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Jul 15, 2013
In the Deep Blue Sea
Hello everyone! I'm not sure exactly where to put this, but here it is! This is where you can share your creations (buildings, creatures, vehicles, etc.) from the wonderful video game, Spore! You can even add descriptions to your creations if you want! :D

Here are some of mine:

These are a couple original creatures I made.

Verioxiraptor (Alt. Name: Bloodbeast): As one of the newbreed species of raptors, descended from their ancient ancestors, the Verioxiraptor is a more evolved, more viscious variety of the velociraptor. As a nocturnal hunter, the bloodbeast survives as a carnivore, sprinting on all four legs, and happily pouncing on its newest prey. Be careful if you go out into the woods, you might just spot a bloodbeast. And if they spot you, RUUUUUUUUUN!!!

Chition: Living deep in large swamplands, the Chitions are a tribal, insectoid marshdwellers that have a humanoid poster. While not as evolved as the other insectoids of the world, they are some of the most common of the humanoid variety. While they sometimes eat plants, they thrive on hunting and eating reptiles, small mammals, and sometimes other Chitions (that would make them cannibals! =O ). Most of the time, they aren't really hostile (they will leave you alone, mostly), but they don't trust other humanoid species, and if they feel scared/threatened, they won't hesitate to attack if needbe. Their shelters are made of moss, dirt, and grass, and they come out in the spring. Though, you are likely to find even more of them in the summer.

Here is a spooky Enderman from Minecraft (above)! And then I made one of my favorite Pokemon, known as the Genesect! I love bugs... <3

And look! A Gravitron ride!

More will be posted soon. :)

EDIT: As you can see, there are some unfamiliar creature parts here, so if you want to know where I got those from, here's the link to the Darkspore Parts mod (I didn't make this!):