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Pinned thread Season 9 Discussion


High Sea Diver
Dec 4, 2014
United States
Season 9a:
179a - Extreme Spots - 85/100 (B)
179b - Squirrel Record - 85/100 (B)
180a - Patrick-Man! - 85/100 (B)
180b - Gary's New Toy - 90/100 (A-)
181a - License to Milkshake - 80/100 (B-)
181b - Squid Baby - 75/100 ( C )
182a - Little Yellow Book - 80/100 (B-)
182b - Bumper to Bumper - 75/100 ( C )
183a - Eek! An Urchin - 95/100 (A)
183b - Squid Defense - 85/100 (B)
184a - Jailbreak! - 80/100 (B-)
184b - Evil Spatula - 90/100 (A-)
185 - It Came From Goo Lagoon - 75/100 ( C )
186a - Safe Deposit Krabs - 95/100 (A)
186b - Plankton's Pet - 95/100 (A)
187a - Don't Look Now - 85/100 (B)
197b - Séance Shméance - 90/100 (A)
188a - Kenny the Cat - 95/100 (A)
188b - Yeti Krabs - 80/100 (B-)
189 - SpongeBob, You're Fired! - 90/100 (A-)
Season 9b:
190a - Lost in Bikini Bottom - 95/100 (A)
190b - Tutor Sauce - 85/100 (B)
191a - Squid Plus One - 85/100 (B)
191b - The Executive Treatment - 85/100 (B)
192a - Company Picnic - 100/100 (A+)
192b - Pull Up a Barrel - 100/100 (A+)
193a - Sanctuary! - 100/100 (A+)
193b - What's Eating Patrick? - 95/100 (A)
194a - Patrick! The Game - 95/100 (A)
194b - The Sewers of Bikini Bottom - 95/100 (A)
195a - SpongeBob LongPants - 95/100 (A)
195b - Larry's Gym - 95/100 (A)
196a - The Fish Bowl - 95/100 (A)
196b - Married to Money - 90/100 (A-)
197a - Mall Girl Pearl - 90/100 (A-)
197b - Two Thumbs Down - 90/100 (A-)
198a - Sharks vs. Pods - 95/100 (A)
198b - CopyBob DittoPants - 95/100 (A)
199a - Sold! - 95/100 (A)
199b - Lame and Fortune - 95/100 (A)
200 - Goodbye, Krabby Patty? - 100/100 (A+)
201a - Sandy's Nutmare - 90/100 (A-)
201b - Bulletin Board - 95/100 (A)
202a - Food Con Castaways - 100/100 (A+)
202b - Snail Mail - 100/100 (A+)
203a - Pineapple Invasion - 95/100 (A)
203b - Salsa Imbecilicus - 85/100 (B)
204b - Mutiny on The Krusty - 95/100 (A)
204a - The Whole Tooth - 100/100 (A+)
OVERALL: 88% [4345/4900] (B+)
Season 9a: 85% [1710/2000] (B)
Season 9b: 94% [2730/2900] (A)
Best Episode of 2012: Gary's New Toy
Best Episode of 2013: Evil Spatula
Best Episode of 2014: Kenny the Cat
Best Episode of 2015: Sanctuary!
Best Episode of 2016: The Whole Tooth
Best Episode of 2017: Goodbye, Krabby Patty?


Facing the BSOD
Jun 26, 2015
In a vat full of eggplants
In this form:
Season 9a:
Best episode: Plankton's Pet
Worst Episode: Squid Baby
Overrated Episodes: Seance Shmeance, Extreme Spots
Underrated Episodes: Squid Defense
Overhated Episodes: Little Yellow Book
Most forgettable: Seance Shmeance, Squirrel Record

Season 9b:
Best Episodes: CopyBob DittoPants, Patrick! the Game
Worst Episodes: The Fishbowl, Two Thumbs Down
Overrated Episodes: Two Thumbs Down, Pineapple Invasion
Underrated Episodes: Lame and Fortune, Lost in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob LongPants, Mutiny on the krusty
Most Forgettable: Salsa Imbelwhatever, Pineapple Invasion


Happy Halloween
Dec 2, 2015
Using the form above

Season 9a
Best episode: Plankton's Pet
Worst Episode: Little Yellow Book
Overrated Episodes: Safe Deposit Krabs, Bumper to Bumper
Underrated Episodes: Squid's Defense, Kenny The Cat
Overhated Episodes: SpongeBob You're Fired
Most forgettable: Don't Look Now

Season 9b:
Best Episodes: Patrick! the Game
Worst Episodes: Mutiny on the Krusty
Overrated Episodes: CopyBob DittoPants, Mall Girl Pearl
Underrated Episodes: Two Thumbs Down, The Fishbowl
Most Forgettable: Salsa Imbecilicus
Aug 24, 2013
Extreme Spots - A
Squirrel Record - B
Patrick-Man - A-
Gary's New Toy - B+
License to the Milkshake - A
Squid Baby - C-
Little Yellow Book - D+
Bumper to Bumper - B-
Eek, an Urchin - A
Squid Defense - B+
Jailbreak - B+
Evil Spatula - B+
It Came from Goo Lagoon - B
Safe Deposit Krabs - A
Plankton's Pet - A
Don't Look Now - A-
Seance Shmeance- B+
Kenny the Cat - B+
Yeti Krabs - B
SpongeBob, You're Fired - F
Lost in Bikini Bottom - B-
Tutor Sauce - B+
Squid Plus One - B+
The Executive Treatment - B
Company Picnic - A-
Pull Up a Barrel - A
Sanctuary - A
What's Eating Patrick - A
Patrick the Game - A-
The Sewers of Bikini Bottom - A
SpongeBob LongPants - B
Larry's Gym - A-
The Fishbowl - C-
Married to Money - A-
Mall Girl Pearl - A
Two Thumbs Down - A-
Sharks vs Pods - A
CopyBob DittoPants - A
Sold! - C
Lame and Fortune - B+
Goodbye Krabby Patty - B-
Sandy's Nutmare - B-
Bulletin Board - A-
Food Con Castaways - B+
Snail Mail - B+
Pineapple Invasion - A-
Salsa Imbecilicus - A- (mostly for story and Karen/Sandy character dynamic)
Munity on the Krusty - B+
The Whole Tooth - B+

First half - B

Second half - B+

Overall season grade - B+

Best Episodes: Plankton's Pet, Eek An Urchin, The Sewers of Bikini Bottom, Copybob Dittopants, Mall Girl Pearl, What's Eating Patrick, Safe Deposit Krabs

Worst Episodes: SpongeBob You're Fired, Little Yellow Book, Squid Baby, The Fishbowl, Sold, Bumper to Bumper, Goodbye Krabby Patty
Apr 15, 2016
Using a form found above:

Best episode: Copybob Dittopants and Goodbye Krabby Patty
Worst Episode: Squid Baby
Overrated Episodes: Plankton's Pet and Safe Deposit Krabs
Underrated Episodes: Sanctuary
Overhated Episodes: SpongeBob You're Fired
Most forgettable: Seance Shmeance
Apr 15, 2016
Extreme Spots - Meh
Squirrel Record - Meh
Patrick-Man - Meh
Gary's New Toy - Good
License to the Milkshake - Good
Squid Baby - Awful
Little Yellow Book - Bad
Bumper to Bumper - Bad
Eek, an Urchin - Great
Squid Defense - Meh
Jailbreak - Good
Evil Spatula - Meh
It Came from Goo Lagoon - Good
Safe Deposit Krabs - Meh
Plankton's Pet - Good
Don't Look Now - Good
Seance Shmeance- Good
Kenny the Cat - Meh
Yeti Krabs - Good
SpongeBob, You're Fired - Meh
Lost in Bikini Bottom - Good
Tutor Sauce - Good
Squid Plus One - Good
The Executive Treatment - Meh
Company Picnic - Good
Pull Up a Barrel - Good
Sanctuary - Good
What's Eating Patrick - Meh
Patrick the Game - Good
The Sewers of Bikini Bottom - Good
SpongeBob LongPants - Bad
Larry's Gym - Great
The Fishbowl - Meh
Married to Money - Good
Mall Girl Pearl - Good
Two Thumbs Down - Meh
Sharks vs Pods - Good
CopyBob DittoPants - Great
Sold! - Good
Lame and Fortune - Good
Goodbye Krabby Patty - Good
Sandy's Nutmare - Meh
Bulletin Board - Good
Food Con Castaways - Good
Snail Mail - Good
Pineapple Invasion - Good
Salsa Imbecilicus - Good
Munity on the Krusty - Meh
The Whole Tooth - Good

Great: 3
Good: 28
Meh: 12
Bad: 3
Awful: 1

Good season, but there's not much here that's remarkable, besides the episodes I consider great. Definitely a step up from the previous 3 seasons though.


Flying Dutchman's Sock
Feb 12, 2017
Rating Scale:

Extreme Spots- Okay
Squirrel Record- Okay
Patrick-Man!- Great
Gary's New Toy- Good
License to Milkshake- Good
Squid Baby- Terrible
Little Yellow Book- Terrible
Bumper to Bumper- Meh
Eek, an Urchin!- Great
Squid Defense- Bad
Jailbreak!- Great
Evil Spatula- Good
It Came From Goo Lagoon- Good
Safe Deposit Krabs- Great
Plankton's Pet- Excellent
Don't Look Now- Good
Seance Schmeance- Great
Kenny the Cat- Meh
Yeti Krabs- Meh
Spongebob You're Fired!- Terrible
Lost in Bikini Bottom- Great
Tutor Sauce- Great
Squid Plus One- Great
The Executive Treatment- Good
Company Picnic- Good
Pull Up a Barrel- Excellent
Sanctuary!- Great
What's Eating Patrick?- Excellent
Patrick! The Game- Great
The Sewers of Bikini Bottom- Excellent
SpongeBob LongPants- Okay
Larry's Gym- Great
The Fish Bowl- Bad
Married to Money- Great
Mall Girl Pearl- Excellent
Two Thumbs Down- Good
Sharks VS Pods- Great
CopyBob DittoPants- Great
Sold!- Excellent
Lame and Fortune- Excellent
Goodbye, Krabby Patty?- Excellent
Sandy's Nutmare- Great
Bulletin Board- Excellent
Food Con Castaways- Excellent
Snail Mail- Good
Pineapple Invasion- Great
Salsa Imbecilicus- Excellent
Mutiny on the Krusty- Okay
The Whole Tooth- Great


Jan 29, 2014
I really really hope Season 9b isn’t lumped into the dark age with the rest. It isn’t surprising people burned out on 9a but I still love almost every episode this season.
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Flying Dutchman's Sock
Feb 12, 2017
Using a form used above:

Best episode: Plankton's Pet, Food Con Castaways, Pull Up a Barrel
Worst Episode: SpongeBob, You're Fired!
Overrated Episodes: Two Thumbs Down*
Underrated Episodes: Sanctuary!
Overhated Episodes: Mutiny on the Krusty
Most Forgettable: Don't Look Now

*I still liked Two Thumbs Down, but would give it a good compared to most people's amazing.


See You Ocean Man...
Aug 8, 2013
9A is just awful. There are maybe like two good episodes.
9B has some great episodes (Tutor Sauce, Sanctuary, Sharks vs. Pods, Sold) but most of the rest just feel way too chaotic and WHOA ZANY for me. Some episodes have interesting concepts but poor execution (The Executive Treatment, Mutiny on the Krusty) others have some really good jokes or scenes that get lost in all the WACKY ADVENTURES (CopyBob DittoPants, Snail Mail, Salsa whatever the hell the name is). It's definitely better than seasons 6-9A but I completely disagree that it's seasons 1-3 level, maybe even not as good as 4 or 5. I miss the dialogue-based humor.
Sep 16, 2013
United States
While there is some improvement over seasons 4-8, I still don't think this episode is on par with the first three seasons. In fact, it's not even close in my opinion. The biggest problems that were rampant here were, to me, the extremely hyper characterizations of the characters, most of the gags being visual with barely any dialogue-based humor, and many of the episodes feeling really underwhelming, not helped by how absolutely weird and zany some of the plots are.

Overall, the season receives a 6/10 from me.
Jan 20, 2017
My Rock.
Extreme Spots - (7/10) Good (Close to Average) {B+}

Squirrel Record - (5/10) Meh (5/10) {C}

Patrick-Man! - (8.5/10) Good! {A-}

Gary's New Toy - (7/10) Good (Close to Average) {B+}

License to Milkshake - (9.5/10) Gold (Close to Gold) {A}

Squid Baby - (1/10) Abysmal (Close to Scumbob) {E-}

Little Yellow Book - (7.5/10) Good {A-}

Bumper to Bumper - (8/10) Good {A-}

Eek, An Urchin! - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Squid Defense - (5.5/10) Average (Close to Meh) {C+}

Jailbreak! - (8.5/10) Good {A-}

Evil Spatula - (8/10) Good {A-}

It Came From Goo Lagoon - (8.5/10) Good {A-}

Safe Deposit Krabs - (8/10) Good {A-}

Plankton's Pet - (9.5/10) Gold {A}

Don't Look Now - (9.5/10) Gold {A}

Seance Shmeance - (4.5/10) Meh {C-}

Kenny The Cat - (8/10) Good {A-}

Yeti Krabs - (8/10) Good {A-}

Spongebob, You're Fired! - (6.5/10) Average (Close to Good) {B} fite me
Season 9A Top/Bottom 5:
5. Jailbreak! 5. Spongebob, You're Fired!
4. Patrick-Man! 4. Squid Defence
3. Eek! An Urchin 3. Squirrel Record
2. Plankton's Pet 2. Seance Shmeance
1. Don't Look Now 1. Squid Baby

Lost in Bikini Bottom - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Tutor Sauce - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Squid Plus One - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

The Executive Treatment - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Company Picnic - (8.5/10) Good {A-}

Pull up a Barrel - (10/10) Gold {A+}

Sanctuary! - (9.5/10) Gold {A}

What's Eating, Patrick? - (9.5/10) Gold {A}

Patrick! The Game - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

The Sewers of Bikini Bottom - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

SpongeBob LongPants - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Larry's Gym - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

The Fish Bowl - (1/10) Abysmal (Close to Scumbob) {E-}

Married to Money - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Mall Girl Pearl - (8.5/10) Good {A-}

Two Thumbs Down - (10/10) Gold {A+}

Sharks vs Pods - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

CopyBob DittoPants - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Sold! - (9.5/10) Gold (Close to Good) {A}

Lame and Fortune - (8/10) Good {A-}

Goodbye, Krabby Patty? - (10/10) {A+}

Sandy's Nutmare - (8.5/10) Good {A-}

Bulletin Board - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Food Con Castaways - (8/10) Good {A-}

Snail Mail - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

Pineapple Invasion - (6/10) Average {B-}

Salsa Imbecilicus - (8/10) guud {a-}

Mutiny on The Krusty - (9/10) Good (Close to Gold) {A-}

The Whole Tooth - (0/10) ScumBob {F-}
Season 9B Top/Bottom Five
5. What's Eating, Patrick? 5. Lame And Fortune
4. Sanctuary! 4. Salsa Imbecilicus
3. Sold! 3. Pineapple Invasion
2. Two Thumbs Down 2. The Fish Bowl
1. Goodbye, Krabby Patty? 1. The Whole Tooth
Season 9 Top/Bottom Five
5. Plankton's Pet 5. Squid Defence
4. Don't Look Now 4. Squirrel Record
3. Sold! 3. The Fish Bowl
2. Two Thumbs Down 2. Squid Baby
1. Goodbye, Krabby Patty? 1. The Whole Tooth

Captain Stupid

Giant Clam
Jun 12, 2014
The first half of Season 9 is very similar to Season 8, particularly because of the animation.
The second half, on the other hand, is much closer to Season 5.

As a hole, Season 9 sure is an improvement over the Seasons 6-8. This season did many things right, such as having the main characters in character most of the time. Patrick is a good example, even in the first half. :whoo:
And like Pieguyrulz said, Season 9A sure was creative when it came to Plankton.

Wait, did I say every main character was in character for the most part? Um... I take it back.
There's one character who mostly was NOT in character: Squidward. :squidugh:

I know I'm harsh on Squidward all the time, but it's mostly because of most SB reviewers out there. But it's also because of this very season. I HATE Squidward in this season! :mad: With the exception of The Sewers of Bikini Bottom, Yeti Krabs and Mutiny on the Krusty, Squidward is really nasty in almost every episode he appears in. People say he was never flanderized, but this season is a clear evidence of that.

Episodes like Patrick! The Game and The Whole Tooth need to be made more often, as Squidward got proper punishment for being such a meanie. And those two episodes were particularly satisfying after Little Yellow Book, Squid Plus One and The Executive Treatment.

Squidward's treatment in The Fishbowl was also satisfying to me after cameos like Picture Day and Sun Bleached.

Most overrated episodes: Squid Plus One and The Executive Treatment.
Most underrated episodes: Patrick! The Game and The Whole Tooth.
Most overhated episodes: Squid Defense, Spongebob, you're fired! and The Fishbowl.
Most underhated episodes: Little Yellow Book, Squid Plus One and The Executive Treatment.

I don't have any particular Bottom 5/ Top 5 yet, but let me share my current opinions on some episodes anyway:

Least favorite 9A episode: Little Yellow Book
Least favorite 9B episode: Squid Plus One

Favorite 9A episode: Plankton's Pet
Favorite 9B episode: The Whole Tooth
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