RedSoxFan

Yep, i figured it out that he's best SBMania User IMO so let me expain this, RSF is the dude who i';ve seen him around here along with SpongeSeb back in I also remember he was the user who i've seen him posting in some proboard forum (which happens to be coincidence with me), i think i used to chat with him on MSN back in 2011 (i think) but again, he can be funny or friendly user i know him for a while, i just know that makes him legend user in SBM, i just know he used to be in along with me. so that's why my friend is RSF is #1 user in SBMania IMO.

Don't get sad if you didn't make it to the list, I like everyone equally :)