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SBM Favorite Fanfic of 2007

Stinkoman 20X6

I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Here, you nominate what you think is the best fanfic of 2007. Then, starting December 28th, we vote on which is the best. The winner, which will be decreed on Janaury 2nd, will recieve a special honor!

  1. The fanfic you nominate must have been made in the year 2007. It does not neccissilary have to be completely finished, but it should at least be at least four scnes long, witht the exception of shorter (finished) fics that are only one-three scenes long.
  2. You cannot nominate or vote for a finfic authored by yourself. However, you can still nominate/vote for fanfics you requested, but didn't write. (i.e. Homer Simpson can vote for "SpongeBob Who?" and Lazlo can vote for "A Walk in the Sponge")
  3. Obviously, it has to be an SBM original.
  4. You don't really have to vote for the fic you nominated, and most importantly, you should go with your own gut instinct, instead of voting which fanfic is in the lead., unless you honestly think it's the best in your opinion.
I nominate SpongeBobRocksMan's "Mr. SquarePants's Holiday" fic.