SBM: Well shoot, there goes two years of my life I'm not getting back...


You will not see me again
Oct 31, 2015
Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity
Welp, here goes nothing.

On October 31, 2015, an absent-minded 14-year-old created an account on a SpongeBob fan site, naming it "dmandaman"...

...and then he did absolutely nothing with it. But that doesn't matter, because on December 23 of the same year, he rediscovered his account and made his first post!

Skip forward two years, and now this user somehow garnered over 1000 post likes, has made their existence on the forums a little more noticeable, and has also made plenty of friends along the way. And boy, has it been one heck of a ride.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone on this site. Literally everyone. The admins, the mods, the users (liked and disliked) for making SBM the "interesting" place it is. Usually my peers pass it off as "just some SpongeBob site where they talk about nothing but the show", but BOY are they wrong. If you can make a topic on something, then you can talk about it and people will be respectful (most of the time). It's basically the thing that's caused me to stay for the majority of those two years.

(Oh yeah, also those forum games in the beginning. That was a big part too.)

Secondly, I'm going to cover what I didn't last year: the specific thank yous. I'm going to start off with all the friends I've made on the site, including but not limited to:

- Prez
- ssj
- Cream
- Alex Squarepants
- The Appetizer
- Ol Bold and Brash
- Honest Slug
- CakeCup
- SB&Pat
- RedPosersShoesDude
- MrTortellini00
- BobCarotte
- WhoBob
- Frozo
- JerryTheSnail
- Squiddit (A Lonely Fishstick)
- BatteryMill
- MagicalTrevor
- patfan200
- Pinhead Larry
- s4-10 ain't all so bad
- Ilovesbsp23
- sperpspongebob
- MasterAS
- Wintermelon43
- Squidy
- toasterstrutel (miss ya)
- TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly (read above)
- ...and a few more people that I don't remember but they're probably ok as well.

Sorry if I spelled any of those wrong, but that doesn't matter as pretty much everyone in that list has been a good person to me and a big sum of people on the forums. I'll also give an extra shoutout to SpingeBill again. You may not know him, but that's because he's more of a friend in real life.

Lastly, I think I'll just end this lengthy post on a positive note: This site has really changed me (and not in the way that I'm now an absent-minded 16-year-old instead). I've been more social, I've had more to talk about, I'm no longer bored as much, and I just feel like an overall better person. Honestly everyone on this site has made an impact on me in some way, good or bad. But hey, that's simply what life is. And SBM is life (or trash depending on who you ask, lel). Just thank you all for your support. I can't say that enough.

Here's to another year on the site.

May 12, 2013
Happy anniversary, Dman! <3 Hope you stay on the site for many years to come since you're pretty cool. :sbthumbs:


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Feb 15, 2018
Congrats on the two year anniversary! I just signed up on the forums and hoping to get engaged as well.