SBM Yearbook 2018

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Name: dmandaboi
Age: 17
Gender: High School visit on March 17th Male
City or State:
Auburn, AL

Favorite SB episode: "Chocolate With Nuts"
Favorite SB character: Squidward
Favorite song: "Birdhouse in your Soul" - TMBG
Favorite movie: The Room
Favorite movie genre: Animation
Favorite book: Arthur Kills a Hobo for His Clothes
Favorite TV Genre: Animation
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: any gameshow
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: Chowder
Favorite band/artist: OK Go
Favorite actor: Tommy Wiseau
Favorite actress: IDK
Favorite food: spaghet
Favorite snackfood: Popcorn
Favorite sport: Bowling
Favorite store: Target
Favorite vacation spot: Cedar Point
Favorite quote: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein
(besides sbm) Favorite website:
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite videogame: SMB ([spoiler3]Super Meat Boy[/spoiler3])
Favorite pasttime: going on SBMania

A word or phrase that describes you best? "why?"



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Name: SpongeOddFan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
City or State: Toronto, Ontaro. Canada
Favorite SB episode: Chocolate with Nuts
Favorite SB character: Squidward
Favorite song: i don't know yet
Favorite movie: The Lion King
Favorite movie genre: Animation & comedy.
Favorite book: don't have any
Favorite TV Genre: animated & comedy.
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: Drake & Joke, ICarly & VICTORIOUS
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: MLP, Star vs. force of evil, Gumball & Gravity Falls
Favorite band/artist: i guess Lunkin Park
Favorite actor: N/A
Favorite actress: Amy Schimer (sp?) (i guess the Mighty B is the reason why i liked her).
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite snackfood: Lays' chips
Favorite sport: does WWE counts? :p
Favorite store: Walmart
Favorite vacation spot: New York
Favorite quote: N/A
Favorite website (besides sbm) Twitter
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite videogame: Mario Kart Wii
Favorite pasttime: chatting with friends.

A word or phrase that describes you best? odd

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ya boi has changed a lot in a year. rip my hippy hair later today

Name: Cody
Age: 17
Gender: Male
City or State: San Diego, California

Favorite SB episode: Hard. I said The Paper in the past, but now that I think about it, it wouldn't be in my top 5, maybe 10. Anyway, my current favorite is The Camping Episode or Can You Spare a Dime.
Favorite SB character: Isn't it obvious at this point? :p
Favorite song: Hard choice. An Eagle In Your Mind by Boards of Canada will never get old after the many relistens I give it.
Favorite movie: Ironically: Santa Clause 3, The Room. Unironically: Ratatouille, The Book of Life, The Wind Rises, Mulan, Emperor's New Groove, The LEGO Movie, etc.
Favorite movie genre: don't know if animation counts, if not, comedy
Favorite book: what's a book
Favorite TV Genre: Animation, again, if it doesn't count, comedy
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: Ned's Declassified, Stranger Things, Mystery Diners
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: Bunnicula (take a shot) Over The Garden Wall, Teen Titans Go (I'm serious), Harvey Beaks, Kaeloo, Chuck's Choice, Chuck Jones-era Tom and Jerry, lots of 2000s cartoons too lol
Favorite band/artist: oh boy everyone get ready to take a shot again

Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Tame Impala, Encore-Era Eminem, Amon Tobin, Pilotredsun
Favorite actor: Rodger Bumpass
Favorite actress: Vanessa Hudgens so I can get a like from Rugratskid :sbfunny:
Favorite food: Pizza, Fast Food, Chicken, Fries, Salad
Favorite snackfood: so much sugary and salty foods, I'll eat just ahout any unhealthy American snack out there
Favorite sport: Baseball I guess I should watch it more xD
Favorite store: Target, Barnes and Noble (I should really start reading again), Toys R Us (rip. I'm planning on going to a liquidation sale later this afternoon)
Favorite vacation spot: Ohio I guess. I don't go anywhere much. :p
Favorite quote: Any post from SpongeBob and Patrick will do
(besides sbm) Favorite website: SpongeBob Community, Twitter, Youtube, Pastebin, Imgur, RateYourMusic,
Favorite color: Blue because I'm a proud liberal[/b], grey is cool too
Favorite videogame: Duck Game
Favorite pasttime: Doing Squidward crossovers to annoy everyone, archive Cartoon Network commercials, drawing horribly

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Name: OWM
Age: 15
Gender: ssj4gogita4
City or State: Pennsylvania

Favorite SB episode: Wet Painters
Favorite SB character: Squidward
Favorite song: Depends on what mood I'm in
Favorite movie: Used to be Star Wars, but nowadays I don't really have one
Favorite movie genre: Action or comedy
Favorite book: huh
Favorite TV Genre: Comedy
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: Simpsons
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: "
Favorite band/artist: Too many to choose from
Favorite actor: Danny DeVito
Favorite actress: Danny DeVito if he was a woman
​Favorite food: All kinds of seafood
​Favorite snackfood: Chocolate :tomew:
​Favorite sport: Football is interesting to look at even though I don't understand any of the rules
​Favorite store: The local record store downtown, the atmosphere is to kill for
​Favorite vacation spot: ur mum
​Favorite quote: "I pick SpongeBob, he looks like a nice sponge that I can bathe with.............. OOHHHH NO, THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! I meant....... that I use him to wash me, you know, put soap on him.......... Yea, never mind o_o" -SpongeyKid, 2013
​(besides sbm) ​Favorite website: SBC
​Favorite color: Forest green
​Favorite videogame: The Elder Scrolls series
​Favorite pasttime: Wasting time

A word or phrase that describes you best?

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Name: Cameron
Age: 19
Gender: heresthemailneverfailitalwaysmakesmewannawahmahtailwhenitcomeialwayswail MALE!
City or State: Flo Rida

Favorite SB episode: any episode that's not Man Ray Returns or Pat the Horse
Favorite SB character: Squishward
Favorite movie: Lethal Weapon 6
Favorite movie genre: I dunno
Favorite book: Astrophysics for Morons
Favorite TV Genre: Comedy
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: South Park
Favorite band/artist: I like a few '70s/'80s bands and artists. Let's just leave it at that.
Favorite actor: Danny DeVito
Favorite actress: Danielle DeVito
​Favorite food: kosher foods since I'm a Jewish Cyborg Pizza and chicken is fine
​Favorite snackfood: Chips, chocolate, anything that interests me
​Favorite sport: Hockey is literally the only sport that interests me
​Favorite store: I really like this one vintage furniture/record store down in downtown St. Pete. Also, McDonald's since I'm biased. :funny:
​Favorite vacation spot: Orlando
​Favorite quote: "Allahu akbar!"
​(besides sbm) ​Favorite website: SBC
​Favorite color: Blue/black
​Favorite videogame: Pokemon
​Favorite pasttime: sleeping
A word or phrase that describes you best?
a pretty funky jew


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Name: abney317
Age: 24
Gender: male
City or State: Arkansas

Favorite SB episode: Chocolate With Nuts
Favorite SB character: Patrick
Favorite song: hard to pick.. maybe Luchini by Camp Lo
Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption (or the first SB Movie hah)
Favorite movie genre: comedy or drama
Favorite book: Don't read enough.. not sure
Favorite TV Genre: Drama
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: Psych
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: Catdog or Hey Arnold
Favorite band/artist: Kanye or Outkast maybe
Favorite actor: Matt Damon or Will Smith
Favorite actress: not sure
Favorite food: brownies
Favorite snackfood: ...brownies? lol
Favorite sport: baseball and basketball
Favorite store: don't know.. walmart has food
Favorite vacation spot: somewhere warm
Favorite quote: "uuhhhh..." -Patrick :p
(besides sbm) Favorite website: Twitch
Favorite color: blue like #007fff
Favorite videogame: Mario Kart 64
Favorite pasttime: posting on SBM lol

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(white version)
[b]Name:[/b] Amphitrite
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]City or State:[/b] Hyrule

[b]Favorite SB episode:[/b] Dunces and Dragons
[b]Favorite SB character:[/b] Patrick
[b]Favorite song:[/b] Call Me Maybe
[b]Favorite movie:[/b] Tangled
[b]Favorite movie genre:[/b] Comedy, Fantasy
[b]Favorite book:[/b] I don't read much...
[b]Favorite TV Genre:[/b] Drama, Fantasy, and Comedy
[b]Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show:[/b] iCarly
[b]Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon:[/b] Gravity Falls
[b]Favorite band/artist:[/b] Justin Timberlake
[b]Favorite actor:[/b] Johnny Depp
[b]Favorite actress:[/b] Still pending
[b]Favorite food:[/b] Corn dogs and nachos
[b]Favorite snackfood:[/b] Chocolate
[b]Favorite sport:[/b] Volleyball
[b]Favorite store:[/b] Best Buy and Wal-Mart
[b]Favorite vacation spot:[/b] Bahamas
[b]Favorite quote:[/b] "In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do". -- Gianni Versace
(besides sbm) [b]Favorite website:[/b] Nintendo-related sites (like the Zelda Wiki)
[b]Favorite color:[/b] Pink
[b]Favorite videogame:[/b] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
[b]Favorite pasttime:[/b] Any moment I play video games

[b]A word or phrase that describes you best?[/b] Royal, loyal, and snobbish, but kindhearted

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Name: Travis "Wedge" Hawkins
Age: 18
Gender: Male
City or State: Jackson, Mississippi

Favorite SB episode: The Fry Cook Games
Favorite SB character: Plankton
Favorite song: "Green Grass and High Tides" by the Outlaws
Favorite movie: The Godfather
Favorite movie genre: Thriller
Favorite book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite TV Genre: Reality TV
Favorite (not spongebob) TV Show: MythBusters
Favorite (not spongebob) cartoon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Favorite band/artist: Sturgill Simpson
Favorite actor: Heath Ledger
Favorite actress: Uma Thurman
Favorite food: Catfish (bite me)
Favorite snackfood: Cheez-Its
Favorite sport: Baseball
Favorite store: Kroger
Favorite vacation spot: Smoky Mountain Range
Favorite quote: "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." -Kurt Vonnegut
(besides sbm) Favorite website: Twitter
Favorite color: Red
Favorite videogame: The Stanley Parable
Favorite pasttime: Discording. What else?

A word or phrase that describes you best? I want my MBT.
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