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Can't See For Free
Apr 23, 2016
Far Away
Whirly Brains: 7.4/10
Mermaid Pants: 9.2/10
Unreal Estate: 8.6/10
Code Yellow: 8.3/10
Mimic Madness: 8.7/10
House Worming: 7/10
​Snooze You Lose: 6.7/10
Krusty Katering: 8.2/10
SpongeBob's Place: 8.7/10
Plankton Gets the Boot: 9/10
Life Insurance: 7.2/10
Burst Your Bubble: 8.3/10
Plankton Retires: 9/10
Trident Trouble: 7.5/10
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: 7.8/10
Sportz?: 6.4/10
The Getaway: 8.7/10
Lost and Found: 8.6/10
Patrick's Coupon: 7/10
Out of the Picture: 8/10
Feral Friends: 9.1/10
Don't Wake Patrick: 6.7/10

Top 5:
5. The Getaway
4. Plankton Retires
3. Plankton Gets The Boot
2. Feral Friends
1. Mermaid Pants

Bottom 5:
5. House Worming
4. Patrick's Coupon
3. Snooze You Lose
2. Don't Wake Patrick
1. Sportz?

Amazing: 4
Great: 8
Good: 6
Okay: 3
Mediocre: 0
Bad: 0
Atrocity: 0
Abysmal: 0

Season 10 is a good season, but it relies way too heavily on slapstick to really have funny episodes.
Feb 23, 2018
Naucalpan, Mexico
Well, the least amazing episodes in a good season, still this Season is Great

Whirly Brains 9.6/10
Mermaid Pants 9.0/10
Unreal Estate 9.5/10
Code Yellow 8.7/10
Mimic Madness 9.9/10
House Worming 9.5/10
Snooze You Lose 8.4/10
Krusty Katering 9.3/10
SpongeBob's Place 9.1/10
Plankton Gets the Boot 8.9/10
Life Insurance 8.7/10
Burst Your Bubble 9.5/10
Plankton Retires 8.7/10
Trident Trouble 9.5/10
The Incredible Srinking Sponge 9.5/10
Sportz? 8.2/10
The Getaway 9.5/10
Lost and Found 9.4/10
Patrick's Coupon 8.9/10
Out of the Picture 8.7/10
Feral Friends 10/10
Don't Wake Patrick 9.4/10

Top 5
5 Burst Your Bubble
4 The Getaway
3 Whirly Brains
2 Mimic Madness
1 Feral Friends

Bottom 5
5 Out of the Picture
4 Plankton Retires
3 Code Yellow
2 Snooze You Lose
1 Sportz?

Abysmal 0

REINESSANCE ERA!!! More like Season 4 though


Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
I'm more open to this season than I was last year. I still don't like it, it's a pretty mediocre season over all. However I think some episodes like Burst Your Bubble, Trident Trouble and The Getaway deserved a little bit more respect than I gave them.

Depressed Luigi

Jul 18, 2015
I'm more open to this season than I was last year. I still don't like it, it's a pretty mediocre season over all. However I think some episodes like Burst Your Bubble, Trident Trouble and The Getaway deserved a little bit more respect than I gave them.
Now that Ink Lemonade happened so many more episodes seem way better to you don't they :sbface:


Dec 3, 2017
1)Mimic Madness(A)
2)Feral Friends(A-)
3)Lost And Found(A-)
4)Burst Your Bubble(B+)
5)Out Of The Picture(B+)
6)Life Insurance(B+)
7)Code Yellow(B)
8)Mermaid Pants(B)
9)The Getaway(B-)
10)Plankton Gets The Boot(C+)
11)Patrick’s Coupon(C)
12)House Worming(C)
13)Don’t Wake Patrick(C-)
14)Whirly Brains(D+)
15)Unreal Estate(D+)
16)Snooze You Lose(D+)
17)Trident Trouble(D+)
18)The Incredible Shrinking Sponge(D+)
19)SpongeBob's Place(D)
20)Krusty Katering(D)
21)Plankton Retires(D-)

Overall Though:This season get worse then I remember,even though I approved the new style that crew decades to add in show,the execution here is pretty lackluster.Some episodes simply don’t know what they trying to do and ended up avoid any structure or points,and even without this half of season is rehashes of old ideas.Season’s average slapstick humor is pretty boring any don’t that entertaining,but it’s still has it’s moments(Life Insurance,Code Yellow,Getaway).Characters in most of the season get much more one dimensional to the point that made episodes even more uninteresting to watch.Animation is Top-nuch,too bad that most of the season use it for animate farting brains instead use it for creative stories(Come on,it’s perfectly can do that,Burst Your Bubble or Feral Friends is a good examples).It’s better than S6-9a easily,but its definitely a big step down from 9b and overall a big waste of it’s own crazy cartoony potential that it has.Disappointing season,if talking in 2 words.BUT SEASON’s a different story...



the guy who draws the toons
Oct 8, 2018
Whirly Brains - Ok
Mermaid Pants - Great
Unreal Estate - Great
Code Yellow - Good
Mimic Madness - Good
House Worming - Meh
Snooze You Lose - Ok!
Krusty Katering - Ok
SpongeBob's Place - Great
Plankton Gets the Boot - Ok
Life Insurance - Good
Burst Your Bubble - Pretty Good
Plankton Retires - Meh
Trident Trouble - Really Good!
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge - Great
Sportz? - Pretty Bad.
The Getaway - Good!
Lost and Found - Great
Patrick's Coupon - Good
Out of the Picture - Ok
Feral Friends - Pretty Good
Don't Wake Patrick - Alright

Overall, this season was ok. There were a few bad apples, but most of these episodes were ok.
Nov 10, 2017
United States
Whirly Brains (D)
Mermaid Pants (A)
Unreal Estate (A)
Code Yellow (A)
Mimic Madness (A+)
House Worming (D)
Snooze You Lose (D)
Krusty Katering (B)
SpongeBob's Place (B)
Plankton Gets the Boot (B)
Life Insurance (B)
Burst Your Bubble (A)
Plankton Retires (B)
Trident Trouble (C)
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge (B)
Sportz? (C)
The Getaway (B)
Lost and Found (B)
Patrick's Coupon (D)
Out of the Picture (B)
Feral Friends (B)
Don't Wake Patrick (C)

Top 5:
5. Code Yellow
4. Burst Your Bubble
3. Mermaid Pants
2. Unreal Estate
1. Mimic Madness

Bottom 5:
5. Don't Wake Patrick
4. Whirly Brains
3. Patrick's Coupon
2. Snooze You Lose
1. House Worming


Jun 13, 2019
Whirly brains: Good
Mermaidpants: Excellent
Unreal estate: Great
Code yellow: Excellent
Sportz: Bad
Plankton gets the boot: Okay
Trident trouble: Good
Patrick's coupon: Good
The Getaway: Masterpiece
Snooze you loose: Good
Mimic Madness: Amazing
House worming: Excellent
Krusty Katering: Great
Plankton retires: Great
Feral friends: Amazing
The incredible shrinking sponge: Good

Terrible: 0
Awful: 0
Bad: 1
Mediocre: 0
Okay: 1
Decent: 0
Good: 5
Great: 3
Excellent: 3
Amazing: 2
Masterpiece: 1

Rating: 55/100 Great season
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Jun 22, 2019
Whirly Brains: Good
Mermaid Pants: Amazing
Unreal Estate: Great
Code Yellow: Great
Mimic Madness: Good
House Worming: Bad
Snooze You Lose: Good
Krusty Katering: Great
SpongeBob's Place: Eh
Plankton Gets the Boot: Good
Life Insurance: Great
Burst Your Bubble: Mediocre
Plankton Retires: Good
Trident Trouble: Good
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: Eh
Sportz?: Good
The Getaway: Good
Lost and Found: Good
Patrick's Coupon: Good
Out of the Picture: Great
Feral Friends: Great
Don't Wake Patrick: Good

This season is more on the forgettable side, even if I do enjoy it. The episodes mostly range from eh-great, with only 3 episodes with different ratings. This is pretty much a pre-season 11 as it feels like season 11, except it's not as good as that season.
Apr 8, 2019
Alright, I'll rank every episode of the season from worst to best, since there aren't too many episodes to talk about.

23. Plankton Gets the Boot
Reasoning: You know how Plankton got more likeable at around Season 4 - 9? I feel like this episode wanted to make Plankton as unlikable as possible, and it just doesn't work out. There also isn't really any moment that really stands out, especially since the episode is identical to most of the other times when Plankton and Karen don't get along.

22. SpongeBob's Place
The episode is essentially just Banned in Bikini Bottom again, without the song, although it's slightly higher, since I like Squidward's song.

21. House Worming
The episode stands out more than Jellyfish Jam, since SpongeBob actually tries to get help to get rid of the worms instead of just accepting the situation. But there aren't really many funny moments.

20. Plankton Retires
Same case as last time, where it's just New Leaf again, but with funnier moments.

19. Don't Wake Patrick
A pretty bare bones short, as a lot of the jokes they tell I simply can see coming.

18. Clam Up!
Has a lot more funny moments than the last pick, but it doesn't really feel like they do much with the idea.

17. You Snooze, You Lose
Similar case as above, except with J. K. Simmons.

16. Patrick's Coupon
Hey kids? Want to see Patrick going everywhere to meet himself? Cause I don't really, it's too dumb.
So much better than The Nitwitting though.

15. Whirly Brains
It's gross to see all these Brains flying everywhere, but there is a nice ending, great visuals, and some good jokes.

14. Sportz?
So does this episode take place before Krabs Al La Mode and A Friendly Game?
Anyway, Squidward's a jerk in the episode, but he gets tormented for it, learns a lesson, and some of these visual gags are just funny, alright?

13. Life Insurance
Similar to Whirly Brains, but has some good visual gags again, and Squidward doesn't die in the end.

12. Lost and Found
Utilizes scenery well, good visual gags again, but kind of a missed opportunity to not have more references to previous episodes.

11. Code Yellow, I repeat, CODE YELLOW!
Good ways of SpongeBob treating the injured, but Squidward gets a little too much torment for me, I think.

10. Out Of The Picture
Feels a little blatant at the climax, but I love the places Squidward goes, and the ending.

9. Mermaid Pants and Barnacle Star I: The Next Generation
Although I considered it one of the worst episodes of the season last time, I've come to appreciate it more in the re-watch. It's pretty funny, and I loved the climax of Squidward turning evil, but before that, I feel like Squidward was unnecessarily tormented. I would have preferred it if he was evil the whole time.

8. Krusty Katering
Once again, good gags, but I don't like how the kids and adults party mash up by the end. It's no big deal though.

7. Trident Trouble
The Greek Chorus is a mixed bag, but everything else about the episode is really funny.

6. Free Unreal Estate.
Once again, there are some good visual gags, and I like the concept, but it's weird how Squidward's new house is a rocket ship.

5. Burst Your Bubble!
Good role-reversal of a Boating School Episode, funny moments, and creative use of the bubbles, what's not for me to like?

4. The INCREDIBLE shrinking SPONGE!
It's really cool to see the Krusty Krab so small, and I like SpongeBob meeting up with Plankton when he's small. I just really like the episode.

3. The Getaway
While Sticky Fins is a bit uninteresting on his own, that's not the point. The point is that he's driving with a crazy Sponge, and outside of that, I adore the relationship with Mrs. Puff and Dorsal Dan.

2. Feral Friends
Let's face it, this was predictable.
Not the episode, but how high it and the next choice will rank.
This episode is very, very creative, has a lot of really funny moments (one that no one talks about is how Feral Squidward still says "OW! OW! OW!" when he's fighting against Feral Pearl), and I like seeing The French Narrator interact with Sandy. The only thing that brings it down, is that I don't really like how cartoony Patchy is, and he doesn't really do anything in the episode. It just feels like they brought him back, just to bring him back.

1. Mimic Madness
This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, alongside Feral Friends. Why?
Funny moments, amazing animation, a good story, and the best song the series (not including the song in Band Geeks (not because I think it's better, but because it's not technically a SpongeBob song) or the ones in The Movie).

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