SOF's 8 Year Anniversary on SBM



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$2,415 doubloons
Wow, it's amazing how I've been around for at least 8 years on SBN. Although i didn't posts that much, but i did makes friends here who are very nice, kind & friendly to me. So thank you so much for this

hopefully i'll stay forever...

nah i won't be staying forever is my final day on SBM so fare well for now..

(salute to SBMers, and left the ring)

(ssj, who was watching at backstage)

ssj: what?! oh no he ain't! (goes to the ring to find him, but he wasn't there until)

Just came out of nowhere, SOF does RKO signature move to ssj, as he quickly escape and hold the mic to see ssj's shocked reaction)

SOF: hey ssj, guess what?! I QUIT! *drops the mic as SBM Universe cheered for him with Kurt Angle's music plays