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Greetings to SBM users everywhere! A while ago, I had made a Fan Edition of the Top 20 Worst Spongebob Episodes. This time around, however, I’m here to release a 2nd Fan Edition! Is it another Top 20? Nope. In fact, this is actually a Top 50, sort of. This here is a two-part countdown, the first part being the Top 25 WORST Spongebob Episodes, and the second part being the Top 25 BEST Spongebob Episodes! But first, I want to cover the 25 worst Spongebob episodes so I can end the countdown on a positive note. So for the first half, sit back and enjoy because…


(If an episode you voted for isn’t here, or if don’t agree with a certain episode being here, PLEASE be mature about it and don’t freak out over it. Thank you.)


Out of all the episodes to appear on this countdown, Porous Pockets is actually one of the few episodes that I disagree with. I’ll explain why in a couple minutes.

The episode starts off with Spongebob taking a walk through Jellyfish Fields when he hears a horrific shriek. He finds Patrick, who appears to be the one shrieking, until he reveals that he’s just mimicking it.

[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: Patrick, I know I heard a terrifying shriek. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Patrick: So did I, SpongeBob, but I was just mimicking it. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: [Patrick mimicking] So, you were mimicking it. Patrick, please don’t do that. It is really…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Okay, I’ll admit, that was actually pretty funny.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]So, Spongebob and Patrick hear the shriek again, and they find that a clam appears to be choking on something. It coughs up a pearl! So, when Spongebob and Patrick see this, do they leave it alone? Nope! In fact, they think that the pearl is a… volleyball, and they decide to take it to the beach to play with it.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=12pt]I’m dead serious. Spongebob and Patrick assume that the pearl is a volleyball, even though they saw a clam give birth to a pearl in The Smoking Peanut! I mean, sure a pearl and a volleyball are both white and round, but take a look at this comparison:[/SIZE]

How on Earth can they NOT tell the difference? I probably shouldn’t nitpick here because of their naivety, but I really don’t get how they would think of it as a beach ball, especially when the clam, you know, GAVE BIRTH TO IT!

So, while they get ready to play with the “volleyball”, a rich store clerk sees it and he goes to Spongebob and Patrick to offer them a “small” fortune for the pearl. How much money you ask? Well to him, a “small” fortune means a bunch of huge trucks dumping gigantic piles of money on Spongebob’s house. So they’re rich? Woohoo!

But here’s where things start to go badly. At one point, Spongebob offers some money to a person who doesn’t have any, you know, to help. And after that, someone walks by and sees this, so he asks Spongebob for money, because if he does…

Dale: But, I’ll be you’re best friend.

So Spongebob actually gives him the money, which leads to him giving away large sums of money to almost everyone in Bikini Bottom, because if he does, they will be his “best friends”.

You know, if someone is your “friend” because you give them money, that usually means that they are TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU! But since Spongebob is too naïve and oblivious to notice, he automatically believes that these people are true friends. But no. A true friend doesn’t take advantage of you and convince you to hand them your money just because. A true friend actually cares about you and is there for you when you need it, regardless of how much money/fame/stuff you have.

And when Patrick tries to slap some sense into Spongebob, Spongebob actually thinks that Patrick is jealous, so he basically kicks him out without any second thought.

[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Patrick: SpongeBob, I gotta tell you something I think you should know: your house is full of strangers! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: Oh, Patrick, these aren’t strangers. These are 497 of my closest friends. Right everybody? [crowd cheers] That right! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] [SpongeBob throws cash in the air and the crowd cheers and grabs for it] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: Patrick, do you hear that? That is the sound of love. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Patrick: SpongeBob, if you keep throwing your money away like that, you won’t have any left to… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Mr. Krabs: Excuse me sir, is this man giving you trouble? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Patrick: SpongeBob! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: Like I was saying… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Patrick: But… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Mr. Krabs: We don’t want any trouble, now just keep moving.[/SIZE]

Because that’s what best friends do! Ugh…

So anyways, Spongebob doesn’t listen to Patrick, so he keeps giving away his money to his “friends”. Eventually, Spongebob runs out of money very quickly (you should’ve listened to Patrick), and because of this, all of his “friends” ditch him. Turns out they aren’t such good friends, huh?

Spongebob returns to his former life, and he talks to Patrick. He realizes what an idiot and a jerk he had become, and he apologizes to Patrick for ditching him and not listening to him earlier. And then, Patrick forgives him and he takes out another “volleyball” that he found in the Bikini Bottom Diamond Mine!

Really? That’s more obvious than the darn pearl! Oh well, whatever makes them happy.

Now I gotta say why I disagree with this episode. Now, I can understand how Spongebob’s attitude towards Patrick could make someone hate this episode. I mean, Spongebob basically pushed away his friend without any second thought. And while it bothered me a little, the reason I don’t hate this episode is because Spongebob isn’t just that way for no reason. Similarly to Rule of Dumb, there was always something that turned a character (Spongebob this time) into an arrogant jerk. And in this case, it was money and fame (in ROD’s case, it was the crown that turned Patrick into a jerk). And the plot was actually pretty solid, and the conflict ultimately led to Spongebob running out of all his money, leading him to realize the fact that he was driven to arrogance because of his richness, similar to how the conflict of Rule of Dumb led to Patrick realizing what an arrogant jerk he was to everybody.

It may not be as good as Rule of Dumb, but it at least shows us why Spongebob is acting this way. And at least Spongebob realizes what a jerk he was to his true best friend, Patrick Star, giving us an actually good message in Season 6; money or fame cannot replace friendship.

Bottom line is, I personally think that this episode deserves much more credit than it gets, and this is actually one of the few episodes that I don’t think should be on the list at all. But it’s your opinion, so I’m not going to change it.

Since the next one is a tie, I’ll provide two hints this time around.

Hint #1: Zombies in The Basement

Hint #2: Krabby Patty Seed Collector


Stealing food is WRONG!
SB_DW_Fan said:
WHAT? Porous Pocket s is one of my favorite season 6 episodes.
Milkmaidman said:

I like that episode.
Yeah, like I said, I'm actually surprised to see it on the countdown. It's actually one of the few episodes on the list that I disagree with completely.


Porous Pockets was a good episode for me. I think its safe to say that more than 90% of the people here enjoy Porous Pockets :)


Stealing food is WRONG!

You all may be surprised to hear this, but this episode is actually another one that I happen to like quite a bit. I’ll explain as I go along.

In this episode, Pearl is getting ready for a slumber party with her friends, when Mr. Krabs intervenes. He starts meddling in with her preparations by making a bunch of ridiculous rules such as no food, no dancing, etc. You know, I would’ve actually sided with Mr. Krabs here, had it not been for THIS:

Sheesh, no chewing gum? No dancing? No eating snacks? No LAUGHING?! Sheesh, Party Pooper Pants much? More like Party Pooper Krabs!

So, because of Krabs’ ridiculous rules (I understand no vulgar language), Pearl kicks out Mr. Krabs and invites her friends over. So, Krabs decides to go over to Spongebob’s house, since he has nowhere else to go.

SpongeBob puts on a movie that shows girls having a slumber party and inviting their gangster boyfriends, who begin vandalizing the house. Mr. Krabs becomes paranoid that Pearl and her “no good” friends are going to destroy his own home, so he sends Spongebob out to spy on them.

[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] [At Mr. Krabs’s house, Pearl and her friends are in Pearl's room, laughing and reading magazines. There is a knock on the door. Pearl answers it] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Pearl: Hello? [A girl that looks like SpongeBob is there with her suitcase] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: Hi, I’m here for the slumber party. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Pearl: Do I know you? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: My name is... um... Girly Teengirl! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Pearl: [suspicious] Uh-huh. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: Um, I just moved here from... um... Farawayville. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Pearl: I know it’s you, SpongeBob SquarePants! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: I don’t know what you’re talking about! [Pearl pulls her hair and lifts her up into the air] Aaaaah! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Pearl: You were sent to spy on me by my dad! Get him, girls! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: Aaaaah! [The girls start attacking her. Girly soon runs away with fruit being thrown at her] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Girly: [crying] I am so moving back to Farawayville! [SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs drive up in a pizza delivery truck] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Mr. Krabs: Who the heck is that? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]·[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] SpongeBob: I don’t know, but she is ug-ly![/SIZE]

I thought that it was pretty funny that the writers used a doppelganger of Spongebob in this episode. I like how it references the Drifter in No Weenies Allowed, as we have someone who looks a lot like Spongebob!

So, Spongebob makes many different attempts to spy on Pearl, from being a pizza delivery boy, to a plumber, but to no avail, as Pearl and her friends drive him away every time. Later, Spongebob decides to talk to Pearl, and he tries to prove to her that he’s able to have a good time at the party, and that he’s the most fun person on the planet. But, he eventually falls down into Krabs's root beer cellar while trying to prove in ten seconds that he is fun enough for the party, and Pearl shuts the door.

Spongebob notices all the root-beer in the cellar, so he opens every single cask, and manages to absorb all the root beer. While Pearl and her friends watch a zombie movie, Spongebob breaks through the root-beer cellar door and starts partying throughout the house, while looking similar to the zombie that they saw in the movie. And while he’s at it, he accidentally spews root beer EVERYWHERE and he even destroys half the house in the process!

And soon enough, Mr. Krabs enters his house, only to find that it’s a total mess. There’s root beer everywhere. Half of his stuff is destroyed. His newspapers are shredded. And his daughter is lying on the ground, looking injured. But despite my last sentence, Mr. Krabs simply runs past Pearl so he can mourn over the loss of his newspaper that he was going to read “someday”.

Now before I go on, I’d like to say that many people hate this episode because of Pearl’s character here. Now I’d like to ask you, WHY DO YOU ALL HATE HER IN THIS EPISODE?!?! For once, she’s not a stubborn whiny brat. She just wants to have a simple slumber party with her friends. The person I hate more than Pearl in this episode is Mr. Krabs! Why is everybody siding with him? He’s making completely stupid and absurd rules for the slumber party (Seriously? No laughing?). He doesn’t even trust HIS OWN DAUGHTER not to destroy the house (especially when she’s just watching some movies and eating snacks with her friends). And he would put some stupid newspapers before his own daughter, even if she was horribly injured. In my opinion, if anybody should be hated, it should be MR. KRABS! None of this would’ve happened if Mr. Krabs hadn’t been so paranoid, absurd, and not trusting of his own daughter. I realize she’s a teenager, but when has she destroyed his property when he’s not looking?

So, because the house is a mess, Mr. Krabs actually puts the blame on Pearl for all the destruction that Spongebob caused. Enraged with Mr.Krabs sending SpongeBob to spy on her and her friends and ruining the party, Pearl takes his money, using it to host her own private beach party at Goo Lagoon, where Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are the only ones not allowed in.

To be honest, I actually really like this episode. I found myself chuckling quite a few times during the episode, and I actually liked Pearl here. She’s actually not a whiny jerk here. Rather, she’s actually SENSIBLE and even a little funny. Also, the reference to No Weenies Allowed was pretty amusing! I can understand why so many people hate this episode, but I seriously wouldn’t call it one of the worst. And if someone does call it one of the worst, I wouldn’t put the blame on Pearl here.


And from a hilarious episode to a rather bland episode, we have For Here Or To Go!

The episode starts off with Spongebob playing a trumpet, heralding a surprise announcement from Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs walks by and he displays a jar full of bun seeds, as part of a contest. He announces that whoever if the first person to correctly guess the amount of seeds in the jar, that persona gets a Big WONDERFUL MAGNIFICENT PRIZE WHICH IS…. A free Krabby Patty.

Gee, what a super prize you’ll get. So, after some the customers try to guess the number of seeds and fail miserably and get it wrong, Plankton decides to take a crack at it, but not before Krabs decides to kick him out because, well, it’s PLANKTON!

Plankton finds this to be unfair, so he calls the Bogus Business Bureau on Krabs. Soon after, a man named Agent Twirp arrives at the Krusty Krab with Plankton and states that Krabs must accept guesses from ALL customers, and he even threatens to shut down the restaurant if Mr. Krabs refuses.

Krabs reluctantly accepts Plankton’s offer, so Plankton decides to guess the number of seeds in the jar, and you know, he actually gets it right! (the amount of seeds in the jar is 500,301) But since Mr. Krabs doesn’t want Plankton to get a Krabby Patty, he spends about half the episode stalling the bureaucrat with a puppet show, excuses, and the like. But when all else fails, he and Spongebob can do nothing but cook the patty for Plankton.

When the Krabby Patty is ready, Plankton wants it "to go," but Mr. Krabs says it must be "dine in". Plankton stuffs the entire patty into his mouth, but Mr. Krabs tells him to swallow it.

That looks painful…

Once he does, he asks if he can go now, and is thrown out by Mr. Krabs into the Chum Bucket. He climbs onto an operating table and tells Karen to remove the patty from his stomach right away, even declining anesthetic!

The next day, Spongebob and Mr. Krabs sadly watch as many customers are entering the Chum Bucket for Krabby Patties. Suddenly, people rush out, sick from the patties. The rest of the customers flee, and Plankton asks Karen what's going on. She tells him she followed his orders, revealing she focused on his stomach contents, rather than the Krabby Patty's ingredients. Relieved, Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to recover the buns he flushed down the toilet and to put the seeds from the jar back onto them. The episode ends with SpongeBob saying "That's my Krabs!" and laughing.

I honestly don’t like this one all that much. Okay, I’ll admit, I DO actually like it a little, but I really don’t think this episode was at all necessary. Most of the episode is just Krabs trying to stall Plankton and the bureaucrat so that Spongebob doesn’t have to make the Patty. And while there were a few funny moments here and there, I just didn’t think the episode as a whole was all that good. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this episode is okay. It’s just plain okay. It has a few good parts, but it’s not really something I’d go out of my way to watch again.

Hint for Number 23: No arms. No legs. Just a slimy body with a silver trail.
I thought The Slumber Party was good.

To be honest, I actually liked For Here or To Go. There were some funny parts in this episode IMO.

Web Surfer

Oh boy...oh boy...

Porous Pockets is one of the episodes I chose for the worst. The jokes were few and lame, the plot was absolutely boring, and AGAIN, Spongebob and Patrick have been devoted to complete idiots. I didn't like the moral, either. It is more spoon-feeding of propaganda to trick kids into believing money = bad. It wasn't as offensively terrible as Patrick SmartPants, but still offensive nonetheless.

The Slumber Party is just meh. The gags were either recycled or terrible on their own, and the plot was thin and uninteresting. It didn't have anything for me to hate it, though. Nothing to love it either. It is just there.

For Here or To Go is a waste of time. Boring and stupid, with the irritating use of gross-out. Is there anything else I can say?


Stealing food is WRONG!
This next one is dedicated to CWN.



Why yes, yes it is. To be honest, like I said, I love both Pre-Movie and Post-Movie Spongebob. And even though Post-Movie has some bad episodes, it still has some good ones. And while Pre-Movie was EPIC, it’s not off the hook when it comes to having bad episodes. Even the greatest of things can have their flaws. Episodes like Dumped, The Great Snail Race, I’m With Stupid, and THIS episode prove my point perfectly. Now what’s wrong with this episode? Well, let’s see.

The episode starts off with Patrick arriving at Spongebob’s house to let him know that the Jellyfish Convention is open for the weekend. But since Spongebob can’t take care of Gary while at the convention, he asks Squidward to petsit Gary for him. At first, Squidward refuses, but when he finds out that Spongebob and Patrick are going away for the weekend, he decides to do it.

Now this is where things take a turn for the worst. Right after Spongebob and Patrick leave, and I DO mean RIGHT AFTER, Squidward simply forgets about Gary and he decides to give himself a tan.

I wish I was joking. But it’s true. Squidward is a horrible pet sitter who soaks up plenty of sun, while Gary is left in the house, looking longingly in the direction where SpongeBob left, horribly neglected. When SpongeBob gets back, Squidward suddenly remembers that he was supposed to take care of Gary. However, when he goes to get Gary, he finds him very sick, due to lack of food, water, and attention. Squidward, thinking he will be able to help, tried to give Gary some food. However, Gary is so weak from waiting for SpongeBob to come home, he is limp in Squidward's arms and will not eat. I mean, LOOK AT HIM!

He looks like he’s DYING for God’s sakes! When Spongebob finds out that Gary is sick, Squidward reluctantly calls the hospital for him. I mean, for crying out loud, seeing Gary in such a sickly condition and Spongebob’s reaction is utterly heart-wrenching to watch.

And people say this is the most heart-breaking scene in Spongebob. To me, that’s really nothing compared to this (BTW, that episode is actually going to come later on the list).

The doctor, Dr. Gill Gilliam, comes over to SpongeBob's house, and gives SpongeBob a syringe full of snail plasma. SpongeBob asks Squidward to give Gary the plasma, as he is squeamish. Squidward reluctantly agrees and, while trying to inject Gary, accidentally injects SpongeBob with snail plasma causing SpongeBob to worry about the consequences.

Upon realizing that Gary only needed water, Squidward leaves telling SpongeBob not to worry about it. I wouldn’t go saying that quite yet, Squiddy! Spongebob tries to go along with his life, but he starts acting like a snail. He eats the snail food and he even starts to walk even slower than usual. Eventually, he goes into the bathroom and he notices a rather eerie change.

Oh, I’m sorry. I just made a huge understatement! What I meant to say was that HE GOES THROUGH THE UTTERLY PAINFUL SEQUENCE OF GENETIC MUTATION! That’s right! Our favorite childhood character goes through the disturbing transformation sequence where he turns into a snail; arms and legs shrink and disappear; eyes extend to form eyestalks; eve his body stretches out to form that of a snail’s body! This honestly scared me a lot as a kid, and it still freaks me out today. I realize this is a Halloween episode and I probably shouldn’t be upset about this, but it still makes me cringe whenever I watch it.

Squidward gets ready to go to sleep, when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it, only to find that poor Spongebob has mutated into a snail! Terrified and regretful, Squidward tries to lock and barricade all the doors and windows, but “SpongeSnail” still manages to squeeze inside. And then a crazy chase sequence occurs, which destroys the interior of Squidward’s house, and it appears that Squidward had accidentally got the plasma needle stuck in his nose.

And guess what? Now, Spongebob, Gary, and Squidward sing “Blow The Man Down” before Patrick wakes up and throws a boot at Squidward in order for him to shut up.

Oh boy... THIS episode. I have just seen this recently and let me tell you, I don't like this episode. Remember when I picked Reef Blower as the worst episode of Season 1? I've changed my mind. THIS episode takes the cake. The reason I dislike this episode (a little) is mainly because of how cringing and disturbing it is, and how uncomfortable it makes me. You may be asking, "Don't you like darker imagery?" Yes, actually. I do like dark imagery quite a bit, depending on how dark it is. I like dark and disturbing imagery, as long as it doesn't dwell on something that depresses me or makes me cringe. Squidward In Clarinetland is an example of creepy imagery I like. It's disturbing, but at least it doesn't go as far as to make you extremely uncomfortable, which is what this episode does to me. First off, I really hate how the first half seems to relish in pain and misery. To be perfectly honest, it was extremely upsetting and hard to watch Gary in his sickly state, all because Squidward is a horrible petsitter. I absolutely hate how detailed they made Gary. Now I like detailed animation (usually), but here, I get extremely uncomfortable.

I really dislike the detail, mainly because it looks like Gary's DYING for God's sakes! I realize it's a Halloween special, but it still makes me cringe every time I watch it. Now we get to the mutation part. Oh boy... When I watched it the first time, I was really disturbed by that point. Again, I realize this is a Halloween special, but the way Spongebob slowly and painfully mutates into this "Sponge Snail" just makes me cringe! Almost everything from Squidward finding Gary in his sickly state, to this point, just makes me uncomfortable whenever I see it. The ending is almost no better. Although I liked the Meowing song, as well as Patrick's final line, it becomes less funny and more disturbing when you realize that Spongebob and Squidward have mutated into snails, and the sheer possibility of them being stuck that way for the rest of their days. Cause' that's what you want to see out of a happy show like Spongebob Squarepants!

I'll admit, there are a few actually good moments in this episode. For example, I liked Patrick's character here. He was actually really funny in this episode! Also, even though I hate seeing Gary looking as if he's going to die, I was relieved to see that all he really needed was water to rejuvenate himself. But other than that, while I don't hate it, the amount of cringe-worthy scenes, as well as hard-to-watch and upsetting imagery keep me from truly enjoying this episode as a whole.

Oh if only Spongebob charged Squidward for neglecting poor Gary, this episode would be much better.

Hint for Number 22: The Big Bad Cousin
I like IWATG I don't get it's hate that much sure I know but this extreme, no just no
my guess for 22 BIG SISTER SAM ISNT THAT BAD! Sure it's bad but just not this bad


Stealing food is WRONG!
Award said:
I like IWATG I don't get it's hate that much sure I know but this extreme, no just no
my guess for 22 BIG SISTER SAM ISNT THAT BAD! Sure it's bad but just not this bad
Big Sister Sam is actually much higher on the countdown. The next one involves a COUSIN.